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  1. All this talk of Packages and Packaging has me all in a Bundle! Easiest fix I found for all your packaging annoyances... Stop throwing your package around!
  2. Ironic how you can make a thread about hiding ones age... and yet some of the oldest people in SL are posting 😄
  3. Hey about that full perm security orb... I think I wrote the script for that so you mmmight want to be careful with that 🙄
  4. Jo is a Time Traveler so necros don't have the same effect when Jo resurrects a topic 😁
  5. Yes , the site you found works much better lol
  6. This is like another algorithm site I came across, but was taken down because it had such a huge response.
  7. If you have a forum posting error you can use the Report Post feature in the upper right hand (you have to mouse over the reaction icon for it to appear) of your post and ask to have the thread moved to a more suitable forum.
  8. So it's a consensus that 'Partnership' in SL terms means marriage automatically? What about business partnerships? Many businesses DO hide who their 'partner(s)' is out of non-disclosure agreements etc. I honestly think LL should have defined this a bit better then , rather than just slap up an arbitrary context onto the user interface and profile. And if someone partners their alt ... SO WHAT! why is your business? oh that's right because LL in their hindsight never really thought this whole thing out early on as per usual. In summary, don't assume anything on a profile as documented fact (or demented if it fits). Until LL can come up with a compromise, the only thing one can do if one wants to keep their personal or business ventures private is to simply not opt into the facilitation of the 'Profile'.
  9. You know.. I like this whole concept and idea , but I can't help thinking of the Stickers and gif effects we get on smartphone video and cameras when I see this, not that that's a bad thing. Just something I noted.
  10. This has nothing to do with Firestorm essentially. The voice server is hosted (to the best of my knowledge by Vivox) I have no idea what relation or agreement LL has with Vivox in collation to Voice services in the SL client. Generally I will go to various sims as well to see if Voice does connect at other sims if it is not working in one in particular. I would suggest a sim restart too if you suspect it may be effecting the connectivity of this feature to the client.
  11. It might not be as simple as Linden Lab 'Won't' do it as it may be a case that they 'Can't' do it for reasons that haven't come to light yet. Yes this is the 'Second Life forums' hosted by Linden Lab, but is it their software? Were there engineering restrictions if the source code for this forum is third party? Back in SL Viewer (before SL 2.0) we used to have the debate of how to hide or lessen edit outlines when working in the viewer on an object. I went so far asto go in and see what elements I could change permanently along the way, like folder images, how those folders function, sorting, dates. In the end I was able to log into my own theme of viewer. Then came 2.0 and I am under the understanding that it was still outsourced for some of the detailed technical and UI side of things. I am sure there were restrictions in place when Linden Lab agreed to go with the newer iteration of the SL viewer. Now we have the full option to download the source code and even develop out own viewer if we have the mindset and time. Third Party addons to the browser might be half a solution, but I see a concern that some take a cautious approach to such add-ons and downloads. LL is not liable for any third party or personal changes you make to your browser (especially if and since it doesn't effect other users), but this also removes any liability should your system becomes infected with something from a download. I would urge people to collaborate withLinden Lab through various channels (you can always message a Linden and ask even if there is a more appropriate dept. to speak with if this is an area they do not work on specifically). The worse that can happen is they simply say it cannot be changed for whatever reason, or they could possibly get the ball rolling for a feature like this.
  12. I am always coming back to see what new innovations have transpired in men's fashion and technology. For example, I recently came across a rigged mesh beard that now fits snuggly to the catwa mesh head , doesn't look painted on and is something male avatar have been waiting for, for ages. Then I have the hand full of friends that I try to touch base with. The occasional revisit of scripting experiments. Over all the customization to the experience is still the best hands down. I can still do and create things in SL that bring an overall smile or laugh. Having tried Sansar (which I wasn't too impressed with so far). After 14-15 years in SL things here are much more straight forward than another platform which spingboards off of ideas from other platforms and ideas I generally held no interest in.
