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  1. I have the nipple piercing rigged to the Left and right Pec, but the scaling is off. It'll float off the body is the breasts are too big and go into the body if they're too small How do i fix this?
  2. I have the Devkits for both legacy and belleza Imported navel piercing > positioned it correctly Selected piercing then bones > Bind to armature with automatic groups Deleted the groups and added BELLY, and PELVIS then assigned the piercing to them both When I move the body it doesn't move how I'd like it to, Is there anyone that can help me rig it properly? 😄
  3. Tysm! That makes sense I had no idea you could you a noise alpha gradient! I'll give it a shot.
  4. I didnt realise how weird it sounded 😅 Could you explain in more detail? I don't understand what you mean
  5. I used the alpha hash method in blender to create the illusion of mesh, it looks similar to this cloud but I'd prefer it to look closer to the fur from the poptart. Could anyone help me on how to achieve this?
  6. Kaiilaniix

    Rigging Prices

    Someone requested that I rig a mesh set of nails for them, and I have no idea what to price it. I know pricing depends on the creator, skill level, etc. But If someone could provide a range that they think is suitable it'd be a huge help 😄
  7. From this alone I'm going to assume its extremely complicated 😅
  8. Kaiilaniix

    nail help

    If you havent yet found out how IM me 😄
  9. Kaiilaniix

    Legacy Rigging

    Hi! I'm creating some mesh nails and I want to rig them for the legacy body. I'm currently using the legacy devkit provided on mighty ginkgo's website as the rest of their devkits have done the job. When I open the legacy dev kit theres only two bones (a main hand bone controlling the 4 fingers, and a bone controlling the thumb). On other devkits they've had 3 bones in the finger for each section. I'm wondering how I could rig mesh nails to the body with the bones provided, looking on MP it's possible but I;m not entirely sure how. Any tips/advice at all is appreciated!
  10. If anyone reads this with the same issue, I used @KT Kingsley's maps they linked and this post the reduce the intensity: https://polycount.com/discussion/105935/lower-normal-map-intensity-in-photoshop Basically filling in a 127,127,255 RGB colour layer and putting it underneath the normal map in photoshop, then reducing the opacity of said normal map until you achieve the results you want! It didn't affect the shine too much either. Thank you to everyone who contributed for your help I would've never figured it out myself 😄
  11. Doesn't seem it, Just incase I remove all the diffuse textures to a blank image and the normal map is still stronger than I'd like it to be :I The diffuse is the baked textures, the normal/bump texture is the one linked as is the specular. Maybe I'd have to alter the colours in the bump map to be less intense so the bumps aren't as prominent but I'm not too skilled with normal maps to know 😅
  12. Thank you! I did find your files yesterday but I had no idea about the repeats. Is there any way to lessen the strength either inworld or via an external program? You can see the bumps quite easily otherwise :}
  13. I feel that I've tried every specular/glow/normal combo to try and get this effect. If anyone could help me out it'd be much appreciated. These nails seems to shine like glitter and interact with the windlight, ex. a brighter windlight is produces more sparkles a darker windlight produces none at all. An example of the effect in-game:
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