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  1. It is lovely, I'm not sure if I have it in my inventory, I bought several of your small cabins in one of your last sales. Love them
  2. Got one of the tiny homes (I had one of the skyboxes, traded for the tiny home) Can't see how many prims I've used since the counter seems to be broken, and I wasn't counting, but I'm not over the limit, maybe 70-80 atm
  3. Hi @Prokofy Neva As @Marianne Little said the console is from DDD The mirrors are from The loft, the left one was an old group gift, the ones on the right I think I have them for quite some time, don't know if they are available still. I didn't make a style list, not enough time, but it is skybox 24 and you are very welcome there and check were stuff is from. (just to add, Ianded on your land in 2007 when I got out of OI, I have very good memories, met such nice people willing to help, good times)
  4. @Marianne Little great work in the lake house, I'm using it ATM but I guess I have around 200 prims (landscape included)
  5. I'm at 47 prims, maybe I'll add some more clutter, and I think I'll replace some stuff but so far looks like this
  6. thank you @Chic Aeon I'll check that sofa later inworld, The beach house is looking great
  7. I got one of the new skyboxes yesterday, I do like the first ones better, but those are really nice too It is a challenge to decor with 50 prims, it takes me back to my SL in 2007 when my first rented house had, I think, only 80 prims to decor (and at that time most of the stuff had a lot of prims, it is easier now), but it is a lot of fun. I've done a bit of decor but I was a bit in a hurry so lots of work yet to be done. I think I'm in skybox 24. So, I need a sofa, cozy one with warm tones and pillows and not very primy (8 prims tops) anyone knows of a good one? I
  8. Last Call Tuli Dutch Touch Pillow Talk ETA: Julia Hathor and Nicky Ree
  9. Then and now Been away for some time, come back to mesh bodies and heads everywhere, so I got them too, From 2007 to 2020 and Last Call still looks good
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