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  1. You can also go,and see it inworld. I see a See item in SL slurl below the description. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Selenia/54/22/351/?title=Mystygry%27s%20mainstore
  2. Have a look here : https://secondlife.com/destinations/photospots
  3. One thing you can do if you see an abandoned land you like is to open a ticket and ask Linden to sale you the land. One friend has done that and very quickly the land was for sale to him. You have to put the slurl of the parcel you want in the ticket.
  4. I've asked about that nearly 2 month ago and got this answer :
  5. Hello I have a terrain in Blender made of 4 segments linked together. I upload them one by one in Second Life. I've never succeeded in joining them. There is always a gap between the segments. What should I do to join them perfectly like they do in Blender ? Thank you
  6. Hello Is there a way to let a member of a group see the Object Owners list in the About land Objects tab ? Thank you
  7. Hello I've been told that griefers have the possibility to break all the builds on a sim with a script which make them physic. Is it true ? If yes, will removing the rezz rights on a sim be enough to prevent this problem ? Thank you
  8. Hello Where can I find a script to simulate a moving mesh object by switching a texture between its faces, each face being a step of the movement. I hope I'm clear ? Thank you
  9. I don' think so. I add two snapshots of the outfit inside Blender. There is no gap on the sides or below : 
  10. Hello, I'd like to know why the including box shown on the snapshot below is bigger than the one I see in Blender ? Is there a way to make it smaller to get a lower land impact ?  Thank you
  11. In a way yes. I don't use the internal viewer anymore . I only create the announce with the viewer. I modify, and activate it with Safari.
  12. Hello, When I want to add a picture to an announce I'm modifying in the viewer, I receive this error message : ["Attachment /tmp/texture20150907-27837-9w134i.jpg is not recognized by the 'identify' command.", "Attachment /tmp/texture20150907-27837-9w134i.jpg is not recognized by the 'identify' command.", I have no problem with the same picture added to my announce directly inside marketplace in Safari. What can be the problem ? Is it a bug that I should report or which was already reported ? Thank you
  13. Hello, Which payment solution is the best from Skrill or Paypal to send and receive money from and to Second Life ? Thank you
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