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  1. Read that wrong, was thinking "I'll take mine with onions".... (Donor)
  2. Thanks 🙂 and yes there is something to that without doubt! She has replied before, usually by offline, on the rare times I wasn't on when she was. She always says she's no good with words, which I think the way she expresses herself is nothing shy of brilliant. I asked her again recently, if she was getting bored with the notes, and she said to me "Mr. Hollow, you worry too much!"...and saying again I can count on that never happening. 😁
  3. I really hope they still happen, it's gotten might "bumpy" out there in the last couple of days, and especially this morning - bad crossings, missing sims etc. Seems like a lot of places could use well needed restart... 😬
  4. Totally can't help myself...just got this image in mind reading this, along with "so many head jokes, so little time..." 😬
  5. I hear you loud and clear on that, but something to try out (if you haven't already) is plot the course before heading out (using world map to set your waypoints) and use something like the USB by Uggo (Ultimate Sailing Buddy) the latest wind compass which also has a course feature. Once you've plotted the course, you won't need the main map, its just a matter of follow markers set by you. Plus if for example, you just want to set a start and finish point, it will show you the distance of how near or far you are. When I started out taking longer runs, I found that method really effective
  6. I first came on SL in 2006, my net was too slow, and it just wasn't for me at the time, so I deleted my account (came back almost 11 years ago and obviously stayed the second time lol) If I remember correctly, when you delete your account, it takes about a month for it to officially close out.
  7. I can't say much as far as flying, since I do "some" but not near as much as I sail and drive. Sailing hasn't been a real problem outside the random bad crossing, and for the flying I've done it's been fine, smooth and clear. I don't bother with the world map, and not sure why other's do since it takes up too much screen (ok i know it can be shrunk but still..) also it doesn't show other boats or planes in real time. I use, what I've been using from the start, the mini map. It works great, does update in most places (though I've seen one or two spots where it shows old land configs, that's sin
  8. Being a bit of an old fashioned fella, I've always liked the personal side of sending a hand written letter or even just leaving a note. As it's been mentioned, it's an art that has sadly faded in RL. In SL however, I can say, at least around our home, it's alive and well. My wife and I have known each other for over and around 5 years or so, and have been together for almost 3. Every day since we became "us", I've written her at least two notes a day - one in the morning, after I go through the normal morning routine and before logging off, and one in the evening before logging off for the n
  9. For my partner and I, we don't have an MP store, we just went with In-world instead. For us it seemed more fitting for the work we do (boat textures which in our thinking is better to be seen up close on displays and such). As for revenue, it seems that having both would raise the chance of larger sales, but I guess it really in the end, depends on how much you want to keep up with having one of each or both. I know it's not the most complicated process to keep up with both an MP and In-World shop, but you'd be surprised how quick burn out can come with some. As for rental free/pr
  10. The fixes linked are great, and I highly recommend Uggo's, (the first link). However they, sadly, don't work in the Bandit 60, 55, and 25r as they use another sitter system. which is why I've pretty much docked those boats until a server fix or a fix for those is worked up. With that said, even with the fix, I have seen something similar to what Aishagain has mentioned. This was up the Bullring channel. I hit a crossing and lost full control, but not like the normal loss of control, in this case I came to a complete stop, all of the surrounding sims vanished and I was eventually d
  11. I've always liked the saying "be like water off of a ducks back", but then there's days like THIS...(which is a two part pet peeve) Firstly - Those who hop in boat/car/plane demo's and hop out without stopping them, letting them run free in the "wild"...seen a bit too much of that lately. Secondly - People who don't use any type of radar, or are too busy just not paying attention to what's around them.
  12. You beat me to it :)) ...along with switching streaming hosts, try to stream somewhere else. If you still run into issues, dial back your stream's bit rate (from the broadcaster's side) I've been djing on SL for over a decade now, and have run into similar issues. In most cases it ended up being my own personal connection strength, which struggled due to running a high bit rate. But there have been times when my net was fine, and the host was having issues.
  13. Just tired to edit an event and got a HTTP 500 error. Just wondering if anyone else having this issue?
  14. I can relate to the frustration for sure and have seen what you're talking about. Last Friday for example my partner and I came back from our club (after spending a few hours there) and I could see was the floors and a few walls of our home, but most everything else was missing, along with the majority of our furniture. The odd thing was, so it seemed, the heavier detailed, and heavier scripted objects around our land, loaded just fine. Another thing you can try that I can think of is lower your graphic settings, relog, if no change, put your settings back to what you originally had t
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