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  1. I have this AO for an alt https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SEmotion-Newbie-Girl-AO-HUD-v38-Your-first-fully-BENTO-hands-AO/13812393 it's a decent enough AO free in their inworld store if under 90 days
  2. Apologies for lack of slurl I had thought the ability to restrict access and set ban lines might be something across all cabin regions and no one had noticed it
  3. This is in the new log cabin regions definitely last in Angstrom i could restrict access to more than just the ban list and thought it might be a log cabin wide thing. Having just logged in i got a message the access settings have now been forced to public went to check my parcel and indeed they have
  4. Ban lines can be seen at ground level as tested by my alt with access turned off i am aware after a certain height they disappear so they can be flown over
  5. So shortly after Bellisseria was released the ability to use ban lines was removed however i noticed today while going through the about land window on my Angstrom property that the land access options are no longer greyed out and log home owners can set what ever land access they want and put up ban lines, Is this ability intentional 😟 or simply an oversight. I haven't seen any ban lines yet in the areas i have explored and wont be using them myself
  6. If what's available on the marketplace is anything to go by the cost of owning a Legacy body has gone up L$500 TMP has long had a shoddy reputation where other body brands give out updates free TMP generously allowed users of the original body to only pay L$2500 for legacy instead of L$5k they've had products up on the marketplace a while i'm pretty sure they've been disabling and creating new listings for their demos to try and escape the negative comments seems strange for the body demo to have only 3 reviews i'm sure i've seen more than 3 linked to a Legacy demo in the past
  7. Have you tried using the neck fix attachment in the head folder one of my alts using the original TMP got the strong head and there is a huge gap around the neck i can't get rid of i don't think the neck fix works with BoM and it won't go pale enough to work with the TMP skin but does get rid of the huge gap. I did get better results on an alt using the Sahara body and Maitreya sized neck fix even if the face colour doesn't match the body
  8. You could try highlight transparent Ctrl + Alt + T it may highlight the part you need to de-render it. Edit mode and trying to select it with the click/drag square round it is worth a shot you may catch other objects doing this if so you can right click on one of the objects de-render and it will de-render every highlighted object
  9. You might have a problem with your inventory such as a flat inventory which as i understand will cause what you are experiencing you should contact support via ticket or live chat if you are premium and they can fix it for you
  10. Genus can use BoM so any system skin will do one of my alts uses this skin https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Swallow-Judi-and-Shelly-Skin-GIFT/6042468 and it works quite will on the free strong head
  11. Inworld or marketplace? the stuff i bought inworld arrived straight away
  12. A veranda deck for the back of the mountaineer
  13. Seen a few things on this weeks Happy Weekend suitable for the log cabins
  14. If you want to have all the toys like ALM, Shadows & DoF turned on for a pic you don't need to ramp the graphics up to ultra you just need basic shaders enabled then in prefs or Phototools in FS you can play around with these settings
  15. Free group join too i grabbed it for one alt to try there's also a free bento head by Dream made available for "stay at home club" less fully featured and fully BoM
  16. @Quartz Mole requested in another thread you reach out to them personally via forum PM or IM so they can fix your home they need to be at your affected property to fix it
  17. At the rate i'm decorating it's going to take me many days to get finished. Was going to have the kitchen in the smaller room but it didn't work well
  18. My mainland cats are napping or munching, my Bellisseria cats are stuck in my inventory while slowly i'm getting my log cabin furnished
  19. I tried that too was most surprised to find I am allowed in to the portal park once again for I don't know how long. still banned from Linden Realms and something called horizons could get in to paleo quest, the other places can be accessed without the Portal park
  20. What about this house https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Trompe-Loeil-Cydney-Modern-Poolhouse-PG-mesh/17908874 if you could go slightly higher on Li and your L$ budget was bigger i would have suggested https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ROOST-Uplands-Fold-House-with-Deck/6228767 too i own it and would definitely recommend, it has a good sized deck
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