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  1. sim crosses will always be borked in sl. Most 'riding sims' are on a single sim and the track goes up (or down) vertically
  2. "voice verified" was likely started in the stripper/escort profession in SL, so.....
  3. mine would have to be the absence of all color and all light
  4. the fact that the world is going nuts over this speaks volumes. But, I applaud Megan. The idea of 'royalty' is asinine anyways just because you were born to a certain set of parents, but that is what it is - but why should it be a life long indentured servant contract for the kids? Yeah yeah, she knew what she was marrying into , but, I say kudos for bucking that and wanting her own life for themselves and her kid. Harry can still play Prince when needed to be a good will ambassador for the Crown, she can do her thing with acting or fashion or whatever, and the kid can grow up kinda mostly normal. It's 2020, women can even vote these days!
  5. SL doesn't return good value for the money spent on a new computer though, unlike a build for gaming. You'll always find sims that just really suck the life out of your PC. But, Nvidia has always been said to be the preferred graphics card for SL
  6. I am sure there are those that are still raging that Windows 1.0 isn't still being supported. It was such a good OS on their Commodore 64 machines! if one takes a little time to watch youtube vids on Win 10, they would know all the "privacy" issues in Win 10 can easily be turned off. and the primary issues with Win 10 is outdated, unsupported hardware and/or software. But then again, those people probably still jam out on their sony walkmans and use their flip phones still and really, really miss the lovely noise modems made to connect to the interwebs.
  7. Would would be nice is if you could attach a NC to a 'pick' That would solve alot of problems (and no doubt create a few more lol) But if one ran a rental co for example they could get a NC for all your info
  8. that is a day cycle. You need to be on a Fixed Cycle. If you are in FS go to world>environment editor>environment settings. Select fixed cycle and select a WL to use (or make your self a custom on for that)
  9. discussion of politics USED to be about policy positions. Now it is just about your guy sucks and everyone who voted for that person is a moron, racist, bigot, or whatever. That was how a multi-party system was meant to work - people had different positions on policy, they hash it out and try to reach a compromise that somewhat makes everyone happy
  10. I have noticed on BD what i consider a 'hard' sim, lots of mesh, lots of alphas, it would always take a long time at low fps and for things to even start rezzing and go from grey, whereas FS seems to have a easier time on these sorts of sims, so i had assumed (maybe incorrectly) that maybe something was different between the 2 viewers (other than the obvious, of course) but maybe it just something in my system or settings that is borked. I do ensure both viewers are on the white list for the firewall. I just wonder since BD isn't 'officially' signed by MS if that also has something to do with it like something in windows is giving the viewer low priority or something
  11. Politics are very divided now a days , and too further the division to make a claim that it is 'only trump supporters' is pretty ridiculous. Both sides push their views, often to an extreme at times, but there is primarily one side that gets blacklisted, harassed out of bars and dining establishments, beat up, spit on, because of their political views. The other side can do whatever they want, say whatever they want, use violent tactics, and that is considered acceptable behavior cause the current President is wrong and the 60 mil people who voted for him are idiots. we all have different opinions and we all think usually the other side has the wrong opinion, and in days past, this was just the normal discourse, We could live with it. Now all it is is throwing hand grenades over the walls I think the appropriate couple appropriate terms here would be "he without sin can cast the first stone" and "be careful throwing stones in a glass house" and I mean this no matter which side one supports
  12. thanks Niran Ill do a clean install on this and see how it goes It's intersting you say the GPU was maxed as my CPU ramps if first then after a while the CPU from sown and the GPU comes up some
  13. This isn't meant to be a knock on the BD viewer, just trying to understand what the viewer is trying to load in vs Firestorm... Some sims on BD it can barely get 1fps on landing and never ramps up. I see the CPU load at about 50-60%, GPU almost at idle. FS will chug a bit at first at the same sim (both only maybe 5 avies on it) with the CPU running along at about 50% or so, but after a short bit, the sim is 'drawn, CPU drops down and FPS comes up. I know some sims are chug monsters they just never get good FPS . Shaders on but shadows off, all other settings roughly the same. So it got me wondering what the BD is trying to load differently than FS. Anybody have any guesses? CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz (3597.91 MHz) Memory: 16326 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 18363.535) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1080/PCIe/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 441.66
  14. well, hell, I was hoping someobody was gonna come out with a carbon free burger!😅
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