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  1. THIS ^^ As a scripter, I know that I have to be really careful when I change a variable that is referenced in any way by other scripts. I can imagine the nightmares that might be created if Linden Lab let you change your username but didn't realize that the change would mess up something that seems totally unrelated .... like your role in a group, or whether you are visible by friends in world, or whether you are still in some parcel ban lists..... Names are in loads of unexpected places, and SL has a ton of cross-linked databases in its servers. If I were in Linden shoes, I would want to be very sure that I had found all the major tripwires before leasing an update to something this important. The downside risks are huge.
  2. Here's a good place >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Creating_HUDs
  3. The same people who brought us super puffy lips. Somewhere out there, there's a trendsetter with a warped view of anatomy.
  4. Real ... and .... soon™. Maybe.
  5. YAY! Welcome to the crowd. There's enough there for all of us.
  6. The description at the top pretty much says it: "Splits a long text string into lines whose character length you get to specify. Useful, for instance, for long floating text to make it tidier. It will not split words at odd places but instead look for the space in the text nearest to the length you have specified." The example script is a user-defined function that you just pop into the top of your script. Then call it with WrapText("Text goes here", line_length); That's what the format at the top of the wiki entry says: Function: string WrapText(string source, integer length);
  7. Rolig Loon

    White avatars

    White/gray avatars are partially rezzed, so you're experiencing lag. There may not be much you can do about it, but try reducing your draw distance, you maximum complexity setting, and the number of non-imposter avatars that you allow your viewer to render.
  8. I don't understand the issue either. Just right click on the folder and select "Rename":, then type the new name.
  9. Some of the examples in the LSL wiki should help >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetDate#Examples
  10. You'll want to look at Dora Gustafson's script :
  11. So far, I haven't heard a ground swell of people telling me to please stop posting travelogues, but I really ought to slow down. I'm just in a fidgety, late summer mood, so I've been exploring a lot recently. It's hard not to share some of the fun sights I've seen in Bellisseria. Today, my horse and I wandered up a narrow river in Peachtree, envying homeowners who have parcels perched high on its banks. It's a deep valley with grassy slopes and large oak trees, hard to explore except with a boat or as a mermaid because there are no paths at water level. The best you can do is look down from above. Once you get to headwaters, though, you can approach from a small side street that leads down to a cul-de-sac and a quiet pocket beach. This is clearly a favorite neighborhood spot, although I didn't see anyone else there this afternoon. Families with small kids have come to play in the sand and sun themselves. Someone made a really good sand castle with just a plastic pail and a cheap shovel. Maybe the moles could recruit her. My horse was more impressed by the water than the sand, and kept eyeing the tall grass, so I decided to let him graze. I guess sand castles aren't his thing. That's fine. Let him eat grass. To be honest, I was happy to stop exploring for a while and enjoy the beach. (Don't ask me where I carried a change of clothing or how I redid my hair on the spur of the moment. This is SL. We don't explain mysteries.) The water is lovely cool, but I should warn that there's a steep dropoff not far from shore. Keep the kids close. Or maybe leave them at home and relax all by yourself. Me? I don't need kids anyway. I've got a horse. .... somewhere.
  12. Personally, I don't know many people in SL who RP, but that says more about the sorts of people I tend to hang around with than anything else. I suspect that Selene is right, though. RP is not terribly important for the average SL resident.
  13. There's no way to detect whether a person is in a group unless the group is active. However, as written, your script only checks when the object is being attached or detached. Therefore, if the person attaches the object and then makes her group inactive, the script should not lose permissions. So, just tell anyone in the group to make the group active, wear the object, and then keep it attached as long as it is needed.
  14. Hello, cousin! Did you try taking Aquila's advice, taking note of my followup comment? If not, give it a try. 😉
  15. Yes, you can always take the proactive step of finding the owner's name and sending an IM, but I think Bitsy's basic point is that contacting a neighbor blind is just enough harder than sending a message to a neighbor you can see that most people won't do it. If I see a green dot in my neighbor's parcel, I can't tell whether she is naked or building something, or whether she is maybe AFK. I don't like to interrupt someone who is clearly busy or might be embarrassed by the thought that --gasp! -- I knew that they were dressing. It's not a big social inhibition, but enough to keep me from saying Hi as often as I might otherwise. I wander around Bellisseria a lot, just because I like exploring, but I rarely see anyone else outside. As Bitsy says, it's a little spooky. Edit: Heh, and there she made the point herself while I was typing.
  16. Bingo. Now see what happens. Trust your ability to solve a problem like this. You can usually do it. 😎
  17. No, that's the routine that you are sending the information. When you are receiving the message in the listen event, how do you know who sent it?
  18. Yes, so don't do that. I'm not going to tell you the answer. This is one you can figure out easily if you stop and think about it. Where do you already know who sent the message?
  19. Think carefully. You already know the UUID of the person who sent the message, don't you?
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