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  1. DISCORD: Pandha3D#3946 InWorld: eisriesen Resident Portfolio + Application Form : https://pandha3d.carrd.co/ Meshing fees - 5k L$/hour 1 on 1 Classes offered - 10k L$ per hour Hi! I'm friendly and a fast worker, I can do anything you imagine for Second Life, be it clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture or decor. I can rig for most of the bodies in the market (List included on my portfolio + rigging fees). You can both enter in contact with me via Discord, Second Life or by the Application Form I offer.
  2. Hello, I am new to sl. I am in search of building a team, I'll be needing scripters and 3dmodelers mostly. There is room for people that have expertise in texturing, advertising, beta testing, etc. My goal is to ultimately create in sl but due to inexperience it'll take months to years to create what I envision without any outside help. What I am searching for here are not only people to help me achieve my goals but also be open to helping others in the future, I hope to create a group and expand. To have a place that people can learn while also applying that knowledge to projects on their skill level. I'd like to mention that the goal I am currently pursuing in sl is to create a game. If you are interested please let me know. You can IM me a Notecard or send one InWorld at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business Park/196/164/22 , If I am online I hop from place to place and at some point may end up here to check up on the place. Though if I am not there you can catch me here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Marietta/250/17/74. I may also just be at the builder's brewery. Just a list of places if you just don't feel like sending a notecard or just have some questions before you send one.
  3. REBIRTH, a brand of mesh body and heads, established for over a year, regular and expanding sales, many loyal customers, we are hiring head skins creator with those skills : 1- mastery of photoshop or equivalent 2- skin creation on 3d software is a plus 3- knowledge of the creation of skins for a long time (references requested) You can contact us in-world: AngieForever21 or Skull.Connor More infos: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/REBIRTH Forever/47/79/21 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/229597 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RebirthSecondLife https://www.flickr.com/photos/rebirth_sl
  4. Hi to all, A few clothing makers here have formed a Discord group for makers and new makers to share and find out things on many topics from Blender, 3DMax to Substance Painter to name but a few. If anyone is interested here is the join link. https://discord.gg/Cy3ajtDw Hoping to get a lot of talented and new makers together to share the knowledge, experiences and help make SL the best it can be for everyone.
  5. Hello, everyone. I'm looking for someone to create a particular texture design for an untextured model of a handgun and attachments, which I'm planning to turn into either a decorative prop or a scripted weapon in-world. The model is unique and does not have a texture map yet and I would like to find someone that can create one for the first time, for future texturing. Let me know if you're available; leave a reply below and IM me in-world or leave a notecard. - Charlotte Sinclair
  6. Who we are: MeshPromo is a small store for clothing and cute items that offer the best customer service we can. We are focusing on high-quality, low-LI products at an affordable price. In addition to the owner, there is a scripter working with us on a job-task basis, and there are few friends who work as models. The Job: We are looking for someone who’d be willing to daily create 16 different diffuse maps and a vendor image. This is a long-term job. So it NOT just put the shadow map over some textures, set blending mode, and save, but it’s a more detailed workflow. I put the following job tasks briefing just to give the basic idea so hope it helps to hire the right person. Job tasks in “brief”: Adjust the AO map for the mesh by removing dark borders, then smooth it then set levels. Find suitable textures (one base texture, and different pattern textures) that are relevant to the product. Using photoshop set base texture, put pattern textures as a group over it, then put the adjusted AO map over it in suitable blend modes. Set adjustment layers (levels, hue/saturation, selective color, etc) for each group as clipping marks. Add borders for the clothing edges when needed. If necessary add some texts for clothing like t-shirts etc. Test each texture by uploading from local. Take a photo of the product then make