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  1. I've been logged on SL for 15 min so far and have stayed online
  2. I though it was something bad, heck I'm even seeing web pages load slow
  3. Finally, now let's see if they get it fixed!
  4. Guess not, as it just kicked me off again
  5. I wonder if anyone has filed a support ticket or contacted them somehow
  6. This page even takes forever to load...... Just got kicked off SL as I type this
  7. I stay online for maybe 10-20 minutes at a time, then it just kicks me off. I log back on, then same thing happens again
  8. Ahh Ok, has anyone told SL about it yet??
  9. In the past 20 minutes this morning My SL has crashed 3 times. Is anyone else experiencing issues?? I have no issues with my internet, or computer
  10. She did file a support ticket with LL, so I would say her internet is working. Hopefully it won't take long for them to get back to her. As for the speedtest location, she resides in Maine.
  11. She just has the one account She gave me this info Second Life Regions-Operational Websites-Operational Second Life Services-Operational Inworld services-Operational External support-Operational. She also did a speed test and her results were: Ping: 1ms Download:128.31 mbps Upload: 15.16 mbps. Everything was working fine up until this past weekend, when SL server was having problems. She filed a support ticket with LL. I am wondering if it could be a bug in the latest Firestorm?
  12. For the past several days my partner cannot stay logged on. When she tries to, she is logged out after only 3 or 4 minutes. This started occurring for her over this past weekend. What should she try to resolve this? She has the latest version of Firestorm viewer
  13. Must still be some lingering issues as my partner has not been able to say online since Saturday evening, when she tries to log on she gets kicked off after no more than 4 minutes.
  14. It must not be totally fixed, my partner can't stay online for more that 5 min at a time before getting logged out
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