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  1. Isn't script usage, rather than script count, a better indicator of potential problems? Is it not the case that a single, highly active, script can be more demanding on the server than, say, 100 idle scripts? Should we be monitoring script time, not the total number of scripts?
  2. Everyone would very quickly find out why they've never got time to do anything. What if you could undo all your past mistakes?
  3. You really do need to "travel light" to be able to stand a good chance of crossing region boundaries (sim crossings) successfully. As has been pointed out above, particularly by @Lindal Kidd, the more data that has to be passed from old region to new region, the worse things get. Its easy to forget that your avatar might be quite heavily loaded with scripts (re-sizing scripts, colour changing huds, AOs, "personal" bits and pieces, etc), and these can all be removed. It will help no end! I'll just add this. NEVER, NEVER attempt to cross at the region corners (where four regions meet). Steer well clear of these intersections. Its anyone's guess as to where or how you'll end up!
  4. I had weird things happening 20 - 30 minutes ago. Huds became inoperative, but did eventually work. I've had to bale out for RL reasons. I hope I'll get back in later! (Might just have been a localised sim problem, but you never know these days!)
  5. Last week,Tuesday, I think it was, I had a tp crash. On re-logging, every single scripted item I was wearing, as an attachment or a hud, was broken and would not work. Resetting scripts didn't cure the problems. I had to rez new copies and, in one case, had to get a redelivery. I've never experienced anything like this before.
  6. Its an extraordinarily popular game that gets mysteriously unpopular when your post count reaches 500.
  7. These sort of problems are so often something simple. Frustrating though, isn't it! I'm glad you're under way again. Now all you've got to do is survive the sim crossings!! Bon voyage!
  8. Something else has just come to mind. Depending on your operating system, sometimes other software installed, or your particular keyboard, the Page UP and Page Down keys might have become disabled. Try toggling Num Lock, and/or Scroll Lock(if you have one) if so.
  9. Silly question, but you never know... have you used the page-up key to kick it into a forweard gear? Its a while since I had my Bandit 55 out on the water, and I can't get at the manual at the moment, but I'll bet yours works the same. Additional presses of Page-up will increase the throttle.
  10. I think the problem here is simply that, irrespective of your own content preferences settings, your profile will always be visible to all. There is no way to mark your profile as Adult rated!
  11. From the Knowledge Base, re: How to view and edit your profile: Keep it suitable for everyone Important: Content in profiles must be General, and must obey the Terms of Service and Community Standards. If the profile doesn't conform to this there are clear grounds to file a report about it. See also:- https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/content-guidelines
  12. That is so beautifully thoughtful of you!
  13. I keep it in the bottom corner of my screen, just the same reason that @Bree Giffendoes. Its also invaluable for finding the friend I've gone in-world shopping with, when we get separated in big stores. I make several uses for the colour options for avatar dots, too. Also, when sailing, its a must. The world map is my chart, and the minimap is my danger-spotter! I wish I could still see region boundaries on the world map when its zoomed out large enough to function as a chart.
  14. They are indeed. I skimmed subsequent posts too quickly - sorry!
  15. Good point. I read the OP's post to mean that FS loads.....then all of a sudden crashes, i.e. there was a period of stability before the crash. It may well have meant differently. I'm sure it would be helpful to clarify:- Does it crash when the login screen appears, or Does it crash on the actual login process, or Does it crash after a period of being logged in? All could point to completely different problems.
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