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  1. not sure with LL, but a number of places it seems have been 'blacklisting' known VPN ip addresses
  2. Learn photography and video. there is always a demand for really good wedding photographers and wedding videographers, along with doing events Striping and stuff like that - meh... hard to make any money, ALOT of strippers are men in female avis or alts of the club owner, and men are usualy cheap bastards anyways when it comes to tipping girls! LOL
  3. yes, and some windlights themselves cause FPS to drop as well, but certainly having shadow quality cranked up is a killer!
  4. he he, yeah, Windows! LOL every time i DL the viewer Win says you know this jerk? and i say yeah, it's ok, let him in!😁
  5. seems to be a few good editors out there now, i suppose the main thing i will miss from premiere is primarily when I use an after effects template, or, if I want to use one. Nothing can replace that
  6. I am currently using Premiere Pro - but am growing weary of the fact that I have to "rent" Adobe software for as long as I use it. I recently downloaded Davinci Resolve (free version) to look at video editing on that. Does anybody else use Resolve or what other type of editing software do people use other than Abobe products? and I am on a PC platform not Apple
  7. just remember, what happens in your Viewer stays in your Viewer
  8. But, they shoulda come up with a new scale like LH or LM, Linden feet or Linden Meters, but then again, who woulda know years later people would freak the F out cause some pixel beings are "7 feet" tall in a non real pixel world!
  9. "cheap PC" has different meanings to different people but Id say at least a core i5 or AMD equivalent and use a good Nvidia card. Sl likes Nvidia
  10. The BIGGEST mistake Linden ever did with avatar is give a 'height" in real world measurements! Second Life is NOT Real World! it is a computer program of pixels, therefore things are IN SCALE with objects inside the virtual world! One primary factor being the camera off set is behind and over us, therefore, if a building had a "real world" ceiling height of 8 feet, the avatar would need to be about 4 feet, 5 foot maximum to walk around inside! Height is irrelevant! it is all about SCALE And as far as fat butts go, hey, we can be anything we want in SL and if that's what people want or what makes them happy, then fat butt away I say!
  11. I think the issue facing Linden is people aren't buying "machines" they have laptops and tablets nowadays. Except for hard core gamers who probably aren't likely that interested in SL anyways. And i think it would be hard for someone to justify just because they like SL to spend 2 or 3 thousand (or more) on a machine powerful to enjoy SL in all its glory
  12. if anybody does photos in SL for people aspect ratio has always been a joke! Profile, well some see 4:3 others 1:1 oh you want one for your "picks" section that's completely different! oh you need a photo for the destination guide, again, completely different than everything else!
  13. Amazon will buy it and force us to join Prime or we have to wait 2 days to log in each time!
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