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  1. @seanabrady I'll will most definitely do that! And thanks for your help
  2. Thanks! @Orwar I guess I'll look around and find things I'm into then.
  3. Hello! Does anyone know of ways in which to meet new people of SL. I've only been on SL for a total of three months. And while, I have found people to talk with, I always feel like I'm the only one initiating the conversation. I know there's many reasons as to why people may not chat back all the time but I can't help but think "did the conversation not go so well?" Anyway, I'm open to suggestions on where to meet people here.
  4. @LittleMe Jewell Is that the main HUD that comes with the mesh body?
  5. Hello @Marianne Little Thanks for the reminder! I sometimes forget to add things instead of wearing them, so when something comes off, I'm like what happened. But in the case of my pants, this may not apply, as it's a different problem. But this is still good to keep in mind.
  6. Hello @moirakathleen. Thanks for your comment. I'm currently using the Maitreya Lara mesh body I'll check back in the Maitreya HUD to see if there was something I missed in regards in an alpha cuts section. And I'll check that out in case the option with Maitreya HUD doesn't work. Thank you!
  7. Hello. I'm in a little bit of fix right now. I've been having trouble figuring out why my avatar has these holes sometime appear when wearing certain items. Most frequently, it's been occurring when wearing pants. Now, I don't know whether it's because of changing my avatar shape (as several note cards that came with items I purchased stated that things were fitted mesh) or that they may need an alpha, (which the pants I currently have didn't come with). I have included a picture below to better show the issue at hand. I hope, with some help with this, I'll be able to get over this bit so that
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