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  1. I don't think i pull off teddy bear ears anywhere near as well as @Patch Linden does 😎
  2. If someone does go AWOL from SL and their tier isn't being paid after a period of time access to the land parcel will be blocked anything rezzed will remain for a week or so owners might be able to retrieve their objects via neighbouring land otherwise the land gets cleared by a Linden i have seen Guy Linden doing things connected to abandoned land in my home sim and objects are returned to their owners the land reverts to Governor Linden ownership before it's auctioned or sold on
  3. I thought it still was Michael's home it's described as such, it's a great place to explore around
  4. Yes. When i first started in SL i wanted to look like RL that went out the window when i was first introduced to prim flexi hair and seeing everyone was way taller than me. So i made myself just as tall made a shape i was happy with based on RL, with the odd tweak here and there. since getting a mesh body i have evolved myself to be less tall (still way taller than RL) and upped the fat sliders to reflect my current RL size. other than shape i have kept my skin and eye colour inline with RL along with many things i wear. clearly my hair is not a natural real colour i got a style that came in a shade called rose as soon as i tried it i thought that's my shade and have always gone with brands that do a similar colour
  5. If you find Vegemite palatable you should look out for Marmite only differences it tastes nicer (i think) and it's sticky rather than thick paste
  6. Oh dear i'd face getting wiped out then, my skybox is lower than 1000m only because the particular teleport pads i use won't work if they are more than a certain distance apart
  7. Arrow keys as it's easier to use and pressing WASD just types those letters in to the local chat bar i have tried WASD for movement but don't get on with it
  8. From the little i know its been around longer than TMP Legacy but there's very little clothing support for it, a specific search yields less than 100 results. Unless it's compatible with clothes made for more popular bodies or standard/fitmesh size clothing i can't see it coming anywhere near close to mainstream
  9. Zip lining is dangerous business taking a train might be the safer option 😄
  10. I put area search on once i found it, while it's been named not to be obvious area search does provide some helpful clues to it's location
  11. Yes, the object is located somewhere in Bellisseria
  12. Managed to find it at last, won't say where it is but the object's name isn't obvious to what it is
  13. I looked through the whole sim if the prize is there I'm not seeing it thought the obvious place would be amongst the treasure
  14. If the little mermaid is the clue then i was looking in the right sim unless it's not the only place like it. just don't know what to look for as it wasn't in the obvious place
  15. Spent hours trying to find it yesterday, no luck where I thought it might be and where a lot of people were gathered (not the fairgrounds) thinking it might be doesn't seem to be where it is.
  16. Do i care about rendering cost? I do, i try to and almost always do keep my personal complexity below 80k which is what i have set in my viewer. I have some things especially older hair or jewellery pieces i don't use anymore as they rack up 100k+ complexity on their own. If i'm going to an event or elsewhere that's very popular more often than not i'll set my viewer to show friends only over reducing viewer complexity to 20k If anything bigger is better at least with customization HUDs some creators make them so small you can't make out the colour/customization options
  17. You can activate ALM via the photo tools if you don't have the icon on your tool bar right click and select the option that allows you to select tool bar icons and drag it on to there. ALM can be activated in the second tab of photo tools you don't need to ramp up your graphic settings from say mid to use ALM, shadows or DoF just have basic shaders enabled you can turn on/off and play around with these features as needed in photo tools
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