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  1. Is anyone else having trouble this morning, Textures moving around on me & TP fails. I relogged and when I came back it was night time then about 10 seconds later it was day time and I hadn't moved.
  2. Windows 10 had some updates lately that have been reeking havoc on peoples pc's might have something to do with SL running laggy.
  3. Nope after I updated my rezzers nothing works even after a restart. I locked the sim down and I'm working on redoing everything.
  4. My casper vend worked good after a restart rezzed just fine. Got sent an update and updated now I have 4 rezzing vendors of houses to redo because now nothing works. About half tempted to just close shop.
  5. Everything is gone strange teleports failing body parts not wore anyone else having problems all of a sudden.
  6. I have for years restarted my sim a few hours after rolling restarts.
  7. Yup that worked and from the new location I tp'ed to where I was trying to log into in the first place which is not offline.
  8. I have my anti-aliasing set at x4. Things look nice and clear with no AL on soon as I turn it on all edges look like chasing lights at Christmas time. As a matter of fact I see the effect on Peonys fireplace picture.
  9. Off most the time because it gives edges a Saw effect and things don't look as clear.
  10. I would put a check mark in the allow the cam to move thru prims. IMO that should be on by default.
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