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  1. Howdy! I'm well aware this is a very common issue however I've recently started trying to make hair in blender (latest blender). I've seen a few ways to fix alpha blending on the loose strands of hair but I couldn't get anything to work for me. Could anyone either guide me on how to fix these issues or show me a tutorial? I've followed this tutorial by this amazing person here, but their method doesn't work for me. I tried to reach out to them but I doubt they're going to reply since the last time they were active on the account was a year ago. This is what my hair looks like and this is how it glitches. The strands behind the head show in front of the ones that are at the front of the head. I feel like I can't really try much while having this issue and its stifling the things I could do Please help me, I am frustrated and I cannot figure this out on my own
  2. I recently learned to use Blender, and so I learned on 3.1. I can build and texture mesh objects just fine with one exception -- I can't figure out how to make transparent textures. There are some tutorials around that show how to make glass, but they're on older versions of Blender, which look totally different, or they use Photoshop. I use Gimp, and it's hard to follow along. Can anyone point me to a recent tutorial on how to make glass textures on mesh objects for export to SL, and preferably one that's a little easier for beginners? I'm trying to make a very basic four-pane window with a wooden frame. The frame looks great. The glass looks like the frame. Thank you.
  3. For some reason I can’t take off, bom skins, hairbases, alphas or anything that has to do with textures. I’ve tried logging into other viewers to see if it was just a firestorm problem but it’s not it’s only my account doing this. My other accounts let me take hairbases and etc off. I’ve done everything, i cleared my inventory cache and cache and even reinstalled my firestorm viewer multiple times. I also tried rebaking textures, that doesn’t work as well. Can someone help please, I really want to be able to change my hairbases and stuff again.
  4. I need a Linden help asisstance to fix my avatar. I use Speedlight viewer and recently it was found and alpha bug that duplicates the current outfit file and makes up not able to quit my alphas. I used the mobile grid app to erase every file of current outfit and now im a cloud. Everyone sees me as a cloud and i reset my avatar and i still am a cloud. Please help.
  5. I used the alpha hash method in blender to create the illusion of mesh, it looks similar to this cloud but I'd prefer it to look closer to the fur from the poptart. Could anyone help me on how to achieve this?
  6. I was quickly shopping this weekend, only going to stores to test a demo, buy and out again. Suddenly another lady start to IM me with "fix your alpha, I can see your legs", "Hide your Maitreya feet" and 6-8 other IMs with advice rapidly. I look at my screen and see myself as I should. I wear shoes for Maitreya feet and the correct feet. My legs are alpha'ed out. I was not going to stay. If I were in a concert or some social place, I would teleport out and try to investigate if more than one see me like this. But not when shopping. I am in and out of stores and I don't care if others rez for me, or how they look. Besides, how am I supposed to fix myself when all I see is correct? Should I try to attach and detach things, unpack a new Maitreya body, teleport out in shame? And do I owe a total stranger that has seen me for 3 minutes a thanks? I was irritated, because who say it is me who need to fix it, it can just as well be her connection. It was not just an IM, but when I did not reply, she continued to tell me how I should fix myself. I muted her, bought what I came for, and went on shopping.
  7. Hello! New to creating. I made this top (no texture on it yet) via Marvelous Designer > Blender with the front being cropped and a longer "train" material in the back. If you look at the front and view the sides, the inside of the mesh is totally transparent. I'm not sure what I did wrong.. Any clue how to fix?
  8. What's with all the new issues, you might look normal to your self but then a friend will be like, why are your hands and feet huge or why is your head missing all of a sudden. And relogging is the only fix, even refreshing attachments doesn't work. Did not have this problem until recently. And have not changed anything more than my clothing like I do every day. Same everything else. And looks fine on my end. Even alpha layers are just getting messed up bad.
  9. Hello, I just recently got a new Alienware m15x R3 laptop. I was all excited to log into the game with the new system, but I'm getting some real odd graphical issues that I didn't have with my old laptop. I was able to troubleshoot some of the issues as being caused by the anti-virus program that came with the laptop. I'm still not able to find what's causing this issue. Can you identify what's going on in this picture?
