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  1. There are some local candy makers of chocolate which are good, Sarris Candy, Boyer, and Jean and Boots Chocalate
  2. Being a girl is fun but adding some “extra bits” made it that much more fun
  3. There people behind the avatar but bringing your real life issues into SL can be tiring
  4. I think rp sims might fail because of management issues. Starting a new RP area is almost like starting a new business. Just because your a 10 plus veteran of roleplay doesnt mean you can manage a sim.
  5. Running around warning others because you think they may be hurt by the person who hurt you maybe a reason to get banned
  6. Flickr...place for storage of video and pics. You can share them, join groups, look at others pics.
  7. Where can you check to know if they have payment info on file?
  8. Its not hatred it is personal preference. Just like no men in the lesbian areas and no women or transgender on the gay areas. However I am Anti-Dentite
  9. If there is no profile but a dozen groups.
  10. How would or do you identify an Alt?? How many alts are too many??
  11. Not understanding the post? Are you looking for a sugar daddy?? And to be clear I have no payment on file and I neither alt or noob. I made money in SL.
  12. Judge Judy said if it don’t make sense then it’s not true.
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