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  1. I'm having issues getting to dashboard this morning, getting a 504 Gateway Time-out. I've tried directly and through search (via events) Anyone else having this issue as well?
  2. I've been a boat/plane/vehicle painter in SL for a few years now, and recently got brave and attempted to do some building with my partner. This is one of our bigger boat/deck houses (painted the boat as well) ...
  3. I didn't notice anything during the day or through the evening, but I have experienced bad pings and packet loss in the past. This is what I've learned, though someone with more tech know-how can probably explain it better but - It can turn out to be a number of things, most of which are out of our hands. The first one is a busy network, or flooded...as in lots of folks online, but usually with that you'll see slower speeds. During last summer I saw ping numbers that could make a person cry, but that was due to throttling. Ironically, I had no packet loss, just super amounts of latency. Another cause would be your ISP's network itself might have an issues, causing connectivity to SL (and other things) to be "off", which in turn would cause packet loss and weird ping numbers. Sometimes just a relog (to SL) can remedy it, and in other, and more common cases, a router restart may and can remedy it. Again though, if your ISP is having an issue, even reboots won't help and all one can do is ride it out. With that one in mind, could be your own local network might have an issue, which a router reboot might remedy. On a personal note, another thing I've seen, and I guess this falls on the AWS side of things, or the hosting "server" for each sim, is I can log on to SL to my home, and see a slight bit of packet loss, and then TP to our shop or our club, and it drops to back none. *to add our club and shop are mainland. I'm on wireless and as mentioned I've seen some horrid numbers as far a packet loss goes (as in double digits) Not sure what type of net you're on, be it fixed or wireless, if you keep seeing packet loss and high ping number, as I was saying, try a full router reboot. If you're on wireless, try a router reboot, then an antenna reboot and see if it clears up.
  4. I was about to say "No they (casper) doesn't do gift cards, thinking that I could swear they did, then I found this (though if I gather what you're saying it's not exactly what's being looked for) - https://wiki.casperdns.com/index.php/CasperVend_2/Gift_Cards/V3 There is a way to give percentages however (again not sure it's exactly what you're looking for, but might be worth a look if you haven't already yet) - https://wiki.casperdns.com/index.php/CasperVend_2/Discounts https://wiki.casperdns.com/index.php/CasperLet/Discounts
  5. I didn't have any issues I can remember yesterday, but as for today, much different story. Two orders from MP failed to deliver, plus if I create an item or rez something (if I'm even able to) and go to delete it, I have to relog otherwise it stays and I get an error or nothing at all happens. To add to it, when logging on this morning, it took forever for my inventory to load after a tex and inventory cache clear.
  6. If your using the search outside of SL try clearing your browser cache.
  7. It was apparently stuck in general search only, but should be working fine now. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/p616zcqn31gj
  8. Search appears to be functioning properly again! 😁
  9. Yep very same thing I'm seeing. 😬
  10. I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar search issues. What happens, is basically nothing. I go to search, ( https://search.secondlife.com/) put in the keyword for our shop, and get, nothing - 0 results. I can check on dashboard or when logged in to SL and see our upcoming events are there, but again, they're not coming up in search. I also don't see my name logged in at the top of the page, nor can I change the maturity level. It's 2:39pm my time, and ironically around an hour ago it was working fine. I haven't seen mention of any maintenance happening, but wondering if there is some happening, or again if anyone else is seeing similar?
  11. I did mention in the other thread of the vintage club being the best, but I have to admit there's two jobs I have now, that I can say have been and are the best. Though I have to wonder if it actually qualifies as a job. My wife and I own our own vehicle texture shop, as well as our own club now. I do work at both, creating at and managing our shop as well as djing at and managing our club so technically it is a job - but it sure doesn't feel like it....which is a good thing! 😁
  12. Looks like it was moved and is/was still on - https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/pr43sxdf3q01
  13. I live in the middle of nowhere, so I've spent the last 11 years on SL (as a dj) with wireless net - from 2G net cards, to sat-net and now wifi. Does satellite work? Yes, yes it does, and works just fine. Worst thing that ever happened, with sat net, beyond usage limits (which were way too low to start with), and the occasional passing heavy rain shower, was a spider that built its web in front of my dish. It didn't knock the net out fully, but caused my upload to be a bit lower, causing me to drop my stream while dj'ing.
