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  1. If I remember correctly, this isn't a "new" issue with dashboard but seems to have reappeared, and with some regularity. I've been trying to set/update events for the last few days, and sometimes it works without issue, but then sometimes I get an error saying there's an internal issue. When I check events on dashboard I get a similar error (see pic) Refreshing dashboard makes the error go away, but when I go to try to select an event category it goes right back to the error. Also have noticed the Friends, and Groups widgets have been a bit buggy the last couple of days. Event listings are still showing up (when clicking the event tab on dashboard), and when I fight through the errors they do get updated, and again, as far as I can recall, it's not a new bug, but seems to be showing up a bit more in the last several days.
  2. To keep from getting whacked on the knuckles for being difficult or argumentative 😝 I agree it's similar and in the same "family" of issues, but at the same time, I think there's still a difference. This is the script error that's been seen - Which again I admit may be in the same family to the issue being discussed, however, *covers his knuckles* the problem the lot of us are seeing, now, has nothing to do with the boats or vehicles motions or actions or lurching or reaction on crossings, and one isn't being thrown from the boat like in the past, but more so what happens to the avi's pose in general. One just stops moving (as in from side to side with the lean of the boat) all together..You continue to sail on with the boat, but with no ability to adjust the position or pose. Again I'm not trying to be argumentative or difficult, and if it is seen as the same thing by those who know better then I, in the end, who am I to debate it (more then I already have lol ) It's just been really frustrating for a lot of us out on the water, and we're all hoping to see that this will be resolved and remedied soon.
  3. I reported this bug on Jira earlier, but it was closed being seen as a duplicate issue, in which I don't feel is the same issue that was associated . The issue being worked on before was for "parts" freezing up, as in propellers and whatnot, and vehicles stopping momentarily at crossings. This may be in the same family issues, or related in some way, but I just see it as whole other issue and in need of being investigated more. Here's the short version, as I'm sure a lot of sailors have experienced this - On a boat, when tacking starboard or port, your avi leans (sometimes automatically, sometimes you have to control) with the boat. When the first "new" crossings code that was tested on the beta server was rolled out, things we're heaps better...one could fantastic. A short while in, complaints started to come in from some who experienced their passengers being ejected from their boats. A fix was soon after rolled out, which worked but then this new issue mentioned above started and has been there since. The crossings don't matter, meaning they can be smooth, or bumpy, it's totally random on when this occurs. To make it even more so odd, it doesn't happen on every single boat. Where it happens on the Bandit IF or 55, it doesn't happen on the Bandit 22 LTE. On the Flying Shadow, Star or Laser it doesn't happen directly, but you get an animation box request, which can throw the animation or position off a little, and yet on the Bandit 170 you see no issue at all. To add to this even more, while on Bandit 55, after the freeze up/lock up/sailor pose stops, when I click in the boat to get the pose menu and select a pose or hit default it tells me something along the lines of "You must be seated on the boat, before you can chose a pose" even though visibly I'm still sitting on the boat. Which is what I want to add, to this being "different" then what's been reported, because everything continuers to function on the boat - sails and lower, and tighten and loosen on command, steering isn't effected either. Even the boat physics will continue to act like the sailor is moving from side to side, though visually one is frozen. The creator of Wind Compass Pro Kim Farleigh, has sent out to the group, an AVSit fix, which appears to be working, be it a temp fix, but there are a number boats still be effected by this that don't use the same AVPose or AVSit scripts. I don't mean to sound rant-y about all of this, especially this early in the morning/afternoon, but I really feel like this is an issue, that again may be in the same family as those reported before, but still not the exact same thing, and in need of being looked into.
  4. I know it's been said that it's not the "preferred" way to fix things, but try clearing your cache. Clear your cache, relog etc...if that doesn't work, try clearing your cache again, then before relogging, clear your inventory cache as well.
  5. There's also - still - the animation lock up issue (steering and position change animation stops when the boat leans, yet the boat still functions and so forth ) . Haven't seen it happen out at Blake 'as' much as I have at Eden/Fruit Island and Bellisseria. There was a script "Wind Compass" creator Kim Farleigh was working on, that seemed to help, out at Blake, but not anywhere else. But as noted it hasn't seemed 'as' bad out there as far as that issue went.