an ad-image for the vendor boards in the inworld store. Email me all the 16 textures and the vendor textures after done. You have to do this daily basis. (If you exactly don’t know something/s mentioned above but are willing to do it, don’t worry I’ll guide you.) Who we looking for: You should willing to follow the above-briefed job tasks. You should have average knowledge and practice of Adobe Photoshop. You should be polite, communicative, and timeliness. Having a Maitreya+Petite avatar and a Bento Mesh head to take photos is an added advantage but if not don’t worry I’ll arrange some friends for modeling. Salary and what we offer: 4000L$ per month. (I know it is not big enough but that is the best I can afford at this time based on our current sales) I can pay the salary on a daily basis if you like that way. Once we make more sales, instead of the fixed salary, I’ll offer 30% of the sales revenue of the products you texturing if that way gives you more L$ than above salary. You’ll get all the products that you texturing in copy+modify permissions for your personal use. Flexible schedule, ie: if you get busy in RL for a while, you could complete that tasks on the following day. You don’t have to pay upload fees. Friendly, professional, and respectful environment. If you want you could join us to explore new places, play board games, do hunting and shopping, etc with my family and friends just to relax from the work stress. (only if you like). Upon completion of the 6 months of work with us, I’ll mail you a “Job Experience Certificate” under my business name. (only if you like). How to apply: If you are interested, please contact me (meshpromo) using a notecard (as my IMs might get capped). Even if you are not interested but have a friend looking for such job, please be kind to forward this to them. Thank you for reading. 💙
  7. Hello! I want to begin creating products in Second Life and having my own store on the web browser marketplace. Since I am not very good at meshing, I'd only like to retexture product meshes to make them my own and sell those products I textured in my marketplace store. I'm not sure where to begin with this, as I only know right now that the products I am able to change textures of and sell in my store would be products that are listed in marketplace as 'full perm' items. Am I also able to retexture products currently in the marketplace that have 'copy and modify' permissions? Here is an example of a product I want to retexture: Second Life Marketplace - Junk Food - Cooke Plate (White) Lastly, once the product is textured to my liking, do I have to set certain permissions for the next user? Thank you very much in advance!
  8. Hey I'm looking for someone who would help me and my friend texture a racing suit and a racing car. At the moment we are looking for someone who can texture like the sample below, and if you're good, you'd be hired permanently. Message me in-world directly; Karenx0 Resident [Raye Q. Mendez - Display Name]
  9. I used the alpha hash method in blender to create the illusion of mesh, it looks similar to this cloud but I'd prefer it to look closer to the fur from the poptart. Could anyone help me on how to achieve this?
  10. Hello. So I've been looking for a working obj file to paint in mudbox. The ones I found from avatar bank has alot of red errors when i open it and texture doesn't load. Is there any other ones I can use?
  11. Hi all , hoping experts here can help me. I imported a collada file (.dae) and then imported textures separately. There are several texture files and when I apply them, I could not match a surface and texture file, so the image is weird. (see pic below). I don't know if it is possible to import from blender along with textures in the same file. Please help
  12. Hi, I am facing a very weird bug I never saw before... I am working on a lace face mask. I use GLOSSINESS on my lace : https://gyazo.com/f69fc5eeb0319d39afd8ab392e07d1ce I use the ALPHA channel of the NORMAL map (as stated in the WIKI : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Material_Data) to adjust the GLOSSINESS level. But I do not have the same result when I use my NORMAL Map in Local or after I imported it in SL ! Do you have an idea or the reason of this problem ? GOOD RESULT with the NORMAL map in Local : https://gyazo.com/7bc209f29c3c8e63b6a043dceb468882 BAD RESULT once the NORMAL map is imported in SL : https://gyazo.com/5d7211a002306d328b07eb6b3f2b849e It seems the texture is damaged by the import into SL. But if I save back this damaged texture on my disk from SL, fix it on my disk and import it again, it is damaged again... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr It drives me nuts!
