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  1. I resolved it by redelivering the mesh body, mesh head and my ao and i detached my body and head and applied the redelivered one
  2. i did that and it worked but when i want to apply a skin the hud won't work, so all huds are screwed
  3. still not working, i loged into my other account and the hud works there perfectly only on my main account it won't work
  4. Hey since today i have an issue with my attached hud's like catwa hud master , maitreya hud and AO. I can't click on them no matter what i do, i even re installed firestorm, i cleaned the inventory cache and nothing works.. my AO isn't working either.
  5. So i have a problem with transparent shirts, i have a maitreya mesh body and when ever i buy a top that is transparent it glitch but if i remove the parts it look weird since it's see trough. also when i remove parts and undo that then it's fixed for a sec until i move or sit then it's glitching again.
  6. i solved it, with cleaning inventory cache, like i followed everything i found and messed more up, but yea problem solved i wanna thank everyone who helped <3
  7. i tried everything nothing helps and i don't want to use the normal viewer it sucks
  8. so i teleported yesterday to a location and my avatar won't load so i restarted firestorm and when i come back my whole inventory folders was empty idk what to do i re installed firestorm again and still the same issue then i installed the sl viewer and my stuff where there and no filters are on search for all in the inventory
  9. Hey so recently some numbers appeared on my sl when ever i move the mouse the numbers are changing i tried to remove it on settings but it didn't work
  10. i'm not charging lindens if i get the clothes to promote if i get them to promote i do
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