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  1. I guess no one has a script for this right? I could see this being used by land barons.
  2. Hi Prokofy, Generally I shrink all houses, they're just too big for my avatar and it ends up looking weird when standing next to a giant front door. And yes, I shrunk this one and didn't need to spill over onto the plot next door (If I remember correctly). I also added the cliff rocks. And I think I had terraform rights on your land so may have tweaked things a bit to make it fit. That's a great plot. Great little spot. Did you see the cafe that went up down the road from there? Really nice.
  3. Is that Brown? You're selling your land there? Ugh our experience of the mainland is way too affected by neighbours. It's one of the reasons that I like Sansar BUT you miss the continuous world idea in Sansar.
  4. Just wondering if there's a way to know when land goes up for sale in a specific sim on the mainland? Thanks
  5. Like SL, there's good content, and not so good content in Sansar and on the marketplace and I think it really makes a difference when you build or put worlds together with the nicely made stuff.
  6. Hey thanks! I love what you guys have done with the thread!!! There are some nice spots on the mainland.
  7. I LOVE the lighting in Sansar and have a lot of fun with it. I like the whole platform better than SL. I can't believe they just dumped it. Pics of cafe in Sansar are below. Notice the Apple Fall pumpkins and boxwood planters! Pretty much the only thing available from him in Sansar, sadly.
  8. I've been working on a cafe, also an Apple Fall build, pretty high land impact but I'll skimp on decor to have the building. The cafe set is from Roiro (Saten Set) Come Visit! : https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Goodelli/14/202/32/
  9. If you tiered up, it was worth is because that's all so beautiful.
  10. Honestly I still like the old Turnip's Skydome. You can buy extra terrain and sky textures for it. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Turnips-Skydome-20-Base-Package/4251774?id=4251774&slug=Turnips-Skydome-20-Base-Package
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