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  1. Good skin Creators for Genus?
  2. i know i'm looking for a shortcut to get a name instead of a link alone
  3. Hey i was wondering what the code is to shorten SLurl links for flickr, for example to put the name as clickable link.
  4. I opened my store and it was empty no products no nothing wtf happen?! My store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/217659
  5. I resolved it by redelivering the mesh body, mesh head and my ao and i detached my body and head and applied the redelivered one
  6. i did that and it worked but when i want to apply a skin the hud won't work, so all huds are screwed
  7. still not working, i loged into my other account and the hud works there perfectly only on my main account it won't work
  8. Hey since today i have an issue with my attached hud's like catwa hud master , maitreya hud and AO. I can't click on them no matter what i do, i even re installed firestorm, i cleaned the inventory cache and nothing works.. my AO isn't working either.
  9. So i have a problem with transparent shirts, i have a maitreya mesh body and when ever i buy a top that is transparent it glitch but if i remove the parts it look weird since it's see trough. also when i remove parts and undo that then it's fixed for a sec until i move or sit then it's glitching again.
  10. i solved it, with cleaning inventory cache, like i followed everything i found and messed more up, but yea problem solved i wanna thank everyone who helped <3
  11. i tried everything nothing helps and i don't want to use the normal viewer it sucks
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