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  1. worrying about natural climate patters that have gone on for 4+ billion years and thinking we can effect global climate by focusing on a trace gas in the atmosphere is well, lame. There are REAL issues countries need to focus on rather that chasing some Carbon fairy. Like, real pollution, industrial waste, millions of plastic bottles dumped everywhere, pollution in our streams and rivers..... the earth's climate will go cycling on all by it self like it has for the last 4 billion years, but we cant keep polluting and then think we can 'save the planet' by focusing on a trace gas in the atmosph
  2. Regardless of where the virus originated from, an accidental release or from bat soup, in the end, it benefited China greatly. First and foremost it helped Trump out of office, and got a China bot as POTUS instead. Secondly it devastated western world economies - with there to pick up the pieces and profit from it
  3. WHO is practically an arm of the Chinese government. ya really think they would rock the boat by saying the Chinese accidently let it out of a virus lab. you don't bite the hand that is feeding you money
  4. we still haven't an answer on where exactly this came from, the wet market line is pretty much BS. And since it probably came from the Wuhan lab the remaining question would be was it accidental or on purpose. And if it was accidental did the Chinese government decide it could use it to their advantage?
  5. thanks for the replys. there are so many hidden things in debug settings i was hoping maybe it was some simple tweak. and believe me as someone who has filmed dozens and dozens of wedding events under all sorts of lighting conditions and high lag, I have seen much strangeness and unexplainable behavior in SL! lol and since i only use FS there is no real help from Lindens and FS support is all but non-existent
  6. I should clarify this is in FS viewer with shaders/ALM on - the LOD is set to default. Ive noticed over the years anything 'white' that has some alpha to it (like curtians, wedding dresses, etc) can just get weird and look funky in low light/local light lit scenes
  7. I have seen this a number of times I am wondering if there is a setting or something than can fix this. Seems to happen on textures that are semi transparent , In this gif below the shaders are on and Advanced lighting as well https://i.gyazo.com/71275df06082bc480c4c729e7b57f764.mp4
  8. Ok that worked on that, now on this is there any way to force these textures to load on the rocks in the fore ground then in the bg where the goats are?
  9. or is it me? this is ver Black Dragon (64bit) 3.9.10 - Visualizing Dragon Certain mesh just refuses to rezz. I check draw distance and LOD, relogged like 3 times, but the mesh rocks and mesh roof here refused to load This is at luanes world Black Dragon: This is Firestorm how it should look: (NOT lighting, the mesh rocks in forground and mesh roof on house) Black Dragon (64bit) 3.9.10 - Visualizing Dragon Release Notes CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700K CPU @ 3.80GHz (3792 MHz) Memory: 32672 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows
  10. I think Linden wants the public to think this is a World of Warcraft type of game
  11. run the latest viewer but also remember to keep your graphics driver up to date as well
  12. first of all, why would you want a Dodge? 😅
  13. this is rather easy in most cases. It is called Diffuse Glow. Photo shop and most other photo editing software has it. Of course there are alot of ways to achieve the same effect/ this seems a little overcooked on the face and chest, though
  14. LOL try to video a wedding with 50+ avies there!
  15. "chrome with 40 tabs " - that is usually a girl thing! lol But really this is why you should shut down everything you can while on SL if you need to keep FPS up as much as possible
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