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  1. I am curious about the queer part. Are you a gay male or a lesbian
  2. If you can pretend to be someone you are not or portray someone with a different personality than yours then that’s half the battle.
  3. Urban roleplay is like that it seems. I’ll check it out if you are still open but I have seen many come and go. The longest running Urban RP I know is Crack Den however
  4. Ok with all that but back to the topic posted. I would search for groups for black men and women. I don’t know many places in sl. There are some adult clubs but probably not exactly what you are looking for
  5. I will usually be in baresun beach or red moon beach. With my SL GF there is breakwater beach or some dance club depending what I find ina search
  6. Yes I did and then afterwards I did things differently about revealing too much information, voicing, and such
  7. I think it depends where you are in SL especially an adult sex sim
  8. I wanted to get rid of my ‘Fred Flintstone’ feet
  9. I quit voicing because the girl suddenly left SL. I don’t voice with anyone. For me I have been sad for a week or two after a breakup but bounce back.
  10. Catfishing or whatever is a chance you take in Secondlife. It is a chance you take in anything online like secondlife. Here is my disclaimer....I might lie.
  11. Most adult sections are naked beaches it seems. Maybe try some dance clubs??
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