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  1. dann87

    Can you buy house /lands

    Hi can someone explain about houses and lands can you buy a house and buy land or do you have too rent a land ? Because personally I’d rather just buy land and house I don’t want too rent.. thanks
  2. does anyone know any good stores for men that do face impressions.. I know you get some with your catwa head but I wanted something that's a bit better then that thanks
  3. dann87


    can anyone tell me stores for hair please thank you
  4. dann87


    Hey everyone can someone please try help me with my eyes I have a catwa head and I’ve tried too edit my eyes in the appearance I tried too edit them and try the eyes hud for catwa head but nothing seem too make them look better as they look so small and his eye lids look weird also too .. thanks
  5. dann87

    Good shops ?

    Hey, can anybody tell any better bodies rather then signature body? Just wanted something new as there not much clothes I like for signature body... also tips of shops that have good hair/ears/clothes ? Thanks 🙏🏽
  6. dann87


    Wouldn’t allow me too click
  7. dann87


    Well I don’t really come on here often too know which area too ask in tbh and I can’t see your avatar selection part either
  8. dann87


    need new ears anyone help ?
  9. dann87

    Something new?

    Ok thanks
  10. dann87

    Something new?

    Hey can anyone tell me any good body’s atm I have the signature body just wanna try something better for a change and would appreciate if anyone could tell me some new hair and clothes stores thanks
  11. dann87

    lost body part

    hi can anyone help me with something I tried on some shorts and its removed my body its only showing me my arms legs and head and when I go too the body hud too try had back on the body it still doesn't work
  12. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me with the hair when I put on a hair style on it doesn’t give me the proper fade around the head like it should ?
  13. @Ethan Paslong thanks.. can I use credit straight credit card? Or does it have too be done by PayPal ?
  14. Can anyone tell me how many lindens I would get if I was too put 20pounds on? Anyone from the UK help me with this question? thanks
  15. @Ethan Paslong Thanks man I appreciate that 🙏🏽
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