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  1. when you go back you your other viewer empty your trash folder this will get reed of the files you delete on speed light then simply log out and back in your avatar should be fixed at that point
  2. so i have found a way to fix my avatar but i had to uses another viewer steps to follow if you uses this method 1: locate folders names current look in your inventory. 2:make note of the content in this or these folders and replace those items with other parts you will not miss these items will be deleted other wise. 3:you do not need these current look folders you can delete them if you uses speed light viewer here https://speedlight.io/?ref=11238 4:login with speed light viewer and locate the current look folders in your inventory and delete them doing this fixed my
  3. Hello Zack Avalira, Thank you for contacting Second Life Support, and for your patience. We are very sorry to hear you are having trouble with your avatar's appearance! As you may know, a recent update to the third-party viewer, Metachat (version 1.2.9117), appears to have a bug that can cause your avatar appearance to be blocked (causing you to appear as a cloud regardless of attempts to resolve your avatar). This problem may result in your avatar appearing grey or as a cloud, and you may notice duplicate Current Look or Current Outfit folders in your inventory. The problem wi
  4. i have filed a ticket i while let you know of any updates as they come to me
  5. edited post: new pic with inventory double current look folders the solo pic is my viewer the other is a friends viewer on there end my avatar is deformed on my end my body is gray but other wise looks fine if any one can help with this please message me
  6. Zack Avalira

    uuid change ?

    Is a avatars uuid unique to ones account or is it possible to change your avatars uuid?
  7. is a legacy name change possable
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