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  1. Haha i know most of those builds. I think that was recorded during beta or earlier.Where did you find it?
  2. I wish you could put out your own home in those sims but then again, they'd run into problems with that.
  3. On a related note, I don't know how this works at all. I'd like to by this plot but it's not for sale, do i have to buy it through the website or something? Why is SL so complicated?
  4. Oh my gosh I forgot about Shermerville! So sad that they have not done more with Brown, Boardman, DeHaro and Shermerville.
  5. Try Goodelli. It has some nice waterfront properties for sale now. I "live" there.
  6. 'Ive always loved that home too, and the sunroom is my favourite part as well. A friend of mine put a hot tub in his and we used to log in and get in it and catch up.
  7. Latest home on the mainland Atoll continent in a sim called Goodelli, which is nice. I like the ground textures on the Atoll continent. (Thank you Eric Linden)
  8. I love Iris. I leave and then come back to it...rent a little plot.
  9. If you're looking for something modern, the ROOST Palm View Kitchen is nice. I just set up a few pieces of it in my place. It has way more stuff than this, including a free standing oven and fridge that I didn't use because my place is tiny. It also has a wine fridge. It's really, really configurable. $800L and very low prim. The kitchen appliances are from a Dust Bunny gacha from quite a few years back but some can still be found on the marketplace.
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