  13. Hello everyone! I'm kicking off my new store and am looking for somebody who is open to being hired & doing custom work, and am willing to pay a good amount for these creations. These products are going to be marketed towards role-players that do Fire/EMS/Police/etc-style role-play. I have more details about the creation requests available if you're interested. These items are mostly going to be smaller items that are either static (no scripting) or will be interactive and have some level of scripting, but nothing too complex. I'm open to a variety of options to work out payment (50% upfront & 50% afterwards, upfront + sales commission, etc.). I have a decent budget to work with, so please reach out to me know if you're interested. This has the potential for future opportunities as well, not just a one-time hire (if the feeling is mutual). The best way to reach me is in-world (Completely Dismantled). Thanks! -CD
  14. inZoxi is a tried and tested name in SL, with its head being a 13-year member and creator within Second Life. Zoxin is both a creator and a user in SL, an important observation as there's a particular etiquette when it comes to creating custom content for users, most of which won't be understood by those coming in simply with a background in 3D. Services offered**: Mesh Texturing Rigging Scripting Animation* Animesh* *Animation for commissioned meshes. **Products being resold require 15% profit split on sales. If you're looking for a custom creation, from small to project, please contact Zoxin inworld for a portfolio and/or quote; note not all commissions will be accepted. Thanks, Zoxin.
  15. Hello! I'm relatively new to Blender and using it within Second Life but have decided to use this lockdown as an opportunity to learn. I've come into an issue which i'm sure is just me doing something stupid. When assigning different materials to different 'walls' on my Blender models, when importing them into Second Life, I find that the textures on one wall will be correct and on another wall at a 90 degree angle. Is there something i'm doing wrong? Or is it a case of having to use materials wisely to combat this issue. Here's a photo for an example of what I mean... Any help would be much appreciated! Stay safe out there, everyone!
  16. I am an experienced creator who makes custom content such as Skins, Clothes texturing, Make up, tattoos or Slave Brands . I have created for Sansar, The Sims, IMVU, Gevolution and 3d websites. You can have a look at my stuff below . Contact me inworld for further information. Thank you and stay home ❤️ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/67150 https://www.flickr.com/photos/olympiahoxley/
  17. I want to make a simple six-sided prim box and use a single texture image mapped in SL so that each face appears to be different (not six identical faces) but just using one PNG "net" texture rather than six separate ones. Preamble / Conditions I don't really want to go down the Blender -> Mesh route + making a UV map because a simple prim is only 1LI and so there is no optimisation benefit of replacing it with mesh (plus I don't know how to do UV Mapping in Blender) I know how to use the Build tools in SL and the texturing panel - and I know how to apply a different texture to each face. And I can see there are mapping options (default or planar) with scaling, offsets and rotation etc, which can of course be applied globally or per-face. And I know how to make a texture in Photoshop, measure out areas accurately and so on (been using Photoshop since about 1992) Question Is there a simple or "standard" way to arrange my box texture image in Photoshop (e.g. a 512x512 square) and then map this in SL so that the different faces of my box show the correct part of the texture, each offset and rotated as required? Presumably I could get there eventually with painstaking adjusting by eye of offset and rotation for each face but I wondered if there was a tried and tested way, or a template that people often use or similar (that comes with, say, a text file of how to offset each face) Also – I don't fully understand the offset units or whether to use Planar or Default mapping p.s. If the answer is "use Blender" then yes I’ve already lost WEEKS battling against its insane learning curve, and following YouTube videos that no longer help because they keep changing it. I just want to put a texture on a prim.
  18. Hi, I’m looking for a mesh creator/texture maker. I am planning to open my shop. Please contact me in world. ixinoir resident or you can leave your inworld name, then I will be in touch. Thank you!