  6. Just an update ss of 11:20 SLT - at our shop in Badger, our vendors are mostly back up (they were being reset when the problems started and showed "Offline" so all but one is showing the display pictures now) but the menu doesn't respond, nor do the drop boxes. Edit: Admin page is still down as well.
  7. According to what I just read regarding the subject, one as of this past August, is no longer allowed to put up politically based add boards/signs. I've still seen them, but now that you mention this, I've seen way less then before. So I guess more folks are taking theirs down as they get to it. The thing I was always wondering was what would happen to the small add boards once the election was over....guess that answer will come sooner then expected 😁 Here's a link to the (advertising) rules and restrictions section - http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Policy_on_ad_farms_and_network_advertisers#Advertising_rules_and_restrictions Followed by a recent article which has the LL statement regarding such things - https://massivelyop.com/2020/09/03/second-life-bans-all-in-game-advertisements-that-are-political-in-nature/
  8. This may be comparing red apples to golden apples, as far as regions and vehicle types go, but here are some crossing results (for sailing) I've come across - I took wind surfer (TMS Sea Boss Rider) to Blake. Starting at Race Rock I was able to go across the main waters of Blake, running laps from east to west without so much as a blip or glitch, or even slow crossings. I took several crossings at top speed, and then moored along the side of Hollywood AP, just shy of Dutch Harbor, again with out so much as one single hiccup. I know the wind surfer is a light script "vehicle" however, when going out to Eden, after the second crossing I hit, my animations were frozen (which has been an issue for a good while now). I was still able to hit the crossings without issue, but my avi stood in a single position no matter what adjustments I made. To add to the inconsistency, I returned a short time later in a Bandit 50/3 which is stout when it comes to scripts. Sailed around Eden into the North Sea and back, without issue. No animation hang up, so slow crossings, smooth as silk. I shouldn't say "no" issues, as when I was about to head home, I went to delete the boat and wasn't able too due to the inventory fault issue, that a few others had been seeing as well, and has since cleared up (I think). The only driving I've done this weekend, technically was on Thursday. I started at Route 6 and was able to make my way to Route 5 (in a moderately scripted car) without any major hang ups, or anything that hasn't already been seen out on the routes (ie slow crossings, odd random lag due to a low script sections of a sim etc). It was far from perfect, and prior to Thursday I saw similar issues, mentioned in the first post, more often than one would like to see. But since the RC restart and then RC re-restart, it has seemed to improve. One note to make, for some reason this time of the year my ISP decides it's "fun" to throttle us, so my net speed has been half of what it should be. On the rougher (slower) days, I do tend to see more oddities on crossings both on water and land. The only remedies I've found were to cut back my draw distance, move at a reduced pace at times, make sure my avi is low on script counts..... and hold my breath with hitting a crossing!
  9. While sitting at our shop in Badger (in the last hour or so) I've seen the ping go from 257-400+ (saw as low as 145 early on which is almost normal for this time of day). It's how it's been since around 1pm SLT for the past week. Sad thing is, just a week or so ago I was seeing the lowest pings ever - below 100. One thing I have noticed is that this is not totally an SL thing, especially today. Google speed tests are all over the map, as with my ISP and OOkla tests. Each one varying in speeds both up and down (mostly low and slow) and pings well over 110, which for speed tests is rare. This time of the year, seeing a slight slow down and even some minor packet loss (for wireless users at least) isn't unheard of, but this week has been way worse all around.
  10. I don't know, but from what I just saw, it's not helping things out there. 😬
  11. Add me to the list seeing the error. Just happened a few moments ago (@ 7:05 Central US) When I hit the drop down option at the top of the forums to jump to the tech section all was fine. Also noticed going from search to edit an event (on dashboard) was on the rather slow side.
  12. Hollowville by the Bay along with the HFBD is proud to announce the newest addition to our location - The Sunset Grill!! Come and join us Friday Sept 11th at 1pm as Uncle Vic will be bringing his "Big Show" - featuring the best in 80s rock, pop and new wave! Grab your friends, your neighbors, a perfect stranger or just grab yourself and come have a dance, lounge in the club or by the beach and help us celebrate this Grand Opening! Find Us Here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Badger/227/31/84
  13. Same here...I can get logged in after several attempts then after about a minute I get dropped. 😒
  14. I have to say "WOW! what a difference!" I started Race Rock and made it up and through Bullring Bay without so much as a blink. I did run into being tossed out of my boat and into never never land at the Meidland crossing ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meidland/126/21/285 ) prior to McRitchie ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/McRitchie/123/39/28) ...could it be that that area hasn't been restarted yet?
