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  1. I read about the network maintenance being done May 13-16th. Is this being planned for a certain time period each day? The post I saw in grid status never mentioned this, or how long each day the maintenance period will last
  2. Thanks I'll re install with the 64 bit.
  3. Should I use 64 bit viewer on a 64 bit machine? I accidentally installed a 32 bit on my 64 bit machine
  4. I sometimes receive group notices that will say "remove unnecessary scripts to ease up any lag" How does one do that? Does it affect anything worn on an avatar?
  5. I have been getting this message when I click on the lag meter " Client frame rate below 10- possible cause too many complex objects in scene. Frame rate starts at approximately 32 fps, then steadily drops to about 3 fps. Issue started last Friday. Just what are complex objects, and how do I remove them
  6. The past 48 hours my frames per second have gone well below 5 fps, earlier in the past week it was working great
  7. The past couple days I have had slow frames per second rates, I start out at about 30 fps, then it drops like a stone to about 2.5 fps. My draw distance is 128m, bandwidth is 1300 kbps I am on 15 MG high speed cable. I had no lag problems till yesterday. My computer is perfectly fine, has no issues and is capable of running SL fine. I am running Firestorm version
  8. Ok, this is becoming quite a pain.. FIX IT
  9. Well I am back online.... again
  10. Well, it went nipples up yet again.....
  11. I totally mis worded that, I meant to say the clock on my Firestorm viewer shows PST, and I'm on central, How do I change that?
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