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  1. Letz tork about spellin and gramma furst. emojis is 2 advansed. ok?
  2. The Marketplace has been under maintenance, but that is all finished now according to the Status page:- Marketplace Maintenance Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed. Oct 21, 10:54 PDT BUT.... the Status itself still shows Marketplace Purchases as under maintenance. Keep an eye on the status page:- https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/ Edit to add: I've just successfully logged into the Marketplace, but haven't tried to buy anything.
  3. @cc501- there is a whole bagful of possibilities that may be causing this. Try logging in to a very quiet area like HATTON, give things a few moments to settle down, then go to your viewer's Help menu -> About [viewer name] -> Copy to clipboard, then paste that in a post here. There may be some clues in that information that might help. No promises, but at least we'll know exactly what the situation is so far as the basics go. Hatton is an undersea region with very low texture loadings, You'll stand your best chance of staying connected there.
  4. According to Oz Linden's blog post, they've fixed the problem. " Bake Failures Wednesday and especially Thursday of this past week were bad days for avatar appearance, and we're very much aware of how important that is. The avatar bake service has actually been uplifted for some time - it wasn't moving it that caused the problem, but another change to a related service. The good news is that thanks to a great cross-team effort during those two days we were able to determine why an apparently unrelated simulator update triggered the problem and got a fix deployed Thursday night.
  5. RLV's "Follow" is a bit more civilised than "Leash", when taking your BF shopping. But it's so much nicer to be holding hands (and hopefully getting BF to pay!)
  6. I suspect you've only bought the animation, which needs to be run from within a Vista Couples Hud. I haven't checked recently, but you used to be able to pick up a free couples Hud at their store (somewhere near the couples dances section or the AOs section if I remember correctly). When you've got the hud, rez it on the ground and edit it. Go to the Contents tab; there'll be a notecard in there (in the free hud, this will be empty. Drag and drop the animation you bought from inventory to this notecard and it will then show up on the hud's menu. (It usually pays to reset the scripts
  7. Bur delightfully effective in a restaurant, cinema, theatre or classroom? Very low payload, of course. COVID is doing enough damage to those places without wiping them out.
  8. As you like! Its "Your World, Your Imagination". But there are the Terms of Service and the Community Standards to be aware of. You did, of course, read these before you signed up to them, didn't you? Actually, hardly anyone ever does, which is why some people think they can do anything they like, and it doesn't quite work out like that. Just in case you didn't, you might like to have a look at them before doing anything contraversial. You might benefit from having a look at the Maturity Ratings, too:- I'm only trying to help! But getting banned from Second Life is hardly the
  9. Blindly map-TPing into somewhere just because there's some green dots there can sometimes be disastrous. It really does pay to find out a little bit about that region/parcel first. It can avoid you arriving slap in the middle of somewhere completely unsuitable for you, or, for example, you may have an avatar that is against their rules. (Some places will be nice about that and politely advise you of their rules and give you plenty of time to pop off somewhere else; others not so nice may just eject you, leaving you wondering what the hell that was all about.) A quick search on the region
  10. Point of order, Chairperson! You can't have a peeve about people having a peeve in a thread about people having a peeve!
  11. Oh dear.... we're starting to talk at cross-purposes here, I suspect. A 32 texture for THE lipstick, the object itself, or a 32 texture for the applied finish on the lips? And scripts? Yes, it depends entirely what those scripts are doing, not the number of them. We do know that even idle scripts seem to take up mysterious amounts of time on the server, and so when the number of idle scripts is huge, there is an impact on server load. I understood that this is something being investigated by LL. But just one single "dirty" script can weigh very heavily on the server. To blandly blame scri
  12. There has been some changes recently that have introduced that sort of freezing in several areas. For, example, open a second instance of your inventory and your screen will freeze until the second instance populates, accompanied by a couple of screen blankings. It's all part of the "improvements", I suspect.
  13. Back in the dark ages of the birth of Second Life, registering a "friend" almost certainly meant a friend in the normal meaning of the word; someone you hang out with, see regularly, enjoy similar activities etc, etc Fast forward to 2020. The concept of "friend" has become completely distorted and generally refers to anyone with sufficient intelligence to tick the correct box and the gall to ask in the first place. "Oh look! I've got 1242 friends!!". Oh no you haven't. If you're lucky, you might have 5 friends and 1237 names that you can't even remember where you were when you met. T
  14. This is a good time to pause for breath and let me thank everyone who has replied so far. Inevitably, I think, some deviation from the topic is occurring but hopefully there are still to come some more of "things to do" in Second Life. I suppose that debating the weaknesses of the platform does count as a "thing to do" but that's not what I had in mind when I started this off!
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