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  1. clear, thank you for help. Only a thing: seems strange, but in the package of the justin head there aren't ears ( like in the catwa daniel ), but when i wear the head them appear automatically. so how can i remove ears to wear others? something in the hud?
  2. thanks guys! can not even be changed eyes,eyebrows and ears or yes?
  3. Hi guys I'm trying Catwa JUSTIN, but I realized that it is impossible to change the shape of the head (from the menu I can only change lengthening and size, nothing else) as well as all the other parameters of the face, for example mouth, nose, cheekbones , cheeks. nothing works, can someone help me?
  4. Hi everyone. I have a Clef de Peau body applier for my signature gianni that I like very much. I wanted to try a Not Found head applier, but in the store I saw that it is no longer compatible with Clef body app ... is that right? Does anyone know skins similar to the style of Not Found? Obviously I saw those of Clef but I do not particularly like, so I'm looking for a possible combination!
  5. i use signature gianni .. to adjust my shape means to change ( to reduce in my case? ) strenght manually?? thanks for ur replies guys
  6. Still looking for help from you! Could you tell me what I need to do to prevent EVERY mesh dress I wear give me the hole / tear effect on some part of my body, leaving visible parts of skin? It happens even if I wear the alpha supplied with the eventual dress. Thank you!
  7. yes, i use catwa daniel!
  8. Hi all! I have a problem with my face. Ofen my avatar pulls out his tongue and makes quiete horrible expressions. I bought facial animations for Bento hoping to solve but it didn't happen. Even by setting a specific expression from the HUD the problem continues. Can someone help me?😆
  9. I finally managed to set up a decent avatar! just two questions: 1) I can not remove any worn tattoos 2) because sometimes if I wear a mesh dress (shirt, jeans ..), it disappears another that I had already on (for example shoes)? 3) 3) the beard must be the same designer of the chosen hair? thanks as always
  10. well.... my choice at the end was gianni & catwa daniel. i bought. this is my current catwa daniel, but .....: D 1) I did not understand how to make it the same color of the body, as you see in the picture is not the same. 2) I'm still a little confused between shape, skin and applier. at this point what should I take from stores or marketplaces to make the face I want? could you include some examples of products here? (simply the category, of course, so that I understand what to look for lol) 3) can this body be modified only from the menu (where there is height, robustness, fat ...), or does something exist that further regulates the musculature, for example? thanks a lot to all and sorry, i'm still too newbie!
  11. so ultimately ... for starters I could do like this: - a mesh body as signature or other - a mesh head (like catwa?) - shape and skin also compatible with the body (in this case do not need appliers right?) - mesh hair (they are taken separately, do they have to be compatible with the shape?) or am I doing something wrong?
  12. Thank u so much guys! I've already started to take a look at everything! one last thing, I have a doubt: but for the characteristics of the face (I do not mean the head) .... need the shape or the skin? or do i have to buy anything else? like the appliers?
  13. First of all thanks for your answer! could you list me or give me examples of things to buy after taking the body? in the end, however, I choose signature. (I mean the brand of hair, skin to match ...) Thanks again!
  14. Hi guys, I'm about to switch to an avatar mesh. I would like to compose an athletic body tending to the muscular (I have identified jake or gianni). based on this choice, then, I would like to have a rockabilly look for hair and some Japanese style tattoo. I would need some help though: once I bought the body and the hair, what do I need to take to define the characteristics of the face? I need suggestions for shapes, skins and head. Thank you for any info!😀
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