  10. I made a mesh head for something for the first time but need a really specific kind of script. I'm pretty basic in scripting and can only really learn from existing snippets but cant seem to find something that really DOES this. What I have is a head with the eyelids in 4 states (kinda like kemono eyes- which script doesn't work from) 0 being open, 2 frames of mid blink, and 3 being the closed position. What I need is a script that toggles the alpha between only those linked eyelid objects in a sequence and a timer that makes it do the sequence every 3-4 seconds. Id greatly appreciate it if someone could whip up an example, I already tried buying a script from market place that.... didn't work out very well. If it relies on the linked name or description for the sequence do tell, and much love
  11. Hi this is a question about the alpha texture. for example : hair I put alpha texture on hair object. abnormality is seen in the part that it overlaps... hair behind becomes completely transparent. I tried much hair but I found the hair which did not appear of such a symptom. why do these hair not have abnormality of alpha? special texture? upload setting? method of fabrication? (I use Blender) Please tell me the solution Sorry for being bad at English
  12. for the past week or more, NONE of my textures or alphas "express" themselves on my avatar, yet I see others normally
  13. Help! I'm having trouble with this and I don't know what it is called or what causes it, and I just want to fix it! (Picture below) Please help me if you can! What happens is my hair causes certain objects in world to become see through. Please help me!
  14. Hi, I'm new to second life and I've been in search of free mesh bodies for my first avatar. I have two main questions to ask and need answers for. 1: I recently discovered e-body curvy and classic, but I especially love the curvy mesh body. But I'm having serious problems with clothing glitches and unneeded skin showing. I use the alpha hud to cover what I can but the majority areas where I need to hide the skin is unavailable. I saw reviews of e-body curvy on YouTube where someone had a free version with the full alpha hud available to use. But the video was made in 2017 so I don't know if it's changed since then. What should I do? If I'm unable to fix the glitches and unable to use alphas for covering up, then I'll have to look for something else. 2: Im testing out several free mesh bodies and the clothing I brought ( e-body, mesh, classic-mesh, etc ) doesn't fit. It glitches into the skin and hardly shows. ( Especially when I'm using e-body ) for example, if I try on a shirt or skirt for e-body curvy, it glitches and cuts into her body and I'm unable to fix it. Is there a way to fix this or should I consider buying an alpha but I'm not sure if it'll affect the body at all. I could use all the help I can get. Thanks. -MuseSpirit
  15. I've been searching all over trying to find an answer for this. Maybe it's right under my nose, but I can't for the life of me seem to figure out how to fix this glitch with eyelashes on the Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head. I know I can switch from blend mode to mask mode, and that does seem to fix the glitch with my eyebrows, but reduces the quality of the lashes greatly. I see others wearing their lashes for Catwa on blend mode, with makeup on even, and it looks fine. Any assistance on how to fix this issue where there's a flesh toned background to the lashes that cuts into my eyebrows would be much appreciated! I've attached a photo for reference.
  16. Hi everyone, I need help fixing the eye lash Alphas on the Catwa head because they keep obscuring the custom eye brows behind them, and occasionally the eye shadow too, it seems I've tried everything but if someone found a work around I'd love to hear what you came up with.
  17. Hello all. I had a concern about creating mesh hair... I've actually been making hair for a long time in SL (since 2007), but the hair I've made before was either with sculpties or mesh but in anime/toon style with no alpha (Think of Sims 4 hair). So I've never before really had to deal much with alpha-textured hair... but now that I'm trying to get into making mesh hair with realistic alpha that can work for the realistic mesh faces to give the soft/wispy hair look... I'm having issues and would like some advice from anyone who makes hair or otherwise deals with alpha bugs on mesh. I have attached two photos at the bottom, one where the problem is clearly visible, and the other where the problem does not exist... and the problem has to do with the lighting in-world. There is a glitch that if you use the advanced lighting model and stand near certain kinds of lighting like spot lighting, the alpha ends of the hair will mismatch the rest of the hair by being more dimly-lit than the non-alpha or alpha-masked parts of the hair… The difference becomes more and more pronouonced as the "Ambiance" of the lighting goes up (this photo shows it under a spotlight with Ambiance of 1.0). The only fix I could find was to either not stand near spot lights… disable local lights/advanced lighting model temporarily… or make a copy of the hair and using “edit linked objects” or “select texture”, select the alpha part of the hair, and switch the texture’s alpha mode to “Alpha Mask” with a “Mask cutoff” of 125. But, I am trying to figure out if there's a way around this, because it's honestly kind of unreasonable to expect customers to just avoid areas and not complain or feel ripped-off (even though the hair is a group gift, but I want to learn for future hair I will want to make/sell, and update a fix for this one). And while setting the alpha mode to "Alpha Mask" does solve it, it makes the hair look too sharp like it's wet, which I am trying to avoid. >.