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  1. Try Trompe L'oeil and/or Barnesworth Anubis. They've been making houses for a very long time and have lots of medium and small houses to chose from. My current house is one from Barnesworth Anubis and it allows me lots of room for a yard on a small 2048 plot. He makes bigger and smaller ones.
  2. New profile pic! I updated my avatar. Spent a few dollars!
  3. What a cool idea! You cruised by my house at 4:19! I love the atoll coast too. My house in Goodelli: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Goodelli/30/196/33 It's the Franklin Cottage by Barnesworth Anubis. Love a good summer porch. Love the textures in the bathroom:
  4. I keep hearing about Horizons but I have no idea what it is!
  5. Hey is this still up? Do you mind have visitors to it? Can you add a slurl to your post?
  6. I loved the video. I loled. I don't think you need to be embarrassed!
  7. A Different World Opening and Closing Credits and Theme Song - YouTube
  8. I'd rather have people in my homes when I'm not there too.
  9. Thanks for this, I never thought of looking at the materials on both skins to make sure they were identical. I think my issue is that I'm using a lelutka evo x head which has a completely different mapping from other heads, hence, neck blenders don't work. There's an evo x neck blender on the marketplace for 500L. if there was a demo I'd try it.
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