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  1. The only two wheeled vehicle I know off hand, that uses the GFS system is the Yamato Maxius by GEMC - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GEMC-Yamato-Maxius-Boxed/6205888
  2. The only one in the list that's a private sim is Sandbanks, and I guess technically Eden (with the Fruit Islands) being its own region. I went out driving after my post, starting at route 5, and all along the connecting routes, the areas with water around or nearby are also effected.
  3. From what I've seen this morning, it's happening everywhere. I just flew over Blake, tp'ed to Eden , checked out Zippity, at our shop in Badger, and even on our sim in Sandbanks - all have the same thing happening. 😬
  4. Give it just a few weeks, and they'll be popping up all over.
  5. Oh wow that's sad to hear, which I've said it before and say it again, that to this day, it's still one of the best places I ever worked at and one of the classiest places I ever visited on the grid! As for mentioned work, I came on SL almost 12 years ago (rez day is in Sept.), about a week or two after that, I started dj'ing. 35+ clubs later, I'm still djing, though far from full time - at our family owned club. In that list of 35+ I've also been a co-owner (at a previous club and now) , and managed one club for around 5 years (while djing). Now, I'm primarily, just a quiet vehicle/aircraft/boat painter, who co-owns and runs 3 shops (1 main, 2 satellite) and have been doing that for the last 4 or 5 years (after retiring from a 25 year career of racing simulator work rl) .
  6. The CG still exist, but they've never have had or have any "power" as far as booting and banning goes. Their purpose, from what I have learned over the past few years, (beyond RP) is to patrol the waters looking for stranded or abandoned boats, which then the owner of said boat is contacted to come recover it. Which I have to say, is a decent service, especially when crossings can be bad. It could be ages ago they had some ability to "police" with the power to boot and ban, but as for recently (as in the last 4 or 5 years) that I've seen, nope.
  7. Funny you should say that... ok not exactly 365...but (Got this when I turned 11 last Sept) 😁
  8. That's the Bambino by Bandit - the paint job was done by me (available at our shop). 😁
  9. I can't really add any more tech advice that Qie did ( because my brain would probably sizzle 😛 ) , but as for boat rentals, there are a few decent "boat" or "water craft" rezzers but way too many bad ones...and I mean really bad! As for some good ones - TMS (The Mesh Shop) used to have a group rezzer for their sea boss rider (wind surfer) and I believe their sea boss extrema (jet ski), which are both top of the line. Sadly, neither is on MP anymore, but you could check their shop in-world or message/send an NC to the owner Dutch Mainsail and see if they're still available. If you want to go with something a little more simple, we had these at our shop for our group members - super low prim, lots of fun and easy for anyone to use - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ButtonJar-Bumper-Boat-Random-MESH/7408214 You could also check out Mad Pea for some various types of water craft rezzers - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/101837 As for spot rentals, check out Caspertech. Their Caspelet system is one of the best and, from what I've seen, one of the most commonly used, especially at marinas. Capsertech - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/49647
  10. I can echo what's been said - I went for a fly over Blake this (early) morning, coming out of Norway, down the channel and so on. At first I thought it was my net being slow (as it can be this time of the year) which can cause crossings to be slow, or choppy, but these felt "stiff" as in I was coming to a near stop in spots, followed by an animation request from my plane. However, after the fly, this morning, I went to Zippity, hopped in a boat, headed north, and made a large circle around Bellisseria, and didn't encounter one single issue, or any kind of slow or stiff crossing. Now that I think of it, I went boating at Blake, the morning before (again early) on Wednesday, which I knew my net was slower and I would probably encounter and issue or two (as in a slow crossing and such), but it was so bad I had to bail, which even when things are sluggish at my end, is rare. So there's definitely an issue around the Blake Sea, as for Bellisseria not so much. I'm curious and may have to check out Mowry Village, because how it used to be, when there were major crossing issues before, was if Blake had them, Mowry didn't and visa versa.
  11. The 'infamous' sea boss flight (kite) by TMS.
  12. It very much is! It can be a little twitchy, but you get to going so fast, the twitch is the last thing you think about... 😁
  13. I call this one - "When demos go bad..." One afternoon at Dutch Harbor some induvial decided to grab every demo in an apparent attempt to "set them free". As my wife would say this one wanted belly rubs... 😁
  14. The RIB's, like the 420 and Cadet, which are for sure ideal for tight space exploring like rivers and such are made by TMS (but they're sold along side the Bandit boats, so I won't tell if you don't! 😆) Speaking of Bandit, the 170 is also pretty good for exploring. It's a little bigger then the RIB's but not over powered and is easy to maneuver about with.
  15. What's your graphic settings? Draw distance mainly? When I got my newer PC a while back, which has way more beef then my previous one, I figured I could crank stuff up, which in cases like being at home I can, but when out and about at certain places, and more particularly flying I've had to dial a few things back, mainly draw distance, or I'm slapped with some bad chop and shutter, making things on the rather bumpy side. For me personally, I run just one click back from ultra, with a draw distance at 224 - 240. There could also be, and this may be a stretch I admit, a net speed issue. When I've had throttling issues in the past, I ran into some really off putting things happening to me at crossings.
  16. That issue came about (I believe but don't hold me to this) prior to the migration, when LL put in a whole new crossing code, which worked great, until someone complained their passengers kept getting ejected (which many of us oddly never experienced) , so LL introduced a fix, which in turn kills avsitter. I too tried to report it on Jira as well, and got the same exact result as you did which left feeling very the same way. ...and no doubt Carla, Uggo and all that helped and worked on those fixes deserve a huge round of applause - those avsitter fixes have been a true blessing! I will say one thing regarding the bug, in the past recent months, since things have been "improved" on the performance side of the grid, when using an non-fixed boat (as in no avsitter fix) I won't say it's rare to see the bug, but happens way less now. I've only seen it, again on a non-fixed/updated boat, only on harder or rougher known crossings or those "long" ones where it feels like you get launched out of a rocket, skipping across the grid for a moment.
  17. They have done better, way better as far as crossing behavior in general goes. No, it's not a total open world environment which yes would be epic, but again the improvements to crossings have been a very welcomed change of things were. I was out this morning at Blake, not so much of a blip going from Sailors Cove to Halfway Bay. and the back after changing boats. I was out at Bellisseria yesterday, same thing, not so much as even a slow crossing. I fly constantly, near daily, and it's rare to see a problem, outside of ducking orbs, and restarting sims on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings (which, ok that one is bad timing on my part). The problem I've found that people have, similar to the ones you mentioned, as in for example being kicked from the vehicle, is because they're avi's are way too heavy. Huds, extras, dressed up like a fashion show, and so on. You have to dial back your avi, some people don't like that idea, I know, but it honestly helps with these problems. As for the shallows, I sail N&K tall ships from time to time, so I understand the frustration of bottoming out (especially by Honna Lee ). However Blake is huge, and there's plenty of paths that can be taken to avoid the mole's "sense of terraforming humor" as I like to call it. Try sailing more towards the open sections, and even head up north, there's a huge open water section there.
  18. Just checked @4:25 SLT (AM) seems to be working again.
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