  15. Just to add to things (not sure it'll help or not), my partner and I have had different results. She's having the same issue, above, but I'm not. What I noticed as far as any difference could be, was log in time. I logged in at noon SLT and she came on around 40 minutes later. So whatever happened to cause this must have happened between this time. We've tried in several different objects, with the same result - except for a few items she purchased that had unpacker scripts which seemed to work ok. She attached the "box" and was able to get the content, but anything she's rezzed and tried to unpack doesn't work. *Edit* We just tried with a box with an unpacker script, rezzed it and it worked fine. Without it, no go, same loading content issue.
  16. My wife and I were out at Blake, for the better part of the evening last night. We took her new blimp starting out at the Race Rock Rez Zone and headed towards Honah Lee AP. To put it shortly, we covered a heap of ground, in several hours, including the eastern side of Nautilus, which has been notorious for bad or off crossings and didn't see one major issue beyond the cam needing to be adjusted (reset), as well as each of us needing to resit due to hovering over our seats. (Happened once to each of us). I've also sailed out there, again starting at the Race Rock Rez Zone, several times this week, (In a 22 LTE and boating in a 170) and about the worst I've seen is a few slow or lagging crossings. The only (old) advice I can possibly give is to "dull" down your avi as much as you can including having on as few huds as possible (drop your complexity etc). I have an ancient A/O, one other small low script hud, when boating. When sailing, I only have on the latest wind compass and the boat hud. Cut your draw distance back (mine is at 320 which is probably more then needed) and avoid corner crossings, and take off (if you have a lot) any extra or heavy attachments on your avi. For me, my connection is slow compared to many. I'm on wireless which has it's "moments" as us wireless users know, and my avi is low script, and I've been able to get in a good bit of sailing this week, even some driving and as mentioned flying without too many major issues. Now, with that said, not every place has been spotless or smooth. Mowry has been, as noted above, day to day, Bellisaria's east passage has been trying and impassable at times, but Eden has been good, as with the bay out in front of our shop in Badger, and again I've been able to start at Race Rock and make it up past Bullring Bay (by way of the area behind Honah Lee, to area behind Dutch Harbor so forth) several times. So again try dialing back the details, drop as many scripts and huds as possible, and hopefully that will help. 😉 Edit: One more thing that can be tried, which I tend to do more now both sailing and flying, is to go into first person view aka mouse look. That seems to help make the crossings a touch smoother.
  17. Apparently the issue has returned..or not gone away fully to begin with. I've run into this similar issue as the SLCG Station at Promethium. I was trying to delete my boat after finishing the trip and was met with "Cannot derez object due to inventory fault." 😒
  18. I'm going throw another option into the hat, that may be not something that you fully want to invest in, or thought about, but it's something we ended up doing, because as mentioned in another post, malls, sadly, can be hit and miss (more miss then hit). We tried malls, shopping centers, and even rented a shop at a busy Airport. The mall rentals, though not that expensive, never made a dime, an d the AP shop did little business. The problem was in all cases (for us), when setting an event for advertising, we couldn't put in the location, but instead had to use an inserted SL URL. One of the malls did their own advertising for their vendors, which was nice of them to do, but again in the end, not a dime was made. What we ended up doing, and again this may be beyond what you really want to do fully, is we invested in our own land. Now, our sales are consistent and way up from the original places, we can do advertising without having to drop in an SLURL and we have full land rights and control. Purchasing a piece of land again may not be something you're in a hurry to do, and I would advise not rushing into it, without learning as much as you can before. Also, again it may be more then you're wanting to invest in at the moment, which I can related too fully. I would suggest check out the mentioned places above, as well as the advertising ideas first, and once you get settled in, then look into purchasing land. It may seem like it could be a money loss, or something you don't want to fully commit too, but in the end, at least in our case, it's paid off big time.
  19. If you're the shop owner (in reference to the person being a "customer") you can ban the person from the shop, that is, if you have the land rights to do so. You can also purchase security systems and ban the person that way. If you don't have those type of land rights, or are not the shop owner, but a customer yourself, then I would contact the shop owner or land owner and report the incident to them.
  20. Reboot your router. I started having the same issues last year. Now I have to reboot mine within or at 5 days. It's kind of a pain to do, but it's remedied the problem.
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