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  1. Secondlife declining player base

    IMO, technology is the killer. People have phones and tablets now. and add to that SL is a time investment to spend time in here, and money as well. If one hasnt the time, the disposable income or a fairly decent machine, SL doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Even with a great machine all the mesh has become a 2 headed monster. Great looking but welcome to lagville! Me personally doing weddings over the years, as mesh became more and more the standard the lag has gone through the roof. Even without shaders and shadows on, but with all the pretty on, it becomes pretty unusable with 30+ avis in one area. That will have have a impact on users perspective of SL i think. Either have to make it all pretty ugly to be able to move some or make it all pretty and get froze in place. But then again, nothing is perfect. I still like it in anycase!
  2. Thank you Sultry for sending me this track! Check out Sultry performing live in SL she is an awesome singer!
  3. Sultry sent me a track to make a video with. And if you haven't seen Sultry live yet, you should! She is an amazing singer! Enjoy!
  4. Pricing/Critiques?

    well, IMO, I wouldn't even offer barely edited vs heavily edited pics. if your name is on it, people aren't gonna really know that the client asked for a lite edited cheaper picture. They'll see a 'lower quality' image with your name on it is all Very few, if any, photographers here can make rl wages doing a photo here. Just have to find a happy medium on what people will pay (and for photography it rarely is very much) However, wedding photography is still in demand and people will pay some decent money for that. Pretty much why I stopped ding photos for money. I just do what I feel like doing for the fun of it or the challenge - when I feel like doing it. Now, video, on the other hand, can be somewhat profitable if you want to learn that...
  5. Second Life TOS - Snapshot and Machinima policy

    ah, let the avatar sue your avatar! LOL
  6. Need Feedback - Photo Service

    well, it is photography, and perhaps if you want to improve start looking at it like that. We may not have a physical camera capturing an image to film or disc, but we are capturing a moment in time that needs to be composed properly and exposed properly. If shooting a subject we need to properly pose the subject and compose the shot. We can use either ambient light or add in artificial lites to fill the shot r properly expose it. Most Lessons you read about rl photography or on youtube video applies here as well
  7. Banned from the Offical Second Life Flickr feed

    Yep, I got banned. No idea why, or what it was that I posted that was ban worthy
  8. Need Feedback - Photo Service

    there are millions of really good SL photographers. And people, from my past experiences, don't like to pay much for a photo unless the photographer is really good and unique IMO you should gain alot of experience, develop a style, shoot people either free or minimal charge for now until you gain a bit of a following. And if you really want to get into it, look up WrenNoir Cerise (https://www.flickr.com/photos/wrennoir) she runs a multi week photography course that teaches you all the ins and outs of photography in SL, but photoshop is not the focus IMO being a good photographer in SL is the same as RL - it isn't the equipment, post processing or any of that. it is understanding composition, light, posing, etc... I seen some amazing sl photographers who use minimal if any post processing just by getting it right in world
  9. "Only" By Nine Inch Nails

  10. Metallica - Fade to Black - new music video

    thanks, Wilma
  11. new music video the Emmy winning song "Cirice" by Ghost shot at No Salvation Gothic Church
  12. How to make Second Life Machinima

    or, you can just wing it! lol thanks for that long write up. should be of help to some people. BTW, Abramnations sells Machinima animations I have a software based fly cam It was a beta then it seems the guy making it gave up on it. works good for me i will include a link to anyone want to DL and try installing it. Was a bit of a pain for me. need a vjoy driver as well. Windows will go crazy issue all these warning. I remember I had to unistall my anti virus to get it installed, then re install the anti virus. so, buyer beware. Its free anyways. I have it installed and working for a good 5 years now zero issues https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzrAjj9b-M0wMEtaa3dNVkN5ZWs