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  1. I have had a few open relationships and it works. I do like to talk about a few agreements to that type of relationship when I get into one.
  2. The animations are boring if you rely on only those animations. If the person you are with is exciting and interesting then the animations takes a back seat. If they are a good enough roleplayer then thats a huge plus
  3. As an extreme, disappear into an alt for a week or so
  4. There has been so many of these. If there isnt something “special” about it, it wont last long.
  5. Depends on the relationship for open or closed but having someone that I dont have to share with SL is very nice
  6. This is how it should be. Not arguing and then blocking the other person because you cant deal with confrontations or cant talk like an adult
  7. My SL relationship is having a friend and lover in SL to spend time. Even though We might talk about RL we are not going to connect in RL. My SL relationships isnt something I would ever do in RL. For example I do not have open relationships in RL or have sex with multiple partners
  8. I am in an sl relationship with a girl and we keep it in SL. My gf and I are exclusive to one another so we spend our time together but when either of us is not logged in we are able to have playmates or friends with benefits. It works for us because we know what to expect and we talked about how the relationship was going to work. Communication is key to any relationship in SL. Also we both make each other a priority in SL. I noticed some are not willing to put their partner’s need/wants in front of their own.
  9. The castle was always busy with someone doing someone. I remember the eight person orgy bed.
  10. I was in the bloodlines and was a vampire. The clan I was in would always get together for orgies and at first was fun but after awhile I got bored and left.
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