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  1. @Jaylinbridges, I did indeed attribute the quote, ".....Bellisseria only has one purpose, a residential zone" to you, by mistake. It should have been atributed to @SarahKB7 Koskinen. Please accept my apology.
  2. That is not strictly true. The open fly corridor is a blessing for aviation and the waters are ideal for sailing and other water-related activities, free of ban lines and send-home security devices. There are the social gathering areas, too, supported by the Bellisseria residents' groups.
  3. I can never understand why someone would want to go wandering round inworld stores, or events, when they could sit back comfortably, run a search for the required items on the Marketplace, and browse umpteen pages of every conceivable item possible except the ones you were looking for!
  4. What an immediate rush to register instant disapproval of the idea! Not sentiments such as, "I don't think this is a good idea because [insert considered reasons]", but outright "No" responses. That is interesting. There seems to be a perception that users are being asked to advertise SL commercially. That is not the case, I am sure; that definitely is LL's job. What users can do is to mention SL in their social media activities or their day-to-day (real life) chatter, and get the Second Life name back into public perception with a positive endorsement. @lucagrabacr was simply asking
  5. @lucagrabacr, that is a very passionate and, in my opinion, a much needed call to arms! You are so right; us users need to be aware of the need to be proactive. All the indications at present are that sitting back, and hoping that all will be well for the future, may not be enough. Outside commercial forces, and media attention, tend to extol sensational snippets punched out by the "competition"while completely ignoring the champion in the background. Technologically, SL has a lot of hurdles to jump if it is to keep up with modern perceptions of what is needed. Sociologically, howeve
  6. The dots, as a trailing off of thought, is used in English, usually as part of reported speech though.
  7. Charles, laying near-motionless in his hospital bed, was clearly very close to departing this world. Summoning every last bit of his energy, he managed to beckon his wife to come close. "Daisy....", he croaked. "Daisy....... when I'm....gone..... I want.... you to.....marry......Brian....". "Brian?", she exclaimed incredulously. "She continued, "But I thought you hated Brian!" With immense effort, he once again managed to beckon her close. "I....... I do!"
  8. An interesting thought - a large minority by total accounts, or a large minority by regular logins? Maybe, by the latter, not even a minority? We'll probably never know but, for sure, non-USA folk end up paying a lot more for lesser facilities. That's (second) life!
  9. I have used my S10+ as a hotspot for SL. It works, but I can only get a 4G signal where I live, so it's something like 5 or 6 Mbps down and 2 or 3 up. But it does work. I cannot think of any reason why a 5G connection would do anything other than improve the speed of the connection substantially.
  10. Usually, that type of animation requires the target to accept it before it will run. Do you animate as well as the unwanted kisser? Have you ever accepted anything from them in the past? You can block that person - right click their avatar name in the People list, or just right click the avatar** concerned. "Block/Unblock" is one of the options presented. Blocking stops voice and text chat and any visual interference from their avatar and their objects. Do not IM to the agressor though; it will unblock them. If they send you money, L$1 will do, it will unblock them. You can also try
  11. But jump in your boat, aircraft or road vehicle, and see how well you navigate with draw set to 32! Even 64 is very dodgy.
  12. Visiting travellers/explorers have a responsibility to abide by the covent requirements, too, but nobody tells them what those requirements are. No surprise therefore that they fly at 51m. No surprise that they fall foul of security systems? Yes, no surprise!
  13. I'm afraid you are right. Once you've been blown away after hitting skycrap at, say 750m (classic mainland) by a nasty security orb, finding out where you where, and who owns it, is just not worth the trouble. I now just mark the rough area that it happened as a "No Go" zone. It shouldn't be like this. Maybe LL will come up with a solution to people who just don't understand either what they're buying into, or who don't give a damn anyway? I'm not holding my breath. I once did go to extensive trouble to revisit the offending platform, determine the owner, and sent them a very polite note
  14. Wrong! It guarantees that skyboxes, platforms and other garbage below 2000m are against the covenant. In no way does it prevent them from actually being there though. And they are....
  15. Sorry to everyone who may be confused by my recent post. I linked to this thread by mistake. Rushing because stuff was boiling over in the kitchen didn't serve me well. The post is now edited correct. I hope it makes more sense now. Edit to add: It's on page 6. We've added yet another page already!
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