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  1. What is the difference between HD heads and non-HD heads ?
  2. Akeruka also has nice m'en heads with Bake on mesh support, and not too expensive (3000L$) : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Akeruka/163/131/23 Akeruka Marketplace store
  3. Which viewer do you use to get 10000 pixels wide snapshots, Firestorm doesn't allow more than 6200 pixels.
  4. I don't remember that it was so bad, and it was not tied only to OSGrid, since I was able to teleport to my sim which was on a self hosted Opensim not linked to OSGrid. I've found the Second life wiki about that : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Open_Grid_Public_Beta
  5. Some years ago (I don't remember exactly), Linden has made a test on the beta grid of hypergrid between second life and opensim. I've tried it myself between Second life and my self hosted Opensim. It worked quite well, but the test hasn't last very long.
  6. Hello I'd like to have some feedback from people using Affinity photo to do texturing and photo post-processing on SL Thank you
  7. You can make fitted mesh clothes for the base avatar. There are still people without mesh body, and it's a way to show what you can do. You can buy the Tonic developer kit. It also contains a light version of her body to test your creations inworld.
  8. Hello How do I make a glass material for second life ? I've found videos explaining how to make glass material in Blender, but none specifically for second life. I guess there must be something special to do, since second life has only specular and normal maps ? Thank you 🙂
  9. I don't think Linden allow people to leave an avatar online 24/7 if he's not declared as bot. Also, what is the interest to keep a computer working 24/7 considering what it cost in term of electricity, computer deterioration,... without being paid. If you want some bots on your sim, you can subscribe at services like Smartbots and use it with your alts after declaring them to Linden as bots.
  10. You also have Akeruka which has BOM mesh heads : http://akeruka.com/blog/ Akeruka Marketplace
  11. I''ll try that. I think also that I export the pose for all the body. How can I isolate the arms in Blender so I export only their pose ?
  12. Hello, I've made a pose with an avatar holding an object. I'd like the avatar to keep the pose even when I make it walk inworld (with or without ao). What should I do ? The pose is done with Blender. Thank you
  13. And a website : https://easy-blender.com/ At first sight it seems to be interesting to bind bones to a custom avatar, but not to rig mesh clothing to mesh bodies like Maitreya, Slink,... It lacks some tools like transfer weights, appearance editing to see how your cloth works at different sizes of the body, and certainly others I forget. So it depends of what you want to do 🙂
  14. You should find something at your taste here : http://secondlife.com/destinations/roleplay/medieval
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