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  1. I was contacted by a group owner about my spamming group chat. I never use group chat. I appears that when i send out a group notice, it is showing that text in group chat as well. Any idea why this is happening? I do not have this issue in other posting groups.
  2. Now my RL partner is getting the urge for one of the new Linden homes. 🤣
  3. My new home lot. Moved in this week and working on filling it with some things I have made.
  4. 🥰 Enjoying a quiet moment at my new Linden home in Fofita. Almost time to get back to work. Those home add-ons refuse to make themselves. 🥰
  5. Hooray!! I finally got my house! It is in Fofita. I have begun working on add-ons, and chose to start with the Adams Home.
  6. This could be why I am finding the Linden Home search so difficult...
  7. You are too kind! I think i will wait until I have my own spot so that i will have whatever time I need to build, but you are so awesome for offering!! *big hugs*
  8. Thank you for the advice. Although I do not use chrome, I did find an auto-reloader for the browser I do use. Much Love and thanks again.
  9. I am finding it difficult to do my work in SL AND play the lottery of obtaining the new Linden homes. Any hints on times of day, or strategies I should use?🤔
  10. I remember you! *hugs* Send me a notecard and once i have access to one of those houses, it will be done. xoxo
  11. I am really looking forward to getting one of the new Linden homes. I want to start making add-ons for other residents. 🥰
  12. I have a huge lack of faith in them dong this properly. I have new holiday related products i need to finish entering now that were already sitting in my unassociated list before this mess happened. Will this require a roll back that will negatively impact the seasonal listing I entered today? They are absolute rubbish at advising us of the fix strategy BEFORE they inflict it upon us. I was one day away from catching up on all my listings. I am not taking this very well at all. The timing could not be worse. I know I am merely venting at this point, but dang it LL... why do this crap just
  13. Same here several hundred items are now unassociated. WTF. the support link given above only allows you to report account issues not MP issues.
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