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  1. Forum police? Oh no! I didn't see them - I'd better be very, very careful from now on.
  2. Well, that's a result! Under the circumstances, you should grab it with both hands - congratulations!
  3. Its really weird, I couldn't possibly explain it, but I feel exactly the same way! Somehow I just need to know that there's a functional bathroom, functional kitchen etc. I try to keep things to a bare minimum, but the basics just have to be there!
  4. From my experience, and from what others are saying, it looks like that's exactly what's happening.
  5. With the seemingly millisecond take-up rate at the moment, having to use the dropdown to select will doom you to failure, sadly. But its always worth the try if the Bellisaria homes don't show. Its BELLISSERIA! Heavens above, that's SO easy to mis-spell!
  6. I managed to get a houseboat on the second large release, but at first, the Bellisseria options weren't showing. It was only after a couple of fruitless attempts that I thought to just try the drop-down arrow and there they were! (That was using Chrome browser). At that time, everyone was saying that, if available, the Bellisseria homes will show at the top. But, oh no, they didn't! Other people reported the same issue, so it clearly applied to quite a few of us, but not all. Apologies, Marianne - it wasn't you that said that, it was PrudenceAnton
  7. I've got a teddy bare... annnnnd you could see him from outside! I've locked him away a bit quick; can't have people throwing kinky accusations at him!
  8. A bit like when governments print money to make things look good. It comes back to bite them in the bot eventually!
  9. Odaks


    20th or 24-26th Sune. In Bellissarian dialect, that's how June is pronounced. (So are all the other months; it just keeps things simple).
  10. Pre-Amazon High Streets are amazing, aren't they? Maybe one day they'll return
  11. Government HQ: Visitor: "May I come in?" Chief Secretary of State for Security: "Oh, I'm so glad you've asked me that, but first, I must say, as I've said to the Government on so many occasions in the past, and I know that I speak for a very large number of my constituents and fellow countrymen, that issues like these so often get talked about so many times, a lot of unnecessary words being bandied around, nobody ever sitting down and properly taking all the factors into account... Visitor: Ok, ok - I give up! Bye
  12. Ah, right. Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant.
  13. There's also a significant difference between the ban lines a normal person will see when ban lines are set (not, of course, in Bellisseria) by un-checking "Anyone Can Visit", and the ban lines a person who is banned by name sees. From SL's Wiki ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits ), under the Land heading: - Ban line height for "no entry" or "pay to access" (in other words, "allow public access" is turned off, or "allow group access" is turned on, in the parcel options) is the parcel's ground elevation plus 50 meters (except, if the region has been set to "Block Parcel Fly Over" in which case the access controls extend to at least 4096 meters). If a user is explicitly banned by name, the height is the parcel's ground elevation plus 5000 meters. On current viewers this is visible to the full extent.I I wonder if this difference has an influence on the observed behaviour between having a person on the ban list or not? I guess that the Belliseria setup was just a butchered version of the old system rules setup, so there's likely to be some hangover?
  14. Let's hope that never happens. If you had a home on that region and couldn't get back into it because it was full of flock, you'd be seriously annoyed! If you did get back in, you'd probably find the sim was on its knees because of all the scripted hair, re-sizers, "personal bits" etc. that folks seem to think they'll lose if they don't wear them all the time. Definitely not a good idea!
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