< And while other hairs I have worn by other creators which has plenty of alpha (such as Dura or really any hair store!) also have some degree of glitching in spotlights, it's not as bad or obvious as with my hair. Unfortunately, I don't have hair creator friends to ask for advice, so I'm posting here. If there's any tips for how you make hair with alpha, that manages to: A: not suffer from the alpha bug where the strands bleed through each other, and... B: not suffer so obviously from the spot lighting in SL. I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance. --- Inside a regular home in region windlight: Inside the same home with flatter windlight, and facing away from the spot light source:
  18. The alpha mode is set to blend on both of them. They're each the exact same PSD file, each alpha channel was made the exact same way, and saved the same way. Why is one uploading differently than the other? The only difference is I'm adjusting the radius of the glow from one to the other (see second image for psd file). Is there a limit on how small the glow field can be? Video: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cqfvhxZpfm
  19. Hello! I was wondering if there Is a way to lower the opacity of an already applied tattoo via script. I am trying to improve a tattoo applier HUD so I could apply the tattoo with it (already achieved), but then also add 2 buttóns scripted to lower or increase the opacity of the texture, or maybe 2 or 3 buttons with fixed opacity levels (100%, 75%, 50%). Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  20. Hi! I have some doubts about the textures with transparencies. Mi ontention is to create hair with tufts drawns on a texture, but as they have transparencies, when superimposing some over others, the most common occurs: that they become opaque or become invisible. I have been researching on the web and trying to study the hair that I bought in the market (how they manage to make textures with transparencies overlap without interrupting each ohter), but I can't find those results. Some say that it is due to the viewer, others that it is to use PNG format instead to tga format. It can't be the first because I have many hairs with strands that do not become invisible when overlapping and I don't think it is the format since I use .tga. This is driving me crazy. Whoever has the patience and kindness to explain me, thank you very much.
  21. Just figured i'd post something here since I didn't know how to search this, and in turn could not find a solution. Anyways, some hairs have this thing involving their opacity/alpha with the mesh to make the hair strands blend. And for some clothing / furniture/ tattoo system layers / water ect. the hair will cause anything behind or around it to become transparent. Which makes you see clear right through the clothing, cause tattoo's to be invisible if the hair is around it, cause water to disappear if it's around the head of your avatar. I don't know if it's a issue that could be resolved with a flick of a settings button or not but, if there is a way I would really appreciate the support I like to take picture on second life so I run into this situation often and it can make things a pain lol. Below is a screen shot of the issue in world. Thank you https://gyazo.com/324d97c2a60483cf264c2a7901aa2d35
  22. Hello Guys, I don't know if my question is silly, but here we go. Im trying to make some Unrigged Alpha Hair, and I don't have success on the process. I cannot create Alpha Layers, the result is the same that we always had on SL with Alpha Textures. I try the process with several image formats, PNG, TGA and Alpha Blend and Mask, but nothing works. I believe that I miss something and I would like to ask for help. Thank you in advanced.
  23. Hello! I'm a fan of those darned fake shadows creators make for mesh items (that seem kind of unpopular). I've been able to make them before in Blender, without issue, but I've lost my notes and I can't seem to find someone that can tell me what I'm forgetting in the parts of the process I can remember. I've found a few vids on YT that create what I want to create (a wall shadow for photo frames)...but when I follow the steps - I can't reproduce the result. I know how to do AO bakes... but a transparent 'bake' seems to allude me and I have made a piece that I'd like to create a custom shadow for. I have done a search through the forums before posting - in hopes someone asked/answered the same question - my apologies if it hit me in the face without my seeing it. Thanks! Edit: Found the issue and now all is well... I had selected lighting in Blender that does not generate a shadow on other objects *headdesks*
  24. hey, i've been having this issue with multiple eyebrow appliers i've bought and i dunno how to fix this issue. it's like my eyebrow layer is slightly covering my eye shadow layer whenever i apply one. (like in the photo.)
  25. Posing this q to the Photoshop gurus out there...I used to have this Filter/Tool installed, it came as a free package with several tools in it, from a site I no longer remember (it's been ages)..not sure if it's even still a thing. Anyway, it's a tool that takes the colors of the edges of your alpha'd picture and colors in the background to those colors to prevent the "halo'd" effect when uploaded in-world. Thanks in advance! https://gyazo.com/30c33b886821cdaf0c23c974e24bbbd2 https://gyazo.com/8a9043b1dbb29daba3a76828f60487c6
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