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  1. Second Life, maybe indeed. These Forums though? Never!!
  2. Some people, for example, living in a very remote area, maybe disabled and housebound, might just experience Second Life becoming their "First Life" in a way. It is possible that a conscious decision to "log back into RL" doesn't hold much appeal for them. For my own part, I'm just grateful that RL occasionally leaves me alone long enough to get any time in SL!
  3. And..... all of this sort of thing has been well thrashed out on the (far more appropriate?) Technology Forum that @Erwin Solo pointed to in post #2. A glance through the first few pages of that forum will reveal several very useful threads of similar queries. Summarising some significant points: * Forget laptops, get a desktop. That's fine unless you need a laptop, as I do. I'm running a purpose built laptop with an i7 8750H (2.2GHz, 4.1GHz Turbo), GeForce® GTX 1070 Max-Q - 8.0GB GDDR5, 32MB of RAM, SSD Drive 256GB (With only Windows, programs and SL's caches on it) and a 2TB SEAGATE FIRECUDA 2.5" SSHD for all the other junk that we need storage for. You can fry eggs on it if the fans and vents don't stay squeaky clean, and a cooler tray is a must! Maybe not as portable as I'd have liked, and its set me back around £2k in total. With a cable connection to my modem/router, I can max out graphics and sometimes stay over 20fps. Over WiFi, shadows have to go. That's a pretty damned good specification, and it will still struggle with some scenes in Ultra graphics. *The quality of your internet connection is critical. Ok, not part of your computer's specifications, but don't expect good results over a bad connection. *Forget the lure of a "Gaming Machine". Buy on specifications, not on flashy sales-talk! A lot of "gaming machines" are expecting to be running fully optimised graphics from the off-the-shelf games. Second Life can throw a graphics demand that will totally overwhelm all but the highest specs ones. In particular, do have a look at this, which refers to the total shambles that the LL System Requirements specification has become.
  4. I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only idiot to have done that!
  5. @Tari Landar, that just about sums the entire fiasco up quite nicely! But, the really creepy thing about it all, that you touched on in your last sentence, is the "converse creepiness" factor. The number of times I've alt_clicked on an ordinary picture (outside of SL) is getting quite frightening!
  6. One of the most popular modern day fads has got to be pressing F5 repeatedly (within set limits, of course) to refresh the Land page in the hope of getting one of the new Linden Homes. However, the "fad of all fads" award, at the moment, surely has to go to abandoning a new Linden Home, then pressing F5 repeatedly in the hope of getting a better new Linden Home! (Lazier Craftier players of this have discovered the joys of auto-refresh functions.) Lots of folks, who haven't yet succeeded in getting one of the new homes, will be praying that this will soon rate as a "short-lived" fad, I'm sure!
  7. Odaks


    Everything you need to know about this can be found in the Land Forum under the Linden Homes topic. A wonderfully helpful post has been lodged there by @RaeLeeH; do start with that:- The availability of the new homes is slowly getting better, but they are still in short supply and hotly contested for. Good luck!
  8. Hi Pepeu, If you opt for the annual rate, you are charged annually, in advance; currently US$99. That is equivalent to US$8.25/month. If you opt for the quarterly plan, you are charged quarterly in advance; currently US$32.97. That is equivalent to US$10.99/month. If you opt for the monthly plan, you are charged monthly, in advance; currently US$11.99. That is US$11.99/month, of course! Watch out - if you reside in an EU country, VAT will be charged in addition, at your country's rate, on the quarterly and monthly plans. (Factor in exchange rate fees, too). But, in return, you will receive back:- * L$300 weekly stipend *L$1000 as a one-off "welcome" bonus payment after 45 days. I'll leave you to calculate the value of the Linden Dollar (L$) paybacks!
  9. Yes, something is wrong! It may be a script for setup/testing left in accidentally. First, re-rez the home using the mailbox. Your furniture etc will stay in place, so don't worry about that. If that doesn't fix it, raise a support ticket. You'll find more info about this sort of thing in the Linden Homes topic. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/357-linden-homes/
  10. I would find that to be really useful function; brilliant idea!
  11. That's sad! I'll add my weight to this request; @RaeLeeH has done a superb job here. This is a really good package of "Everything You Need to Know About Claiming a New Linden Home", and is definitely worth being sticky! Thank you, Rae, for taking the time and effort to do all of this!
  12. Don't worry about that! It made for lovely, easy reading..... ....for a change!
  13. I hate public transport! That is why I walk.
  14. Forum police? Oh no! I didn't see them - I'd better be very, very careful from now on.
  15. Well, that's a result! Under the circumstances, you should grab it with both hands - congratulations!
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