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  1. Jackson Redstar

    Tool for avatar positioning

    BD's poser is great (wonder when FS will implement that") but it doesn't move your avatar into a position
  2. Jackson Redstar

    Tool for avatar positioning

    here is a method that will work if you are in a no rezz zone and cant use pose balls or anything, I often use this with models. You could use an alt to move 'you' You need to be able to edit their objects to do this, Once you have permissions if you click on them to 'edit' you can now move the avi as an object. Rotating can be done as well but it can get a bit sticky. and if the avi you are moving talks in local or does anything like add something the position will reset. Also, "you' or the avi you are moving like this will not see themselves being moved, so if you are doing this to yourself via an alt, the alt will have to be the one who takes the photo. and to properly select the avi and not a object on the avi, use shift ctrl alt 9 to derender all objects. that way the root avi will be visible making the selection possible
  3. Jackson Redstar

    Tool for avatar positioning

    Try the Animare HUD The center position betwen the hips (called hip) moves the avi on its axis. BUT, this may well depend on what you are sitting on it the animation is higher priority
  4. Jackson Redstar

    Picture-Taking Annoyance

    be cool if it could be a little like lightroom upon export an image where it gives you 'options' either like date, custom name + sequential number etc... have that set in the dialog bog. Could even include an option of using he sim name or username. But it is quick thing I suppose to set the first image name than to spend hours of dev time on that .....
  5. Jackson Redstar

    Show your setup *PIC*

  6. there was a song about this written once..... Girls will be boys, and boys will be girlsIt's a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up worldExcept for Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola It's a fantasy world. You can be a man, woman, dog, vampire, werewolf, Horse or whatever. As long as you don't hurt someone else by your 'play' just, have fun!
  7. Jackson Redstar

    Some basic questions of photographing

    http://www.visionairesl.com/ Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise)
  8. Jackson Redstar

    Some basic questions of photographing

    I forgot to mention - look up Wrenoir Cruise in world. She runs a multi-week photography class that covers nearly everything you need to know about SL photography, along with general photography topics such as composition and lighting
  9. Jackson Redstar

    Some basic questions of photographing

    Have a look at some of strawberry signh's tutorials: https://strawberrysingh.com/tutorials/ she is good at covering alot of the basics. Also alot of tutorials on youtube. And if you can rezz you can easily make your own local lites, if all you are needing is lighting. There is nothing wrong with a model wearing lites though and is a good option if rezzing isn't availble
  10. Jackson Redstar

    Inworld photography community

    might be a good idea, however, what usually ends up happening is low to mid level photographers use it for endless self promotion and contribute little, if any any, to the dialog.
  11. Jackson Redstar

    Recording Video - Program

    I use fraps. some use camtasia
  12. There is a person by the name of TeimaLove (search google, she has FB, Twitter, YouTube, Viemo...) that takes our videos from you tube, sometimes mixes them together with other videos she steals, strips the audio track and ads a new audio track, then uploads them as her own content. On YouTube it is a pretty simply process to report this theft, but not so much on Facebook. If you make videos in SL, I would suggest you look at her channels and if you see your work being used by her, either report her and/or demand she remove the video. I have have not only videos but photos ripped by her, as well as other friends. And with Facebook moving to monetize videos in the future, not very cool having a thief trying to make money of our original work. I will post a link to her FB and Youtube, but she has accounts all over the place. FB: https://www.facebook.com/teimalove80/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDmr26zazYeOOm8ze2ObTdw/videos
  13. Jackson Redstar

    Secondlife declining player base

    IMO, technology is the killer. People have phones and tablets now. and add to that SL is a time investment to spend time in here, and money as well. If one hasnt the time, the disposable income or a fairly decent machine, SL doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Even with a great machine all the mesh has become a 2 headed monster. Great looking but welcome to lagville! Me personally doing weddings over the years, as mesh became more and more the standard the lag has gone through the roof. Even without shaders and shadows on, but with all the pretty on, it becomes pretty unusable with 30+ avis in one area. That will have have a impact on users perspective of SL i think. Either have to make it all pretty ugly to be able to move some or make it all pretty and get froze in place. But then again, nothing is perfect. I still like it in anycase!
  14. Thank you Sultry for sending me this track! Check out Sultry performing live in SL she is an awesome singer!
  15. Sultry sent me a track to make a video with. And if you haven't seen Sultry live yet, you should! She is an amazing singer! Enjoy!