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  1. Odd niggles, now and again, but absolutely nothing as bad as you describe. I would highly suspect that something has hiccuped at your end, or on your internet connection. So, yes, as @Alwin Alcott suggests, lets see your Help - About [viewer name] data* copy/pasted in this thread, and see if any of the usual suspects show up. * Best obtained once you are logged-in.
  2. Hi @Griffk, welcome to the forums! The first thing that comes to mind, because I've forgotten this myself enough times, is are you making sure that you have clicked "OK" before exiting the Preferences screen? Your changed settings will not take unless you do. This might not be the problem, but definitely worth checking. If it is this, both problems will be solved.
  3. I suspect the OP's issue is the cost of the alt's clothes and possibly a mesh body, and was looking for a way to share the main account's inventory with the alt. That just can't be done. Far cheaper is to get a friend to participate, if that's the case.
  4. Anyone can cam in. They just can't see or hear avatars in there if that level of privacy has been set. And, if they cam in, they can sit on any sit-able object. That is when you need security systems to shift them out.
  5. Once, when at a loose end in London, I visited the London Canals Museum at Camden. Expecting to learn lots about canal trade and so on, I actually learned loads about..... Ice Cream! Its a strange story, revolving mainly around the Little Ice Age, that saw a huge industry develop in ice-cutting from the canals - largely to support the Italian ice-cream makers that had settled in London. It seems that they used to serve ice-cream in small glasses (like shot glasses), but didn't clean them between servings, and thus a whole set of regulations about ice-cream manufacture, storage, distribution and sales started to come into force to control the spread of some very nasty diseases. The web site is a mess at the moment because of coronovirus but, for what its worth, here's the link:- https://www.canalmuseum.org.uk/
  6. Exactly as @Rolig Loon says; totally ignore it. If they persist, block them. There is absolutely no need to be disturbed by that sort of immature idiocy. If I ever deemed a reply was required, something like this delightful quote, arguably attributed to Shakespeare, would do nicely;- "I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed."
  7. AO movements seem to prevent Away Timeouts from registering. I'm presuming that you have included turning off your AO? However, I've found that my avatar still makes little movements now and again. I've never really found out why this happens. Maybe even those little movements are preventing the timeout from working as expected? I'm tempted to run some further tests on these sorts of things as the failure of the timeouts can be, at least, disappointing.
  8. It isn't a proper rice pud unless it is served with its thick skin on top (which has to be carefully cut into equal pieces to avoid un-civil war breaking out between the kids). ETA - and a grating of nutmeg, of course!
  9. Here's a peeve. (This was a "peeves" thread wasn't it?) Worcestershire Sauce has not received a single mention so far. Its the one essential ingredient that fixes almost anything savoury that "mmm..........needs something".
  10. I would never intentionally enter someone else's property unless I had an invitation to do so. I would expect others to adopt the same sort of principle - just as we would in RL. Things do go wrong in SL though, and its not that unusual to find that, for example, a temporary lag spike sends you into private grounds. It is extremely annoying to be immediately hit by a hair-trigger security system before you have a chance to back out. If you're travelling in a vehicle, boat or plane, the entire trip can be completely ruined by being ejected home. Being banned is totally pointless - I had no intention of going in there in the first place. Banning is for persistent offenders, not accidental strayers. Because I know how annoying instant security hits are, I refuse to use them on my own home, and I'm very happy to live under Bellisseria rules (which deal with malicious intrusions perfectly well). If I'm at home and somebody intrudes, I can invite them to stay and chat, or leave, depending on circumstances. I would prefer to get a greeting from outside first though. If they get awkward when asked to leave, the eject works just fine. If I'm not at home, I just don't care. Cheeky as it is, they can't do any harm to me.
  11. The uninitiated tend to wack Marmite on in similar fashion to spreading peanut butter on; the experience doesn't end well. Only hardcore fans can get away with this! A thin smear per bites-worth of toast is plenty. Having said that, there is NO grey area with Marmite! You either love it madly or hate it intensely. (Just for the record, I'm a lover. I have every respect for the haters though!)
  12. I just knew it...... the trend has caught on.... @Alwin Alcott has a lot to answer for! (Advance apologies to Alwin - no offence meant!)
  13. @Blairbuu - That is an unusual expression in English - " ...played SL With this Video card before 2 months". Does that mean that you have successfully played with it 2 months ago, or does it mean you played SL with for 2 months sometime in the past? The NVidia GeForce 6200 LE card is something like 15 years old, and does not support DirectX 11 or 12. With only 64MB of memory, it will struggle, if it works at all. Hopefully, somebody with better knowledge of this card will pop up soon and tell us more.
  14. I'm impressed! I can even make out the little bit of staging I added to my Windlass Houseboat to make a pedestrian-access mooring. The angled views are a nice extra too. Nice work, @animats!
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