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  1. there is almost no excuse not to build your own these days. There are sites with compatibility charts galore, and dozens of youtube channels for step by step building (even though the latest trends of see through cases and all the led lights inside is a wee bit ,,, lame lol)
  2. so, in short, other than better region crossings the end user will see zero benefits of cloud based servers vs linden servers?
  3. I filmed a wedding the other nite on a sim that was in the Blake area and is now on Amazon servers - it is a marina with a airport above and the wedding had about 40 guests. I was getting between 6-12 FPS which is alot lower than I often get doing weddings on linden servers. Not of course any type of A/B comparison - I had hoped there would be some improvement in lag reduction and/or FPS on the new cloud servers, and at least in this one sim - not a bit. I suppose there may be other benefits but maybe sot so much in performance...
  4. are you ok? you not gonna stroke out are you?
  5. Who is President Twittler? I don't recall that person ever running for office
  6. I been looking for something other than the space mouse - works good usually but sometimes not. I know someone else uses a HOTAS (flight controller). Most the time the issue is lag when it gets below like 10fps any camera movement can get real choppy I am recording in h.265 with the Nvidia ENC on OBS Studio. I tried shadowplay a couple times didn't really like it, but thats mostly cause Im used to OBS
  7. There was a girl who started a group called Avatars Against Trump and freely bashed anyone who supported him. Later she got hired as a Linden - and of course Linden always likes to put out statements how much they respect and support diversity. I guess they never notices this girl's anti-diversity group she founded!
  8. i had no idea one would even want to use DOF in edit, but there it is LOL and what is 'freeze world'? Im not familiar with that
  9. the voice acting and movie sound track very good!
  10. there are free screen recorders out there (Many use OBS Studio) and alot of good free video editors (davinci resolve free is very good) You will find quite a few good youtube tutorials out there and even if some are a bit dated concepts still about the same today. Also in general, you can look for tutorials on RL film making as alot of the principals apply to movie making in SL The point is with free recorder and editor, it then costs nothing but your time to practice, practice, practice! Also search out for SL film makers in youtube to see what others are doing maybe for some points of
  11. I think sl is like rl in a sense that if u get bored easily in rl will happen in sl only sl can amplify that. Unless one has a specific passion like building or scripting or a certian kind of RP or whatever like that, things can get old quick. Sailing in fun for a while, but unless you maybe in a club or group it becomes ok, whats next? Flying same thing of that is helped along with all the sim cross issues, running into ban lines etc.. I suppose SL is what you make of it. if it becomes boring usualy phase out for a bit then come back look for something new seems to help.. I keep busy mostly w
  12. Ummm I would thing a career as a YouTuber or Tik Toker would be more doable for the "I don't want to get a real job" type than trying to make in big in SL......
  13. Since its going on Amazon Cloud - wonder if soon Amazon will be offering Prime to SL Residents? LOL
  14. it's only a 'game' so if you don't like the way it 'plays' dont play it.... LOL
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