  13. This comes down to skin making itself. A Head skin is basically always 512x512 by rule and the Body1024x1024 (some are done in 512x512 but lose clarity in detail at this resolution.) similarly the hands and feet would be done in 512x512. Also in some cases not all skin creators go back and double check each hue varient at different coordinates on the skin map and you end up with a darker hue near a lighter hue or a completely different scaled hue (more green in one section, and more red in another). this difference is what you might be seeing, the edge pixels do not quite line up at the seam even though they carry the same dpi. For some of my skins that I have made using the bake feature in Blender, I then have to take that map and smooth and normalize it in Photoshop later for proper clean up and detail. I meant to add that judging from your picture it looks as if there are obvious red blue under hues in the body and more red green in the head.
  14. and this , my dear dissenting forumites, is how you Fap!
  15. Facebook I heard is getting a disapprove option? don't know if I heard it right when the story on, but disagreeing doesn't necessarily mean hate it just broadens the scope of discourse in the medium which is this forum.
  16. so how does one fix the re-directs ? yes im getting suspicious redirects, short of wiping and reinstalling the browser(s) I have no idea why this occurs.
  17. Creates new group... Opens group IM, "Can I borrow 100L? I'll pay you back next week promise =-) "
  18. That is another huge problem. Protecting ones claim and property. It is a known fact that if you do not make an effort to post and protect your copyright or IP or what have you, this will dilute the effectiveness of your hold to some degree and in a court of law, so I suggest when you make stuff that you include your copyright notice and pertinent info (if that's a link to a legal page outlining your permissions on usuage, then great).
  19. sure we can, atleast I do, infact i don't buy most of the stuff that is a blatant rip of content or intellectual property unless it has specific credits and licensing. But yes if others are complacent with such practices then it is to be as such. There are a few rl creators out there that do keep tabs on content in SL too and in some cases only after it was pointed out to them by some people that their content was being used on this platform.
  20. I will clarify the title: You see many super detailed mesh avatars on the marketplace, some infact that are blatant takes from various other media. The DMCA and Copyright policy clearly states that only the Copyright holder or Registered Agent can file a complaint with LL should they find one. I for one love detailed avatars, but I'm not a big fan on re-usage of assets for which the seller may not be authorized. There are also many detailed works out there that are fully vetted. I propose that Linden Research expand on this policy for all mesh products that fall under scrutiny or should fall under a more watchful eye, to require said creators and sellers to provide a link and/or proof of release from the originating Copyright holder or Registered Agent or authorized party proving the SL seller/Creator has rights to act on that behalf of the product. I know many are going to scream "But then all our cool stuffs will go away!". Well, just maybe they should. The Copyright policy around the net is quite clear and tangible or not , intellectual property is not negotiable even int a court of law, should it come to that. How would any you feel if I took your exact likeness (RL or SL based) or something based only on you and uploaded it to SL and then loosely placed it on the marketplace with ambiguous explanations asto said rights other than the current permssion system in place and made a profit? I know in the past many persons would try to employ No Mod so that items could be inspected further for the very reason of concealing shady upload practices. I would like to see a LOT more transparency on this front personally whereas I do make my models and UV map, materials and textures on my own. What ever happened to the 'crediting' of parties, if not the residual system or royalties of said products from other parties? Do people feel this current policy and practice on selling works from other media is transparent and fair? Do you think the current practice on uploads and selling/distribution could be improved upon? Do you think a more thorough policy would help SL and its being as a platform, be taken more seriously?
  21. This isn't really the issue, trust me , there are plenty of so called women only lesbian clubs in SL that get their share of 'Sisters' parading around taking in the sights of the 'Cabana'. The issue does come up though when applied to such things as advertising using public features (like Destinations Guide and Marketplace, as was pointed out earlier) through an entity such as 'The Lab' which does not allow segregation overall in many cases of public areas which they control and also features which they control. I suppose people just need to get sneakier and more creative in their wording when excluding genders or persons that might still fall under certain protections afforded by rl law and by the ToS and CS. So we might word this as "Can people put discriminatory rules into their mode of advertising and display and marketing"? and I do mean places like clothing stores (ANY) as well as public spaces such as adult HUBs but still owned by Linden Lab but those that afford advertising space such as Luna for example.
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