  19. Hello everyone. I’m very new to Substance Painter and am hoping that I can get help with a few questions. First, when I export the diffuse map that is in the 2D view, parts of my objects turn out very dark, regardless of the position of the lights and regardless of whether or not I use the baked lighting filter. How can I, or is it even possible to, avoid these dark areas? If there is more than one solution to this, I would greatly appreciate an explanation of each. The one and only mention of this problem I was able to find is in a video by Anya Ohmai, where she suggests that the mesh be “flipped”. I don’t understand what she means, and the video was not recent (made before the 2D view export feature). Second, is the baked lighting filter actually necessary if I’m exporting the 2D view image to use on my mesh? I ask because I see the light information baked in the exported 2D image even when I don’t use the baked lighting filter! (Maybe I need glasses :P) Thank you very much in advance
  20. Goodmorning everyone, I am Maxence Zepp, I am a young businessman in Real Life and I wish to extend my abilities in Second Life, where dreams became true. I wish to develop a Magical-Combat HUD, in order to create a complete RPG world. That's why I am looking for PROFESSIONAL Texturers and Builders. At first, mostly for estimations. You can contact me at : labatonnerie.secondlife@gmail.com Respectfully, ZEPP Maxence.
  21. Hello , I am in search of a skilled texture artist. Looking for someone that works well in substance painter as well as photo shop. Please be familiar with working with unwrapped models as i will provide you with both the low & high poly version of each item. Must be capable of working with clothing items of all sorts dresses , jeans , shirts , gowns etc. Also be able to create various different patterns , sheers , leathers , and denim textures. Need someone with a fast turn around , don't want to wait a month for 1 texture , i am looking to get items textured weekly if not even quicker then that. If you are skilled in photo shop and substance painter or any other texturing software , please contact me inworld with images & references of some of your previous work! Oiryok Resident
  22. Hello. I apparently have a IQ less than 6 and don't really understand these instructions that came with my mesh. It was about applying textures on a shell mesh (the "clothing mesh" or something like that). It read: " ::Applying textures on the Body Shell(s) (the clothing layer):: 11.) Select the chest of the Body Shell for select the top group of faces. 12.) Locate the upper cloth texture you will use, and drag it to the Texture box of the Edit Tool window. 13.) Repeat steps 6 and 7, but select the forearms instead, and the same for the hands. 14.) Select the leg of the Body Shell for select the top group of faces. 15.) Locate the lower cloth texture you will use, and drag it to the Texture box of the Edit Tool window. You have two shells for apply two different layers of clothing." So I did what the instructions said and when I applied the textures on the chest of the mesh, it came out wrong (I checked the "select face" option). I tried looking up how to texture meshes and all that came up was about mesh clothing and not avatars ☹️. I don't understand clothing layers or applying clothing textures to meshes or what a shell is its all so confusing and literally no where on google explains this stuff. The mesh is a Anthro Anim mesh if that helps, out of all meshes I've seen, his are the only ones I know where a 'shell" exist.
  23. So I am trying to learn how to create emissive masks. I've gotten everything just about done: I chose a test texture, created a mask in Photoshop (all parts show up as red that I do not want to glow in-world, and the vice versa for white), and saved as a targa (.tga) file. I have tested it in-world and... no emission, I can't even use the menu to change it, the dropdown is grayed out. What am I doing wrong? Can I get some advice? I am not new to texturing but I am new to this type of texturing. I have a feeling I am quite close to having this figured out, but I do not understand why it's not working in-world.
  24. Hello, I am having the following issue since the last few hours. I make a tattoo in Photoshop, save it with 60% opacity as PNG, then upload it to SL and open the texture, transparency looks ok. Then I set it as the texture of a prim cube... the tattoo image appears 100% solid. But if I save the same tattoo with a 49% opacity as PNG and apply it... the transparency appears to be fine. Repeat the process, but with 50% opacity... solid tattoo once again. 😤 Further tests: 33% opacity = Working fine 66% opacity = working fine 70% opacity = Solid tattoo 75% opacity = Solid tattoo with some extra black pixels on the borders And I find this even more confusing because up until yesterday I was making tattoos with 50%, 55%, 60% 80% 85% opacity in Photoshop, and all of them looked and are still looking fine when applied to the prim cube or my skin. 😧 Thanks in advance for any advice in this matter!
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