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  1. from whatI been able to tell, as long as it is saved as a png, it has no assigned profile . when i make the working space sRGB in PS and check ask when opening, it will pop up and ask if i want to assign sRGB to the image. I have also experimented on the same photo and it is a pretty big difference in saturation levels between a adobeRGB and sRGB. I never gave it much thought till i was watching a youtube vid on color spaces, as I had always imported the files to the working color space space was sRGB by default;t
  2. I have been wondering, maybe someone knows, when we take a snapshot in world, what is the color space if save as a png? I know 'web browsers" use sRGB, but I don't know if the SL viewer is limited to the sRGB color space. I have experimented bringing into PS with an assigned color space, and it does appear that no color space is assigned to the image saved from sl. There is also a huge difference when assigning the image a sRGB color space or the Adobe 1998 RGB colorspace. Yes, it does have to be converted to srgb to properly display on the web, but editing in a wider gaumit has its advantages. I guess the main technical question is does the SL viewer display only sRGB like browsers, or does it use a much wider color spectrum?
  3. I don't imagine in RL many women would go to Rape Alley, or to the Forced Sex part of the city "Excuse me while I attach my *****"!
  4. easy. a) search flickr groups or b) look at other sl photographers and the groups the photo is shared with
  5. sometimes SL being down is no biggie, but remember people also work and or make plans in SL, often far in advance. Take a wedding, for example. Not to funny if SL is down for a wedding day you have planned on for months
  6. Pose Anywhere is a good HUD to store poses, (it can also save camera positions) there is also Animare Plus to move your different joints to tweak a pose, or, you can try Black Dragon viewer with its built in poser to adjust/modify/make a pose. Alot of photographers use LumiPro HUD but that's rather expensive just to shoot yourself
  7. maybe not porn but for sure NC-17! women with no panties in mini skirts out shopping and naked guys with boners just walking about!
  8. With blogging now, alot of vendors was blogger applicants to have tons of views and favs, least the higher end vendors. and if your a newer account can take a year or more to buid up a good following
  9. Now, don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and skyIt slips awayAnd all your money won't another minute buyPixels in the gridAll we are is pixels in the gridAll we are is pixels in the grid.....
  10. Im not super active in Flickr anymore, but my average "faves" maybe 34-40, but a more closer look is the ratio of views to faves. Mine was always in the 10-20% and that seems a pretty common average across most SL flickr accounts. But i have seen less than year old accounts with sub 100 followers and 30 pics or so get 200 faves on 6 or 7 thousand views and only posted to maybe 3 groups. But most of the 200+ faves have usually more than 5k views, and it really don't seem to matter if they are a pro account or not. In a nutshell, some accounts even with questionable quality (of course art is always subjective) can get thousands of views and hundreds of faves, other accounts even wih awesome pics gets a few hundred views and 50 faves. so who only knows whats up! lol I always figured if my faves were 20% of the views i was doing ok
  11. Tis true BD is missing ALOT compared to FS and I wont use BD as an every day viewer. But DOF works on FS once shaders and atmosphere shaders are on - it can be used with out without shadows and without being in "ultra' I personally haven't noticed any further degradation in shadows on FS - seems to be the same as they always have been. Of course, I never put mine in 'ultra' so maybe thats why I havent seen any changes. BTW I have a nvidia gtx 970 card
  12. first off, there is no real reason to use "ultra' I set it a couple stops below then dial things up . Secondly a trick i learned to get good shadows is turn off ambient occlusion then use the shadow clarity slider to find the crispest shadow - then turn ambient occlusion back on. also its a good idea to reset all the sliders back to default then retweak them again as needed Or, use the black dragon viewer! problem solved! lol
  13. MoD's Ministry of Darkness (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Darkness Realm/107/30/4)
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