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  1. Just out being the 'Pretty little flower' I always am 😁🥀
  2. LMB is Left Mouse Button, so perhaps you had settings changed inadvertently? But LMB is a trigger also click and point. I don't think settings are brought over to the FS (or other viewers) from SL official viewer and generally set to a basic default.
  3. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alt_account_policies
  4. Thanks, @LittleMe Jewell. Yes, I have a similar setup, and some of the accounts each have their own address and stipend (grandfathered), considered 'primary or master' and then subsequent accounts under those which would then be counted as Alts, and they do not receive a stipend unless they are premium. @Rowan Amore I'm not trying to confuse any issue or anyone. I am simply stating some facts about the process. Some use the term 'Alt' for mains in a nick namish sort of way but in no way are they alts and they are each accountable for the activity on that main signup including but not limited to each subsequent account (alt) created under that sign-up email. Inventory and transfer issue is a whole other matter.
  5. Here is a link to the current (I assume it's current?) policy on accounts. Accounts overview - English - Second Life Community So you are saying LL integrated and combined ALL accounts regardless of membership level? I haven't seen that.
  6. The Term 'Account' is a very complicated one with Second Life (depending on which version and year of the platorm you create the account(s) on). I have many other acounts which were all created with their own signup information including individual e-mail address (I own my own e-mail server to accomplish this for each account) each said account can then have their own "alt accounts". Some refer to such accounts as legacy if they were created in 2003/2004. LL did not integrate or combine accounts to the best of my knowledge because there is no way for them to know if each account might be used by another household member or associate. Each account can get a stipend of L$50 each week dependent on login (dependant on signup agreements within the time period that the account was created). Any sign-up created using the e-mail of one of the 'accounts' are considered an alt, but the alt does not receive a stipend. Also (slightly off topic but account related) alts are not bots. A bot can be any account but is registered specifically as a bot by the 'User' and not automatic. I make a lot of my own content or buy full perm with the applicable license and eula etc. So it is possible to have multi content based accounts .
  7. I've worked with specular , shiny on transparent, glass , for a long time in SL and have never been satified with the edit settings in as material in SL. I was able to get a good result just using the materials as texures.
  8. I wasn't too keen on becoming a mermaid or meman, so I came up with a solution and became a Sea Anemone 🐙 It's lovely down here
  9. Jump up and down and touch your nose.
  10. well as far as altering the effect you're looking for, you could make the texture and layer it with a noise alpha gradient, or you if you don't have full access to the texture on the cloud and is the whole texture material on the same face. The easiest way would be to see if you can darken the very edge like 2%-3% experiment on the edit textures UI Transarency. Also if the object is a spherical map you should create the texture/material with a polarize effect (seamless) for easier mapping.
  11. It could be a trigger throttle as well in the the SL Viewer. You are technically spamming a trigger response from the weapon as soon as you engage in movement control. Do you have any other notifications or warnings when this behavior occurs?
  12. You had me at "fur from the poptart". so you want jaggies or stippled on the meridian with a double overlay to the gray blue.
  13. Here is one I created in Snap shot progression to simulate time in a space type environment. The platform I used does not come with sci-fi or tech assets, so I created the craft(s) with what I had on hand using simple objects shaped and placed into position and the help of various lighting. Thankfully Second Life taught me a lot about improvising and problem solving.
  14. I took a break from SL a while back and while not on or creating in SL I still had a notion to create and made this video and audio remix through a another platform but with the same love for technology and nature.
  15. I'm out at Skysong's Folly playing with my ACD butterflys
  16. I gave up the male or female gender approach and became a spider. Now I go anywhere I want in SL. Ceilings too.
  17. Scaling around SL in my new THICK Spider
  18. Couldn't people just go back to the old fashioned way of IMing random strangers for money?
  19. I suppose any place where the people are all immature?
  20. You never should have introduced me to Artbreeder, now that it is working lol
  21. Goofing off in Old West town in Oakgrove
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