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  1. Even if it isn't, I rather suspect you'll still have a big smile on your face! I'm sure you'll love it 😉
  2. I'm sorry, but I have not understood you well. Did you mean a name for the next landmass of newly created premium Linden Homes, or did you mean the last release of houseboats released on the atolls? I was under the impression that the latest houseboats on the atolls were still part of Bellisseria (as named by LL). Somebody will correct me, I'm sure, if I'm wrong.
  3. I understood what you meant. You would have thought that there ought to be a way of temporarily shutting a script down completely, without deleting it. I have the sneakiest of suspicions that it would need a script to do that....... and so the problem would continue, ad infinitum! But maybe a single script could put a temporary lid on a whole set of scripts? That surely would make a saving. As I have absolutely zilch knowledge of scripting, I'm sure the script whizkids will soon say yea or nay to that.
  4. There does appear to be a script overload problem that's appeared relatively recently. Surely, suddenly, our script usage hasn't rocketed up, has it? Many people, including myself, think that it didn't used to be this bad, and that there does seem to be a mysterious problem that's crept in. This has been thrashed out in a number of other threads quite recently; it looks like a widespread problem, not just confined to Bellisaria.
  5. Odaks


    Maybe the OP hasn't travelled enough. Houseboats can vary widely in style.
  6. Massage parlour, escort agency............ once the foot is in the door, who knows what might follow?
  7. So do I!! Especially as things tend to go a bit darker on my graphics setup, with advanced lighting on, I was going for a nice, light airy decor. That navy texturing looks almost black to me, and completely ruins what I am hoping to achieve. I'll still stick with that model, but I really shouldn't have waste precious LI to do it though?
  8. Thanks for that. I wonder why they fixed the texture of what is a quite large section of the interior walls?
  9. I absolutely agree. Of course that isn't advertising, just to be wearing an item, or having an item in your home. That is why I used (and made bold) the word "deliberate".
  10. From the Cambridge Dictionary: B2 the activities involved in buying and selling things From Collins Dictionary: Commerce is the activities and procedures involved in buying and selling things. From Oxford Dictionary: The activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale Just saying, that's all.
  11. Yes, me too. I've also got the debug script, accidentally left in the walls by the Moles during testing. There is an updated version of the house boats being sent to the controllers soon, which will not have the script in it. I wonder if it will fix the wall texture problem, too? We'll see. I'm set on using the Windlass model; it suits best for how I want it to be. I've already added one modification to it and so far, so good. 😊
  12. "Commerce" is actually a rather all-embracing word, covering the activities involved with the process of buying and selling. I would bet my bottom dollar that the lawyers , in a court of law, would have no difficulty whatsoever establishing that "commerce" includes advertising of a deliberate nature.
  13. I very nearly got caught out by that. I couldn't see the new homes, refreshed a couple of time, then suddenly noticed the little down arrow at the top of the listing. Bingo! There they were; just made it in the nick of time, too By the way, this wasn't the "show more homes" drop-down, just to be clear. It was an almost invisible top bar above the "old" homes.
  14. within 24 hours soon!! Its official, from the Update Post
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