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  1. Amazing work in an amazing organisation seems to demand so much more than just the simple words of "thank you", but what else can be said? Thank you!
  2. You can look at your own usage in Windows (Settings -> Network & Internet -> Data Usage -> View Usage per App) and see how much data your viewer has used. You can reset this first, let a week go by, then see what you've used. You'll find a separate report for SL plugin, but this will be very small in comparison. Only then will you know what you typically use. I don't know how other operating systems present this sort of information, sorry.
  3. I think they got lost, somewhere along the line. If onl;y they had a working map.......
  4. A region that I have an interest in was running on RC server 2021-02-01.555570. On completion of today's [whatever it was] we're still running on the same server, so it looks like it was plain restarts on the Main Channel servers?
  5. There is a huge difference between the fully-optimised, static secenery and buildings of a computer game (which can all be downloaded onto your computer at start-up) and the often non-optimised assets made by users which are all dynamic, and can change at any time, and therefore have to be downloaded on the fly, as you move around in the Second Life world. As @Alwin Alcottpoints out above, you cannot compare the two. It matters not how well you can play an off-the-shelf computer game. It's how well you can handle the Second Life challenge (which is both its joy and its downfall!). Po
  6. Here is Firestorm's troubleshooting guide for inventory missing. Have a work through this and see how you get on first:- https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory Good luck!
  7. They all meet up at a secret location for a "What Next?" seminar, which is actually a disguised version of an all-expenses paid pixelpissup. Here, they discuss the next series of improvements that might cause the maximum of woes, as payback for being made to continiually learn new oddities but continue to serve their users as if nothing had happened. There is absolutely nothing us mere users can do about this. When on seminars like this, they have the equivalent of diplomatic immunity.
  8. @Qie Niangaois correct. The map is definitely NOT fixed!
  9. Oh, how I wish you hadn't have been! We all need a dose of optimism, a glimpse of light at the end of this debilitated tunnel.
  10. I think this depends entirely on how much zoom each "click" produces, on your particular mouse/controller. I've been able to zoom out two clicks of my mouse wheel, getting a larger area each time, but the third click produces "Poof" - nothing! I guess that's the limit of detail available at the moment.
  11. I was keeping my answer as simple as possible and, yes, occluded items won't be displayed. The point is, however, all items within the draw distance have to be computed, and effectively drawn, in order that the viewer can decide what is occluded and what is not. That is the substantial loading for the graphics. Others have already pointed out that this process is actually far more complicated than the simplified picture I've tried to paint. The fact that some items will not be displayed at the end of this process is insignificant by comparison - the "damage" has already been done at this poin
  12. Isthay akesmay erfectpay enseay otay emay. "Oodgay itshay, anmay!" (Answers on a postcard by last Thursday. The first correct solution drawn at random will be named and shamed.)
  13. Your viewer will actually compute and draw everything within your draw distance, whether you can see it or not. So not only does what you see affect fps, what you can't see does too. Unless your draw distance keeps everything that is drawn confined to within your box, it's anyones' guess how stuff outside will affect things.
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