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  1. That reminds me of when I used to watch Pinwheel on Nickelodeon when I was little.
  2. Age verification should be implemented when you sign up.
  3. No, you still get put on a very specific list for the rest of your life, regardless of the minor being 16... or even 6. Not only that, but if the offender gets put into general population, and depending on the word that gets spread around in prison, the implications for said offender become that much worse.
  4. Both offenses will automatically put the offender on the list for life, but the difference would be what happens to that offender behind bars. Let's just say that for one... the implications are much worse.
  5. I can only imagine how long that list would be.
  6. It's the same thing... it's the implications that change.
  7. As BilliJo said, since LL is located in sunny California, the age of consent is 18. As such, we're all going by what LL has to follow when it pertains to the age of consent. Like I said, reaching the age of 16 doesn't mean you can go and perform inappropriate actions as you would still be considered as a minor in every state... regardless of the age of consent. It doesn't matter. The person performing said actions upon a 16-year-old can be charged.
  8. The age of consent in every state. Even with that, the age of 16 is still considered to be a minor and the act of engaging in certain actions with said minor can land a person jail time.
  9. 2048x2048 textures are a double edged sword. SL, at best, can handle the 1024x1024 textures without much of an issue. The only way SL can handle the 2048x2048 textures is if they put a whole new engine in that can actually handle it. They also shot themselves in the foot with this, and making everyone pay more to upload the 2048x2048 textures definitely won't help as creators will have to raise prices on what they make. That other issue... that one will have to be a wait and see what comes from it as we can only speculate what what they may, or may not, want to do with this one.
  10. My suggestion... pick the body you're most comfortable with once you've tried the demos for each one.
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