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  1. The problem seems to have been solved. It appears (and I use that word advisedly) to have have occurred when I used Firestorm. Yesterday I was using SLV and in trying to track down the problem I went into the "preferences>control"* panel and in "walk to" action under "Primary control" it said LMB. I don't recall having seen this before or can't guess what it means ("Lock mouse" something(?)). However I deleted these letters and everything returned to normal in SLV. I then changed computers and found the same problem was still extant, so I took the same action, and achieved the same res
  2. Strange happenings. I am running Second Life on two computers, with 4 different avatars, two premiums and two ordinary. One of my common activities is going into Grimly's Combat System (GCS) Zombie sims to chop zombies. I use both SL Viewer and Firestorm, but prefer SLV. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that on one of my computers (my gaming desktop) when using SLV in GCS, my avatars have had the following problems. I can load all weapons and move around but my weapons do not function. I move the avi by hitting my arrow keys, and normally the weapon "fires" each time I step. When I log i
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