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  1. I'm hearing them as well in the same region. Is it me, or is there some odd echo effect happening with them..or just more intense? edit: hearing it on Second Life Server 2023-11-07.6790647783 as well. (Burnet to be exact) edit 2: Not hearing it on LeTigre..thus far.
  2. I actually got the message when I was offline, and hadn't been on in a couple of hours, though I was out and about on the routes driving earlier. Ironically, an associate IM'ed me about a half week ago, asking if I had ever heard anything about the whole deal, nearly quoting the exact same message. Told them what I had read about and needless to say they weren't too thrilled about the info, because they said it seemed like a "great deal" and a lot of "fun" from what they had seen thus far... As far as I know they got away from it...at least one hopes. In any case, I went ahead and filed an AR as well.
  3. Got the exact same thing from the same "person" around 15-20 minutes ago.
  4. Whatever was done, worked! I've been running up and down stairs, and jumping around all over our house and land, and so far no thunks, bumps, or coconut falling from tree noises can be heard! 😁
  5. If you mean this message - https://gyazo.com/2236ce1f767c3e864653eebfdf6c680d Read here -
  6. Been kind of thinking around about that. Since the sound has all but vanished from main channel this week, most likely it'll be back to normal on RC after the next batch of restarts....hopefully at least. 😬
  7. You can add LeTigre to that list of where it's for sure heard - which, even with EnableCollisionSounds set to false I'm still hearing the sounds, walking up/down stairs and jumping etc. *Edit 2 To follow up on what Eowyn said, I checked our shop in Badger, our 2nd shop in Symmetry and our venue in Remonta, everything seems fine at all places, no odd collision noises when jumping or other wise. (all of these spots are on the current main channel server)
  8. Today following the latest restarts, the sound, if it was possible, seems to be worse! I hear it now exiting a vehicle, walking up or down stairs, going in or out of an auto-open door, even jumping up and down. Pretty much...moving causes the collision noise... 😕
  9. Yep that's the exact same noise I heard when driving - the coconut falling from a tree "thunk"...and you're right it sounds awful and is way louder then usual. I filed a jira report - https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-234757 and posted up at the FS site as well, so here's hoping.
  10. Honestly wasn't sure where to put this and I didn't see any reference to it on Jira (or the FS Jira), which I may have just missed..but anyway - This morning I headed out to route 5 in my Lusch Ajax, and after a few crossings, I heard the collision "thump". I didn't think anything of it, and carried on, then suddenly, I started to hear it way too much to be random, as in almost backfire sounding. I thought maybe my Ajax scripts went blotto, which can happen to any vehicle, sure, so I rezzed a fresh copy of the Tradeline Van (at route 1) and proceeded on. However, a few short sims later, yet again, started to hear the collision "thump". It wasn't just happening at the crossings, which I know can cause a vehicle to "dip", it was happening in various sections of a sim. Thinking maybe something went "off" at my end, or maybe even the region I was in, I headed out to route 9 for more testing. At one point clearing my cache to see if there was any change. Here's what I found - Tradeline Van by Lusch - Collision noise a few sims in Jupiter What's - I went several sims before hearing it, but only once maybe twice before stopping. GEMC Iwaki B - Again several sims until it happen, then happened repeatedly. ZAMANI Cavallo - 5 or 6 sims, then, you guessed it - more thumping I thought maybe it's a cruise control thing, like somehow it's causing the car to, for some suddenly strange reason "dip". So I hopped in my SYZM Paladin, which was just recently (I believe) updated as I received a re-delivery of it, so the version I was using was "fresh". I made it a bit further, then when hitting the underwater tunnel (at route 9), and then a rough crossing, it started again. So that rules out cruise control. I finally decided to try one more vehicle, and used my Destroyer (motorcycle) by Motodesign. Nothing out of the unusual happened or was heard. In other words, no collision thumps. In conclusion, I heard this prior to clearing cache, after clearing cache, heard this at route 5, route 1, route 9, and it even happened at Bay City, while testing various vehicles, and the only time I didn't hear anything was while riding the motorcycle. I'm on the newest version of Firestorm (, and haven't changed a thing as far as settings go. I was out sailing then boating yesterday morning after installing it, (prior to the Wednesday morning restarts) and heard nor saw anything out of the ordinary. Also I want to point out, before to the new FS and the newer grid updates, I never heard the collision sound, while driving, especially never as repetitive as this.
