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  1. You may be right because I didn't apply for anything, I only know these applications are just for maitreya dev kit. I went the stores and gets dev kits. Anyway thank you for your respond, even these informations everything look more clear. I just wanted to create mesh for every body type. I would love to see those links if thats possible, thanks again!!
  2. First of all, hello. I'm not a begginer at second life almost 2 year old player. I wanna start my own fashion brand, creating mesh for mesh bodies. Ive tried couple tutorials and made some low quality outfits but I feel like I am totally lost around mesh bodies, templates, baking and selling at marketplace. The thing is, I wanna make clothes for all type of mesh bodies. I've seen tons of creators who makes all type of bodies but never understand HOW THEY DO IT? I mean, I've got all of the developers kits but still don't understand how to use or convert them on my outfits. I am using Marvelous Designer program to create clothing but thats all I can do, please give me an advice and little information about this, you will save my life, this whole thing and getting nowhere made me really depressed lol. I would really love if someone help me. Thanks :3
  3. Ahhh thanks for that! Will be looking for this when I solve my blender issue lol <3
  4. Yeah you have a point on this. I do know what obj, dae.. etc. files are, I mean I know how to import and export them and what are they working for. The problem is I think, texturing it. For example, If I only import the dae file without putting and avatar is that okay? Cause they are so many clothes for different bodies. I mean, I can just import the Maitreya.dae and play with it, then just export it? Another question that I think you can help me with, do I need to edit extra things to texture files or I just can drop it on Photoshop and edit them the way I want and put all of them together at SL. It sounds to basic so I am pretty sure that I am doing something wrong lol. Also one last question too sorry if I am bothering you much, they are files named _ao , _shadow, _uvw... all seperate, am I gonna edit them all separate? And only photoshop is enough? Cause uv maps aren't for blender? How I am gonna make it all together and have a last look how my texture's looking on my cloth on blender? Also.. (promise that is the last also.. lol) When I open the for example shadow.png on photoshop, its not transparent.. It's a bit confusing to me to edit it then I got a wrong feeling. lol And thanks for your helping!!!! I LOVE SECOND LIFE LOL
  5. Also I already have ZBrush, Blender, Marvelous Designer and Photoshop. Experienced all of those programs.
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