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  1. Sigh, I would love to get this unsolicited advice, but most times I get : "Oh I see, there is no fixing you, my bad" and then they immediately leave the region never to be seen again
  2. I know I'm not sexy, but I still have a wonderful time working on the evolution of my avatar. I accidentally found this shot spot while zipping around mainland blindly til i landed on this disco beam which I promptly sat on turned the surface layer off and then started shooting lol for some odd reason, Flickr bot was insisting that I was baring all (which I'm not) and may have put some of the pics on Restricted (so I guess the bot thought they were sexy 😆)
  3. My new Cybernetic Drider with custom mesh head on stalk and animated eyes. It's not as creepy as it sounds 😁
  4. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sonogno/191/218/51
  5. I think what happened was I had copied the SLurl for an exact location on the sim and not the landing point location. The following link should work Resonance
  6. This is challenging but this shot is on Mainland. We have come a long ways
  7. Shiny makes everything better Link below is my flikr stream at present . just various pictures of art from SL
  8. Textures Mesh Wav files and I donate L$ to one of my favorite sims, Resonance
  9. Some are and aren't filer modified* I created these sculptures using a rezz script with user input and sculpted Items I created. Too primmy for much of a practical use (unless you have the prims to spare) but great for making art photos.
  10. I was originally considering doing a machinima presentation, but due to copyright conflicts (like if I ever wanted to sell this avatar). The video is supposed to be dark to emphasize the mood and ambience of the avatar in it's setting. The body is made up of custom sculpts using UV maps I created in Blender with individual normals and speculars created for the materials. I utilize a wall climb vehicle (rezzed from the avatar) and it contains a simple walk, jump and run animation a regular AO can be used as well (the avatar can be adjusted as needed). This was filmed at Arranmore
  11. I think Security Device creators need to get more creative with Security Orbs and the like. For example. Why can't they make security orbs that bribe or reward me for not interloping the specified area, though I am still nearby. If there was some incentive then maybe people would pay more attention to security orbs or atleast have their object search up to spot the ones that might be around. theyd could make a hunt out of it in a way. How about a security orb that says " hey ______ Resident! if you leave in the next 10 seconds and return home or elsewhere, I will reward you handsomely with pair of fabulous shoes, but only once. After that you are on a list and will be returned home immediately (unless you can convince my master to take you off that list). Thank you for your understanding and happy exploring" and everyone is happy. People love hunts and rewards, and some people love privacy and ownership.
  12. Ive never liked Orbs or Banlines myself for my ownland. I prefer using scripted guard bots instead to raise the level of entertainment. Some years ago I scripted attacking spiderlings that I was originally going to use a rezzed combat bots, but they worked great for giving people who crossed over enough time to see and react and leave (well in most cases 😁)
  13. On the topic of banlines. I have a great revenue idea. LL should start charging a fee for Banline usage similar to something like a utility cost and security. 👍
  14. I love the raised road curbs , and honestly, your pics make me think of a sprawling English hillside at a glance.
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