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  1. Come to the dark side you two! Driders are genderless according to lore, so no hassles there. and no that's not an invite for anyone to come join me 😁
  2. so some 'Accounts' are effected ? or some accounts and the alts of those accounts? there is a difference in some legacy accounts.
  3. The "goat' ride along the path I could swear was tied into these with pathfinding in mind.
  4. When I first came to SL, we had no such things as NPCs or Bots on lots. I came from The Sims online which technically did have NPCs though back in 2004 and I always thought it would be neat or convenient to have NPCs in SL. Atm, I can't stand them. I won't even decorate my home with the statue bots with scripted speech. they are about as annoying as food/drink giving objects. I was even at one time thinking of designing my own spider modeled NPC/Pet but that desire has gone for now. I remember when Mesh was first announced, how we were to have this robust pathfinding system in SL over time to eventually have NPC and simulated animals (the Wilderness is a direct result of the mesh and pathfinding project iirc). Utherverse (RLC), has Bots/NPCs for paid members to use infact and they are ever so creepy. If it's for development strictly then I might consider them useful like for things such as educational purposes. but when using SL in my own time or travels at leisure, I'd prefer to run into real persons.
  5. @Whirly Fizzle I don't have a screenshot (was in a video call at that time too), I vaguely noticed the "Blocked" message saw, saw the TP was stalling and hit Cancel, and it plopped me into the spot I was TPing to oddly enough. I dismissed it as a case of miscommunication and rarely used notification of the viewer. a strange rubber banding handoff in effect. I remember years ago having to detach things before TPing. but this certainly wasn't that.
  6. And this.... Is why I spend time in SL alone 🕷️
  7. used a Wall walking add-on from Magic Emerald Combat HUDs .
  8. Doing some video testing of my new avatar creation in it's more natural wooded setting.
  9. @iNaomiBubbles good place to get into photography with live models , is to join a Modeling group and/or Classes. There are a bunch of them and it's how I met my friend who I do photo shoots with to this day.
  10. Who said you need an invisible prim? I want to bring this up to clear up any misinformation on selling, if the creator of the frame stated this would be their preference then yes, you might want to, otherwise if it's just a friend or associate for which the frame is not associated with, then I would use your own judgement too. You can sell the frame with your picture 'as is' too, and can rename the frame and description to indicate or note the artist (you) and other features too. Don't forget to check and see if there is a specific Terms or Use for the frame to for any information like next owner permissions you may use for the frame. Linking a prim to someone else's creation is really silly in SL It's still the other person creations, but hey , everybody's doing it right?
  11. I have a close friend who I do photos with like this, we aren't boyfriend/ girlfriend but many assume right off that we are when doing pics at public venues or people see the pictures elsewhere. But we do call some of our photo outings "Dates" Have you considered using an alt (second account) and logging in two viewers at once? There is a check box in preferences to allow this. I have found this ideal for saving time and money. Ofcourse having a live model is valid too, because you have an outside opinion to the photographic works (I assume you'd share these with them) and a more natural or unpredictable outcome to the medium of your work.
  12. This is my newest avatar creation. My Bone Drider with animated mesh head and eyes and custom material and mapping on body and head. (Off topic) but does anyone know where one could actually use or wear this avatar outside of organized RP? I goto combat sims and those are dead. most RP is not very spontaneous at times if not in an organized or stuctured RP group. Are there any groups for this particular type of avatar, or other collaborating creators who lean towards this level of custom creation in SL? Many immediately spot this Avatar as as spider, but it also is missing some elements that a basic spider would have and yet has other features an alien species my have and a humanoid head with a menacing dead gaze. The body is includes normal and specular maps made in MindTex, the base textures made in Photoshop and Gimp.
  13. I know! They can charge us L$ or money for each time we rez a prim or write a note card or post a thread? they could even include package pre-pay options to further access the interface like some other platforms do 😀
  14. I holdControl+Alt+shift, - , 0, and 3 to clear out any non essential elements to not be drawn after log in. Also you can hit control A to call up all persons in your immidate range on your radar. click on the top name (hold shift to select them all) can also deselect friends on the list. Then right click and select Derender. You may have to do this every session (you can also permanently derender to a blacklist ). these steps can help your performance. SL is not just a graphics delivery container. It is a physic environment engine and reacts accordingly to it's rule sets in conjunction with your setup as well as a ton of data (this can vary depending on the given physics data being communicated). Sim crossing or teleports. Sims communicate with eachother as well as your client. There are too may factors to consider that could be interpreted as lag when it's just a matter of the system talking and thinking and people being in a rush.
  15. " Many do not want to be involved in other people's role play, even indirectly. " to quote Selene. The one issue that might play a role is the permissions flag and how it is executed between all parties.After all, Progeny RP in and of itself , is not asking non-progeny users 'directly' to opt in or opt out of it's Data routine that could involve that other party. I am sure the information is still there all the same , but the non-Progeny user does not register this function in any way unless they were to go and check everything that was communicating in their area at that time. Technically the HUD system should require that the an Opt Out or Opt in feature is present and visible to all persons in that immediate range of effect. Some people think it should be perfectly ok to fly your airplane over parcels owned by others and you can , but if they have security they can ask that you leave immediately. Some people think you HAVE to give atleast 10 seconds warning (it should give a warning) but to the best of my knowledge, a 'Warning' is not mandatory. I think that is the underlying real issue when it comes to voluntary vs. involuntary implication into a system. *side note: You have to realize that at one time eons ago that SL had no land option to turn off pushing. You were at your own peril when I first joined SL.
  16. I hope gifting isn't broken 😮 It's a great for an alternative to tipping
  17. I feel RP relationships can rather 'Borderline'.
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