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  1. I don't want to be an advanced member anymore! Love, Ingrid
  2. Beautiful! Who made that white house in the first pic?
  3. Goodness, the sanctimony. Lets just take a breather a remind ourselves that these are pixels. Pixel butts. Let's not make this into something it's not. Before someone invokes Hitler. Oi, now I remember why I left the forums.
  4. I have to admit my avatar's bum and thighs have enlarged over the past few years too. Hey gotta keep up with the joneses...
  5. I'm not sure why you've assumed this is ridicule. People are proud of their avatars, exagerated proportions or not, otherwise they wouldn't be wearing them. They enjoy their big bottoms, so do I. Over the past 15 years I've seen some dramatic changes in desired sl body shape. This is definitely the new one, and kind of refreshing.
  6. Aww thanks guys! I still log in to decorate in SL. Keeps me from raiding Homesense every weekend and redecorating my real home..which could get expensive.
  7. Wonder how much he shells out every month to have signs about ugly builds , that are also ugly, all over the grid.
  8. I'm not sure there is one! I honestly think if there was one, LL would have figured it out by now. I've thought about this too and I can't come up with a scenario that includes freedom but also restrictions on ugly. How do you enforce that? "Zoned" sims have always been an idea that LL has played with and those sims work well for a lot of people. BUT I'm going to bet that once the novelty of the new linden homes wear off, people will want to buy their own houses/prefabs, which you cannot have on that continent. There are just too many beautifully crafted sl homes for them to not want to. And I bet they would look great in the nicely landscaped, suburban Bellissaria continent. I think if I owned a residential sim, I would have a list of "approved" houses that people could choose from. A big, big long list so that people didn't feel restricted in their choice.
  9. I stick to hand drawn skins for this reason. I've always preferred hand drawn textures over photo based in sl, on everything, clothing furniture, avatars.
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