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  1. I have had this message for half a year. I followed the link and it turned out they need more information for tilia. try it, may help.
  2. It works! Thank you so much! vector colour; colour = (vector) msg; // sensible to use string trim on this if ( colour != ZERO_VECTOR) { llSetTimerEvent(0); RGB = colour; partSystem(); }
  3. Hello! I am trying to make a color picker for a particle system emitted by the wearable object with a lsl RGB message sent via a textbox invoked via HUD. The message will look like <1,1,1>. How to make the listener recognize this message and set the desired value of RGB? Thanks you for any help! 😍 Here I send message via HUD's textbox: touch_start(integer num) { if (button == "custom") { integer channel = -321321; gListener = llListen(channel, "", "", ""); llTextBox(llDetectedKey(0), "Input lsl RGB value e.g. <1,1,1>", channel); } }
  4. Thanks a lot! By the way, I really liked that the eyes are now attached to the head, as well as new Shapes sliders on the HUD, the materials of the eyebrows and eyelashes are also very interesting!
  5. Hello! I have few questions. MajerSoft and MajerEdged - what is the difference between them except for external differences? And if i plan to use it with Maitreya built-in Glam Affair skins which version do you recommend or is it worth the wait and do you plan to release a official Glam Affair skin brand version?
  6. Thank you so much! It works now!
  7. Hi! Try to wear a default avatar, sometimes it helps
  8. Thank you so much! additional two lines llSetTexture(llList2Key(texture1, count1-2), HIDDEN_FACE_2); llSetTexture(llList2Key(texture1, count1-3), HIDDEN_FACE_3); seems does the job!
  9. Hello! I'm using this script to animate a texture, but it only preloads one of them on hidden face. how to make it preload 3 textures at once on different faces? integer count; default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(TIMER); } timer() { llSetTexture(llList2Key(texture,count), SHOWN_FACE); ++count; count %=llGetListLength(texture); llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON | LOOP, SHOWN_FACE, FRAMES_X, FRAMES_Y, 0.0, ALL_FRAMES, ANIM_RATE); llSetTexture(llList2Key(texture,count), HIDDEN
  10. ( also this script preloads next gif texture on the hidden face )
  11. Thanks for the answer! Ok I made one list of all textures. But how can I make the script recognize that I need to play the first four textures after pressing button 1, the next 4 textures from the list after pressing button 2, and so on? And how to make it see which number to use as the number of frames horizontally and which one is vertical and what is the total number of frames? And what goes in timer event? integer SHOWN_FACE = 2; // Shown face number (to display) integer HIDDEN_FACE = 0; // Hidden face number (to preload) list texture1 = [ // CONFIGURATION // // UUID
  12. Hello! I'm trying to make a script for a three buttons HUD and a receiver - the GIF texture animator. I sorted them by 4 textures in 3 lists with the same number of frames in each list. and since it is necessary to change textures, I need to use a timer. but I ran into such a problem that it looks like I need to use 3 timers (?). can this be somehow avoided? I used this script as a basis, but it is only for one list. This is the original script: integer count; list texture=[ // UUID GIF LIST: "631a2817-9221-7eb2-912c-9e05732fe690", "1285e7d6-f4c9-0110-cda5-3be688765d99", "f77a5416-07aa-d
  13. Hi! Try one of the Catwa heads and maybe Slink body to not look like a bodybuilder. One of the Gabriel 's suits will look nice.
  14. Thank you so much! now everything is clear and works perfectly!
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