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  1. i wouldnt mind dancer as long as its not too skimpy and i use a anime avatar too, if its not too skimpy then i wouldnt mind @ChibiDragon007
  2. i am learning blender atm, and taking classes at blender benders, and watching tutorials too on youtube
  3. like what kind of inworld pictures? you mean like sl photography or something else? @Alwin Alcott
  4. well someone else suggested them, and ok might try to do that then
  5. Hii, so last time i posted on advice on my marketplace and inworld store and did do some of the suggestions told in comments (thank you) but i am still having no sales, and would like to ask for some advice once more if thats ok?: so someone said to flood the keywords with words pertaining to selling product, another suggested lowering the price, and another suggested using my own watermark on my photos in my frames and to put original photo before title, plus put ''in frame'' since i sell nature photography in frames ( all photos are hand taken by yours truly's own camera, not googled), and did most of those suggestions, but still havent made much progress, so i came back here and kindly wanted some advice again if theres anything else that would be good. looking forward to your advice and thank you in advance ^-^
  6. Hi, i been hearing about inworld jobs and been wondering what kind of job would be good for someone who hasnt gotten one yet, but i am confused as to which kind i could do, i mean i have read the wiki about it and still dont know what i could choose right now, i mean, something that doesnt require rated M stuff like some dance clubs do, i mean nothing like stripping or something too skimpy, i also like doing photography or something easy but pays well, if you can provide some help or advice it would be appreciated :3
  7. @ChinRey mind adding me on secondlife so i can further talk and maybe you can give me some advice too?, also would 100L be better price for it, for a beginning price? or stay as is? or maybe 99L?. also thank you for the advice too, ill keep it in mind x3
  8. @ChinRey i priced them as such cause of how hard i work to take the pictures, they arent always easy to take, it depends on the day, the weather and ect too. i take all my photos by my own camera and work really hard to take very good and well done photography, i priced them as such due to the work i put into taking the photo. and i would love to take building classes too
  9. thank you very much @Alyona Su and i will mention that these are taken by me and were very hard to take and that i worked hard for them, thats why i priced them at 200, i will mention that also in the decription, thank you for the wondrous help ^-^, makes my day here, cause im trying so hard to sell them and share my love for art and photography with others like this, and to make a living as well to help in rl as well for my family too i also take them based on mood, or the time or day or when i feel that day is perfect for it, i love nature and i love doing them with all my heart as a artist :3 and thank you @Chic Aeon for the tutorials , been meaning to try to learn to make my own frames as well!!, cause i didnt want to just sell my photography in frames , but make my own frames to sell as well too, i dont know how to make meshes or any type of avatar items at all sadly, and i will learn scripting too if possible as well :3, and they are in frames, just that i take the snapshot inworld and crop it afterwords
  10. these photos were taken by me, by hand, by my own camera, i will mention that in description, i never use googled photos, and i am learning to take ones in sl right now, i will try classes too as well and the tutorial as well thank you, i will do my best and thank youfor the land impact thing, i might make them modifiable instead then besides idk how to do any type of mesh or clothes or anything for avatars at all, i mainly know how to do photography right now, its been my long lived hobby of mine for as long as i remembered
  11. i thought i was using keywords? like, i use Art,Photos as keywords, but should i use more then those two?, i did check prices as well some were higher and some were lower like 10, also would 100L be a ok price instead of 200?, and i will do as suggested and say in frames from now on as well @Cindy Avanier
  12. Hii, um im new to marketing and started a marketplace last month, cause i still havent gotten any much selling and i dont know if selling photos in frames is a good selling category cause , its the only thing im good at right now, so i wanted to ask for some tips and advice on how to make what i am doing better and or more successful in marketing, or if theres any thing i need to do so?, i also was wantong to ask about inworld as well, like whats the best place(s) to put up a inworld store, and how to draw more traffic as well too. so thats pretty much it so far, and im open to any tips or advice you can give me 😄
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