  11. Just to follow up, since the latest restart, we're no longer seeing packet loss at our home, in Best which is on Le Tigre. 😁
  12. I started to get to wondering if it was something along those lines, since again, it was really odd to have no real issues with the amount of loss... So for sure - Thanks so much for confirming that it's a bug and clarifying things!! 😁
  13. I wanted to do as much data checking before posting, checked net speeds, network and so on, before doing in-world tests - and I have to say, I'm left a bit baffled (more then usual!) So here we go... I log in following the Wednesday restarts, to our home in Best. Everything loaded fine, didn't really see any issues, except for one "slow-ish" menu - beyond that, again nothing out of the ordinary. Something provoked me, call it a whim, to check statistics, and I admit when I did, my jaw dropped, and I let out a comment that would make an old salty sailor blush, when seeing the rather extreme amount of packet loss. Now, I've been on weak net in the past, in fact spent most of my years on SL, on wireless (which yes, works, but sucked!) so I've seen my fair share of packet loss, drops and other "wonderful" issues. However, since switching to fiber, I haven't seen much if any packet loss 0.7 at the most and on a rare day, slightly more. This afternoon, I felt the stat was going to bust, as it was in the 70s...not 0.70, but 70%, and that was after I decided to check. So I relogged, checked it, another rather horrid high number, but I did notice while watching it, it dropped like a rock....slow moving rock, but dropped just the same. In the past, I've seen this happen upon logging on to our home sim in Best, then when hopping to our shop in Badger, it seems to clear or lower to 0.1% or even 0.0, basically going back to normal. So again, on a whim, I relogged but logged into our shop in Badger, checked the stats, 0%....and it stayed at 0%. As soon as I tp back home, packet loss starts to climb again. The weird part of it all, as in the past, I saw issues with packet loss - lag, latency, menu's slow to respond, and yet with this huge number, I'm not seeing any of that, which I guess can account for faster net speed over all.. So to test things further, I relogged to Badger again, then flew from our shop to Norway in an H160. I checked the stats several sims later around Idlewood in Bellisseria, and it had jumped up to 9.0%. Then checked again a few sims later and it was still climbing...however, further on, it began to drop. So I figured, once on to Blake it would drop the rest of the way...nope...if anything it fluctuated and then increased. Thing is, again, and I can't stress this enough, I didn't notice any oddities due to packet loss that's normally seen - no crossings issues, and for those that know, the H160's controls tend to be very sensitive so any lag or latency, can throw things off, but it didn't happen..the flight was actually really good, in fact only saw one or two "slow" crossings in the normal slow areas over Blake. So to run another "test" I hopped back to Badger, cleared my cache, relogged back in to Badger, and again 0% packet loss. I tp to our club in Remonta, still no loss, tp'ed home back to Best and as you can guess, it shoots up again to over 25%. So I quickly tp to our other shop in Symmetry, (where I'm at now watching the data) and am watching it slowly drop. It's at 19.0% now, and I've been here 17 minutes or so. I know our home in Best is on an RC sim, but until a little while ago, I didn't know which one specifically it was on. After checking region details I see it's on Le Tigre. Our locations in Badger, Symmetry, and Remonta are all main channel.. Oh and as a side note, my ping has been normal: between 80-110. highest I say was around 120 for a second or two, but nothing outrageous that I've seen come with packet loss in the past. Max bandwidth is set to 800 (yes I know I can run it higher, but I'm paranoid lol) My question is, is this a result of the new PBR that's been added to Le Tigre today..as in, is there some issue with it? And if so, will switching to a viewer that supports it, rid me of the packet loss? **I'm currently running the latest Firestorm (NOT the PBR beta version) 69596 to be exact.** *** Further test edit - I just dropped in Harwich in Bay City which is also on Le Tigre and the packet loss started to climb from where it had dropped when back on a main channel. It shot up from where it had dropped at 14% to 19% but then dropped down to 18.5 ***
  14. as of 12:50 am slt, still having the issues in Badger, Remonta and Symmetry.
  15. Yup....just got that as well. At first, refreshing the page seemed to clear the error, but that only worked once or twice.
  16. You should contact Kelly Shergood from Shergood Aviation, they've developed something called "Weather 2.0" that puts simulated weather, which various Shergood heli's react too. Maybe it can be integrated into sailing/boating through something like Kim Farleigh's wind compass. Here's a link to the current weather in SL - https://shergoodaviation.com/weather.php
  17. Is this what is known as a Lindenpalooza? 😁
  18. I just logged in no less then 2 minutes ago without issue. Try restarting your computer. If that doesn't work, try restarting your router.
  19. To add to what Rolig says, if it's not a premium account, or once it's downgraded, it will still take up to 60 days (to possibly 90 days) for it to be deactivated.
  20. Just road through the area and it's been fixed! 😁
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