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  1. I keep it simple. 4:3 cause i use FS and so do hoards of others. so what it's squish a bit in the 'official' aspect ratio!
  2. If you get a chance to take in Sultry's shows you should do so she is an awesome singer in SL. I've made a few videos of her singing and she has recorded me some songs to be used in a music video. This is Sultry performing at Babylon Berlin
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCePMeOQnJ_ppaglsx3sgSYw?view_as=subscriber << youtube channel link
  4. hands down PS as it is the only one I ever used, but, now that it is on a never ending rental price, may be rethinking that!
  5. contact Wren Noir in world. She runs the Visionaire Institute and has a comprehensive multi week photography course for SL
  6. on a technical note, I would say watch the use of your face/body lights. they should never overpower the rest of the scene. One other important thing on shadows: Just because we can make shadows doesn't mean we always should. look at RL photography with models in the scene. Rarely see professionals have shadows go across the subjects face or body - most often you might see backlight shots with perhaps a little fill light (which would be your face/body light)
  7. You need to capture the screen to start. I used to use FRAPS but seems was having lagging issues. I use OBS now (what strawberry uses) Having a 3D mouse is not required but for a flycam type of filming it is needed (Space Navigator mouse) Lastly, you will need to edit then render your video. Thre are some good free/low cost editors out there (Davinci Resolve is free) I use Adobe Premiere but dat ***** be expensive! There are some in world scripted cams you can check out too some of which may be useful. I found this post too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X21kpM33uqg&list=PLzq27AiUEAGwdZweJAH3lxjFnQioEItMP&index=28&t=0s
  8. SL was written way back in early 2000s. Now think back to all the blazing fast devices and internet speeds we had then. and even what we have today in SL came on way after the base of SL was written. From what i ready the primary thing that can speed up SL is a good CPU with good clock speeds, and even at that SL primarily uses one core. a good graphic card only helps up to a certain point. The thing is though if one can maintain at least 20-25 fps with 'everything on' it will still be a fairly decent experience - it is never gonna be a lag free super high FPS gaming experience
  9. I have a GTX 970 intel core i7 (4th gen) 16 gig RAm, 100mbs download wired LAN. (fine connection to tuscon area severs) I always felt like there was a bottleneck somewhere either from the viewer or my system. I talk to others basically same set up getting 40-60 fps on "ultra" on a normal sim and generally on a 'normal' sim with maybe only a could avis i average maybe 20fps give or take. very crowded sims (such as when I am videoing weddings) often cant eek out much more that 5-6 fps I been experimenting with over clocking the GPU and so far it appears that has zero effect for SL at all. Heat on both CPU and GPU are well within accepted ranges. I keep the max bandwidth set about 1200 in FS I usually run 1 step below 'ultra' but keep avi detail at 10 and LOD set to 3.0, for weddings shadow max quality is at 1 Sure wish there was a secret recipe some where! But being this is SL that is highly doubtable. we're running High end gear on early 2000s code! lol
  10. SL has been here since what, 2003? since then computers are like 50 times more powerful at least, graphic cards are blazing fast, most now have blazing fast internet speed, yet, rezzing hasn't improved much at all, and maybe gone done some because of all the complex mesh. It is true SL is more stable in general than in the old days, just not really any faster. and once you turn on the shaders and shadows still the same ol crap show. Try being at a sim with 40+ mesh avatars with all the shaders on. and one would think by now that sim crossings would be seamless too
  11. IMO we sometimes get over fascinated with shadows in SL. Look at high end fashion photography you really dont see alot of shadows (from natural source like the sun) Second, the avi skin really dont roll off the shadows that well. It often looks rather unnatural (very top pic a perfect example the shadow line running down the arm)
  12. falloff on the local lites will give you the smoothest transition of lite between 1.5 and 2 and then i usualy set the main, or key lite where i want it, then add the fill low power and radius close in with high falloff and move it around till i get a smooth light effect. course I use photoshop so sometimes i know i can 'fix it in post' lol. But works best adding one lite at a time I find
  13. thanks for that that will help some people. IMO I would say you might need to play with the positioning of the lights and intensity/radius/falloff some more.... it is always difficult as avi skins don't do a good job of feathering out a light source. I don't know if you had any sunlight at all (assuming there by the shadow), but there still seems to be some harsh uneven shadows and light transitions. Your lights were for the most part classic 3 light set up, but local lights on a avi can be a bit touchy, especially if you have a little sunlight coming through I did this quick no sunlight, one main light, and one fill. main was on the left front fill right front. main was set to color e8bf78 intensity 1 radius 3 falloff 2 and fill same color intensity .302 radius .7 falloff 2
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