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  1. KarraSue

    32 bit or 64 bit

    Thanks I'll re install with the 64 bit.
  2. KarraSue

    32 bit or 64 bit

    Should I use 64 bit viewer on a 64 bit machine? I accidentally installed a 32 bit on my 64 bit machine
  3. KarraSue

    Removing scripts

    Ok thank you
  4. KarraSue

    Removing scripts

    I sometimes receive group notices that will say "remove unnecessary scripts to ease up any lag" How does one do that? Does it affect anything worn on an avatar?
  5. KarraSue

    Firestorm is one hell of a memory hog

    I have been getting this message when I click on the lag meter " Client frame rate below 10- possible cause too many complex objects in scene. Frame rate starts at approximately 32 fps, then steadily drops to about 3 fps. Issue started last Friday. Just what are complex objects, and how do I remove them
  6. KarraSue

    Is it just me or is second life slow today?

    The past 48 hours my frames per second have gone well below 5 fps, earlier in the past week it was working great
  7. KarraSue

    SL LAG

    The past couple days I have had slow frames per second rates, I start out at about 30 fps, then it drops like a stone to about 2.5 fps. My draw distance is 128m, bandwidth is 1300 kbps I am on 15 MG high speed cable. I had no lag problems till yesterday. My computer is perfectly fine, has no issues and is capable of running SL fine. I am running Firestorm version
  8. KarraSue


    Here we go again
  9. KarraSue


    Ok, this is becoming quite a pain.. FIX IT
  10. KarraSue


    Ok... who broke SL
  11. KarraSue


    Here we go again
  12. KarraSue


    Well I am back online.... again
  13. KarraSue


    Well, it went nipples up yet again.....
  14. KarraSue


    I totally mis worded that, I meant to say the clock on my Firestorm viewer shows PST, and I'm on central, How do I change that?
  15. KarraSue


    Back in for now, my computer clock is set to what SL time is