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  1. Best setting for the camera?

    I would put a check mark in the allow the cam to move thru prims. IMO that should be on by default.
  2. new today ? Geforce driver 397.64

    The last 2 updates on my video card make my Firestorm run frame by frame had to roll back both times. Then this morning windows 10 gave me the big April update and I'm getting some frame by frame action today.
  3. The new Marketplace Features coming - Merchant Survey Requirement

    I still don't understand wanting to ban someone from the marketplace. I've banned bad apples from my sim for behaving badly but if they want to go on the marketplace and give me their lindens I'll take it.
  4. The new Marketplace Features coming - Merchant Survey Requirement

    I was wondering this also, its not like you can really stop anyone from getting anything they just make an alt and gift it to the person your banning from buying your stuff.
  5. I hear 1024 size places are going for 500 US now.
  6. Did SL just go down again?

    Grid status page says everything is ok. I'm not sure what grid their on but its not the same one I'm trying to log into.
  7. Dwellings: size and camming..

    eg) On Firestorm - Preferences -> Move & View -> View -> Tick "Allow the camera to move without constraints through prims" (requires restart after toggling). Without this selected I couldn't walk thru most of the new homes out there now. This was really a game changer and don't understand why its not on by default.
  8. Here's the real problem everyone stands around trying on demo's and they hog the sim's resources for hours making the place their own personal dressing room. What needs to be done to get more people in and out and make more sales the event people need to tell the vendors that there demo's be placed in a box that has to be rezzed out and unpacked. People can get there demo's go home try stuff on in a lag free environment and then come back and get what they want. IMO
  9. How Do You Make Most of Your Sales?

    I'd say I do 50/50 store and marketplace. There has been a lot of times the customer would be standing right next to the vendor at the store and still buy it off the marketplace as their standing there.
  10. How are your Christmas sales doing?

    My sales we're ok, I like to do a visual thing so I can maybe see a trend of what people are buying. All those boxes in the background "represent" homes I sold in Nov & Dec. Edited for Rya cause he's a goober.hehe
  11. Disappearing House???

    Did she try a sim restart I've seen some strange things over the years that a simple sim restart would fix.
  12. .35 up is slow if you were trying to dj in SL you'd have a hard time doing it. I'm at 60 down and 15.0 up just so you know.
  13. Mesh home and camera problem

    If your on the firestorm viewer go to Preferences, Move & View, under the view tab put a check mark in Allow the camera to move without constraints through prims. Then you'll have to restart and the problem is gone. I wish this was on by default.
  14. I've had a sale going for over a week now and I made sure to change all the prices on the marketplace to match in world because I didnt want to go against TOS but your right I see other stores have in world sales all the time and not change anything on the marketplace. It might just be a weekend thing but still its going against TOS
  15. Behaviour of vendors after a negative review of their product.

    Did you try and get a hold of the merchant first to see if there was a fix for whatever you didn't like or did you just leave a bad review without contacting them.