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  1. got abuse from someone i Cleary do not know and im not a drama person or i havent had any issues with anyone to get abuse for no reason, does anyone know what i should do and how can they get my user etc im confused
  2. hey, can anyone give me any advice on what programs or editing tools i would need to learn to do customs skins and shapes thanks
  3. dann87


    anyone on here that is good with using BOM?
  4. dann87


    anyone know much about BOM? kinda struggling
  5. Could anyone help me find this eyebrow piercing or know where it’s from I can’t find it anywhere I’d appreciate any help thank you
  6. hey can someone please tell me why when I download black dragon viewer and go to click onto it after the downloading as finish that its not opening up the program ? and pops up with this error?
  7. Hey can anyone help me find a rose bear from SL for Valentine’s Day thank you
  8. dann87


    Can anyone kindly help me for these rose bears on SL thank you
  9. Hey can anyone help me find a rose bear On SL I want too get one for bit of surprise for my girlfriend for valentines. Thanks
  10. dann87


    does anyone know where there is fun to go on sl like dates or games I cant seem to find anything decent
  11. dann87

    best veiwer

    whats the best viewer to use for sl im currently using firestorm I wanted something better that is with taking photos thanks
  12. dann87


    isit possible to use lelutka hairebases on a catwa head
  13. dann87

    swaping new avi body

    hey guys, I have a question on switching from signature body too belleza body can I change too belleza body without it changing my head shape I only want it too change my body shape not the head? thanks
  14. dann87


    does anyone know any male mesh bodies that are good other than belleza and signature
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