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  1. Honestly I still like the old Turnip's Skydome. You can buy extra terrain and sky textures for it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Turnips-Skydome-20-Base-Package/4251774?id=4251774&slug=Turnips-Skydome-20-Base-Package
  2. And the HIVE modular Cozy Kitchen:
  3. I really like the HIVE kitchens: Modular Farmhouse Kitchen:
  4. It could be but Bellisaria is hugely popular and I wonder if it has impacted the amount of accounts around.
  5. I'm not sure but I reserve the right to b***h about ridiculous stuff here. 😁
  6. I wish you could post pictures. What kind of stuff does she wear?? I'm picturing legwarmers.
  7. I love vintage clothes in SL you should try Ingenue and Belle Epoque
  8. She didn't say that at all. She said she won't buy it. Also, I think you should adjust your expectations of an online forum. Most people use them for ranting.
  9. OMG Armidi! I remember
  10. She's expressing her dislike of something and hoping it will change. She's not threatening, she's stating that she won't shop there. We all do this. Why does everyone get their knickers in a twist when someone expresses their opinion about clothes, shapes or whatever pixels. I don't like trashy clothes in sl either. And I don't buy them. Flame on!
  11. I could see how this could be pretty offensive to anyone who's real life was touched by the holocaust. Comparing what they went through to being identified as a whatever user in a video game is pretty bad.
  12. Shameless. I'm not sure why I waited so long to watch that show.
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