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  1. It could be but Bellisaria is hugely popular and I wonder if it has impacted the amount of accounts around.
  2. I'm not sure but I reserve the right to b***h about ridiculous stuff here. 😁
  3. I wish you could post pictures. What kind of stuff does she wear?? I'm picturing legwarmers.
  4. I love vintage clothes in SL you should try Ingenue and Belle Epoque
  5. She didn't say that at all. She said she won't buy it. Also, I think you should adjust your expectations of an online forum. Most people use them for ranting.
  6. Bought some of your clothes in Sansar yesterday Chic! I also really love your scene objects and pod homes. I'm secretly hoping you'll continue to make houses in Sansar. How about the Farnsworth house? 😀
  7. I think I get Sansar. I made an account when it opened and hadn't been back until a few days ago. I've always loved exploring and creating places in second life, and I think people like myself also enjoy doing that in Sansar. Having 3 or 5 worlds to go crazy with (I'm not sure what I'm entitled to) is kind of great. I know quite a few people from sl who seem to be there often and they've helped me with the steep learning curve. People who've mentioned the trouble with the avatars are right. But the lighting is incredible, it's a beautiful place. It's challenging, much like sl was for me in the beginning, but I like it. I wonder if LL has considered incentivizing some sl content makers to add their stuff to the Sansar marketplace. That place needs nice content! Edit to add, I don't use a VR headset either. Don't like 'em.
  8. She's expressing her dislike of something and hoping it will change. She's not threatening, she's stating that she won't shop there. We all do this. Why does everyone get their knickers in a twist when someone expresses their opinion about clothes, shapes or whatever pixels. I don't like trashy clothes in sl either. And I don't buy them. Flame on!
  9. I like the Alina avatar in Sansar. But everyone buys it and unfortunately i don't think it's not modifiable so everyone has the same shape and head.
  10. The lighting in Sansar is so pretty. Here's my Sansar avatar in freebie wear.
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