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  1. while there is a tip when hovering over the options, I kinda don't understand, Anybody know what settings would maximize texture memory? I have 8g dedicated memory on my gtx 1080 and 32g on system RAM. all cache file locations are on my nv m.2 SSD (I have 2 - 1T nv m.2 SSD on my puter)
  2. TBH for now Id forget about graphics card upgrades. The bit coin miners are buying up everything they can get right now 16g ram will help for a win 10 machine, but overall, not SL specific. and a cheap way to make your older machine much more snappy would be put in a new SATA SSD hard drive As far as SL, keep your drawing distance low, keep off the shaders and especially the shadows except maybe when you want to do a photo. But in reality sounds like your machine could use an update at some point Id be saving for a new (used) computer - probably at least a i5, 16 gig ram, a SSD
  3. I wonder with OpenGL going the way of the Doo-Doo Bird, how much longer even Nvidia will be using that. But I have a gtx 180 and have been considering a jump up to a 30x series, but wonder if it is even worth it as SL is the only "gaming" I do
  4. Lola accounts. Talks like a man but looks like a woman. LOL
  5. i switched my task manger graph view of the CPU Logical Processors so I could see per core performance a and while the Overall Utilization showed about 10% the single core SL was using was most often running 80-100% this is on a mostly empty sim except for some landscaping at about 100fps (everything on)
  6. This written by SL resident Bunnie Badger and her mom Bunnie is the owner of Two Moon Gardens. She sent me a signed copy. so far its really good. It's available on Amazon
  7. I would say it depends. Depends on your usage. For all around utility for pictures and video Id say Firestorm. For photos and posing (posing on your own avi) no doubt Black Dragon. For general exploring with all the pretty Id say Alchemy
  8. thanks for taking the time to break that all down...being that my CPU is a 10700k now I doubt it will bottleneck in SL and the GPU being older has more chance of bottlenecking But I stumbled across a situation this am I hadn't thought of trying before. I was filming a basically empty sim save for some light landscaping (few mesh trees, bushes, like that) on a noonish setting and the whole time I was there the GPU was running at between about 93-100% and CPU about 10%, FPS was excellent (about 40-60fps). Not exactly sure what this means, but basically there were hardly any complex items or m
  9. I don't like the UI control for Firestorms EEP, to me that is changing something just for the sake of changing something that didn't need to be changed. But in a nutshell, EEP is just WL And I really wish more people would get onto EEP cause it solves one issue that WL made difficult. I video weddings and always make a new WL for each event (now a new 'sky') and it is great often for the photographer and videographer to be coordinated on the lighting. Before Id have to send them the xml and they would have to know where that xml had to be put in the file directory - and most didnt know. Now, I
  10. in the phototools panel under the Gen tab is the checkbox for 'Dynamically adjust level of detail' that is always on by default and can make a huge performance difference. Of course when shooting a photo or video, that needs to come off in many cases But in all it still don't seem to explain why on some sims the GPU is mostly idle and other sims it is running 70% plus. I know Ive seen a perf boost on this much faster 10th gen i7 (though not really translated to a FPS boost), and all the sims I been to are on aws servers now
  11. ok, well, dont even get me started on local lights lol! But it would be nice to figure out why on some sims the GPU goes full beans, then on others it says 'nah, I'm on break buddy... good luck with your FPS, you're on your own here!"
  12. I know this may have been discussed some in the past but lately been exploring SL 'sim hopping (on FS viewer ver 6.4.12) the EEP version, keeping shared environment on and with shaders and shadows on, setting in prefs set to High. Just seeing what's out thereand how different places look on EEP, if they are doing anything 'extraordinary' What I am finding and I know this is nothing 'new' but some sims you land in the GPU ramps up to a 60, 70& or more. CPU stays usually around 10-15%, and in this case the region FPS is usualy pretty good (20+ FPS often up to 40 or more) Other sims the C
  13. well its funny I was in SL like in 2007 but in the 'old days' when we were all on the system avatars seemed everyone was humping like rabbits. Now that we have all the hot mesh bodies and looks, hardly nobody into that no more. May as well have a bible study class at your average 'adult' place now a days!
  14. also keep in mind SL can be like a woman - it can have wild mood swings! lol Some days everything is peachy and the next day she's throwing pots and pans across the room!.... With your CPU and integrated graphics though I'd keep the Quality and Speed setting in Preference to Mid, set the Avi count (in Phototools panel under general tab) to 10 about 5-10, make sure the Dynamic adjust level of detail is checked the Alchemy viewer seems to run really well https://www.alchemyviewer.org/ you can try that one too
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