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  1. Go to somewhere you can rezz like a sandbox, if you type sandbox in to world map a whole bunch will come up go in to your inventory rezz the items on the ground right click > open to unpack them to your inventory then you can safely delete the stuff you rezzed. Not all products come in HUD's or worn packaging that includes some sort of unpacker script
  2. If you log out/in again the refresh count is reset. As frustrating as it is that you aren't able to click fast enough to grab a traditional. it wont be long before you get one i'm sure. sometimes homes take hours to go in to the pool and sometimes homes like my Anati one get a new owner faster than the time it took to auto return any object i had rezzed
  3. This thread has been where all previous official Linden Home announcements have been made
  4. I don't find it unfair there was a time when 512sqm tier was all you got and your choices were to have a Linden home or 512sqm of mainland with 117 prims then the allowance got doubled to 1024sqm and the prim allowance increased so instead of having 117/234 prims to play with you now get 175/351 prims. There will be lots of people out there who will only have 512sqm of unused tier available but they still want a private bolt hole somewhere their choices are a camper or an old home. If you think you are being short changed ditch the caravan and get a traditional or houseboat
  5. Campers have been coming up quite frequently on the homes page. Just managed to snag a property in heirlong not far from my old place it'll do until the new theme comes along
  6. If you use the my.secondlife.com web profiles a deleted account will come up as this their legacy profile will look just as they left it
  7. From Sandeulbaram or Banpo you can cam the regions south of Pyri Peaks they're a mixed lot of trads, houseboats & campers
  8. Well that was quick my home got snapped up the moment it got abandoned
  9. If anyone's perfect plot is a double road access corner lot near a community pool i'll be letting go of my Anati home within the next hour
  10. 22, being optimistic that must mean the homes will be ready to release in the next few days
  11. In Firestorm at least Ctrl + H brings up teleport history
  12. If that region was in the main section of Victorians i'd be quite happy to have a place there
  13. When i got my home they were hard to get hold of and it was before the regular releases of new regions i just took what i could get which happened to be in Anati and made it home. I'm still there but not for much longer i'm hoping to get one of the Victorian homes when they are released
  14. They are they originate from England when ever i get them in the supermarket they're just known as Muffins
  15. LL can't please everyone at once and i'm sure in time a theme will come out that you do like. I personally like the new theme enough to try for a home. I like the more spacious living area the homes offer and am not fussed that there's less outdoor space to play with
  16. If the HUD is for customising something worn like clothes/shoes/jewellery or for a head/body and only worn when needed bigger is better if it means i'm clearly able to see what the colour options are or what part of the item can customised. i have HUDs for things where it's so small i click something and hope it's going to change the area i want changed
  17. The home styles i'm sure are LL's decision, any suggestions i've seen for themes have not included Victorian
  18. My eyes must be going bad i can't see a seam at all. If you previously used a Glam Affair system skin you could always give BoM a shot just take off the head alpha or wear the eye only alpha if you use mesh eyes and click BoM on the HUD and see what that does to the seam
  19. Having had a look round these new properties i definitely like them enough to pack up my trad in the next few days and try for one
  20. Try toggling on/off the neck fix in the Maitreya HUD and trying all the neck sizes in the HUD i can't remember the exact size i use on my Chloe other than it's not the largest size
  21. That reward you speak of is a one time bonus paid after 45 consecutive days of being premium and is not limited to LL doing "membership specials"
  22. If you're posting an event a day at the L$10 rate it'll cost you $0.28 a week at L$50 it'll cost around $1 a week i think any idea of getting rid of a region over such a paltry amount is a bit rash.
  23. If you want a houseboat or traditional get yourself Autorefresh for Chrome or Firefox set it to a 2:00 min+ auto refresh so you don't reach the 10 refreshes per 10 minutes limit using the keyword "houseboat" or "traditional" if you use "Bellisseria" you will be alerted to those home types plus caravans. There are releases most days plus a new theme to be previewed/coming soon which may free up older Bellisseria home types
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