  14. To me, as for preferred: Boats/Ships - N&K Shipyards (Mercury Class Corvette, Falcon Class, Midas Class Eastindiaman), Bandit/The Mesh Shop (way too many to name), Trudeau (Francois Jacqueline) Planes - Dani Airplanes (D-207, D-121, D-50, D-139, D-Arrow VI, D-690) Cars/Trucks/Other - Arton Rotoru Production (Quatrelle, and my wife owns the Mudskipper) , Optmus Race (Stargate, MotoGP), Surplus Motors (To many to name) Wildcard - Rubber Bunny who makes a variety of vehicles (land, sea, air) Between my wife and I, we own practically everything RB has done, and love each vehicle. She also makes great sailing huds. Notable mention - Cheermaster (Ultralight), Sky Maruti (several "light" vehicles), Maschinenwerk, Corp (several land/sea/air vehicle types), Notable but nothing owned by them: Lusch Motors
  15. Very good times indeed! And sure thing come on by we'll get you fixed up proper! 😁
  16. This is one of those times, where one should just count the "better" then the worst, due it taking less time - case in point - In almost 11 years I've worked at over 33 clubs, co-owned two, and managed one and was a dj at all of them. With the exception of one of the co-owned, the one I managed (which had its own set of good days and seriously bad) , and one vintage jazz club I worked at for several years, doing once a month shows (and only left due to tech issues and a repeating schedule conflict), I can't say too many of them were anything close to good jobs, and saying some of them were bad jobs, could be an understatement. The worst that comes to mind however, was a rather short stint I had that lasted around 24 hours, and the only reason it lasted that long is due to time zone differences (US vs EU). I put in an app, which was replied too, within the hour of submitting it, then get asked to do a demo "as soon as possible". No problem there, even though it was 5am my time and I had been awake since around 10 am the day before. I hop to the club, do what I thought would be a 20 minutes demo, and did a full 2 hours. I then was asked to come back in a few hours to do an actual full show, which of course (due to slept dep) I agreed too. I come back, still no sleep, do the show, and then have a "meeting" with the owners, who inform me the club was being built with a past club in mind, that, and the details were a bit on the sketchy side, they either due to being kicked and banned from, or left on their own good will.....my guess is "good will" meant less kicking and banning. So keeping in mind that there's nothing wrong with a start up club, and "things" happen to cause folks to leave places, and so on (trying to be all positive n stuff), I told them I was good, if they were good and what day or days would I be working. From that point on, things get a bit hazy (and not even due to lack of sleep). First I get "asked" to be the dj manager, which I decline since I had just been recently removed from being a manager for 5 years at a club, that the owner decided to close due to rl. Wasn't a bad ending or any anger about it, we did our time, place had run it's course, so time to go... I tell them this, and get an something that I thought meant "Ok no problem" and then am informed that I am the new dj manager. I won't say things went downhill fast from that point, but let's just say an oiled person on a slip n slide pointing down Mt. Everest would be moving slower. I spent the next several hours first in a voice meeting, while another "dj" who brought an alt to host, was randomly playing music, continuously (or at least every 5-10 minutes or so) typing the same emotes in local, telling the world (staff and a few wandering in to see what the place was about types) how great he was, yet again saying I wasn't up for being a manager, which was followed by what they expected me to do as far as handling the djs.....oh....forgot to mention including the one who was on, and myself, our staff of dj's consisted of maybe 3 djs, and yet again me trying to inform them that I wasn't up for the job, and finally in short, telling them I couldn't do it, which was responded by "Sure you can, we believe in you!" .....like that made all the difference of course! After that, for the next several hours, I received a mild tsunami of IM's both offline and online, from one of the manager/owners overly excited about the 500-1000 people that were there, and more coming in by the dozen. I figured they were offering money or sex for free or something, which I wasn't too far off of as they had purchased a sploader (meh). The person believed, the poor soul, that this was bringing in actual patrons, as in club goer's who were there for the club and music and so on. I tried to explain how they weren't actual patrons and just what I and many others in the past had referred them to as "sploader locust" and that as soon as they got their 1-5-10 L's they'd be on their way. She didn't seem to grasp the concept, and after 20-30 more Im's with number counts, coming in like stock market readings, and me repeatedly asking how long the people are actually staying, the owner/manager got irritable (to reality) and said I should be there to witness and be part of the clubs "greatness", and by not dropping everything I was doing, I was being arrogant, selfish, and words of similar flavors. Safe to say following a touch more of that type of nonsense, a few more insults for not being a team player and added in with the early nonsense and apparently lack of communication, the conversation ended courtesy of the magic "hush" button and I never went back nor ever spoke to anyone related with the place ever again. Oh and for the record, most likely due to lack of sleep, and frustration over the reality that me not wanting to be a dj manager had fallen on deaf ears, I IM'ed the above mentioned dj, informing him that apparently I was doing that job and could I add him. He replied with " " . A good few other places I've burned time at, were pretty close to that, including the one venue I worked at, where they not only boasted about how much money they spend, but then blamed for chasing patrons away by the owner due to songs being "too long", only to be followed by same owner telling me I'm the best dj ever, and then followed by, yep, same owner, requesting an our of genre 8 minute song. As I tell my wife, when traveling down "amnesia lane" when talking about previous venues I've worked at - "A lot of them are closed now, and most, should have probably never opened to begin with!" 😈
  17. If it's you being disconnected (and not crashing) try restarting your router. Power it down, wait a moment or two, then power it back up. If you have an antenna set up (even though you mentioned it being cable there are some set-ups that still use an antenna), once the router has restarted, restart the antenna as well. Once it's back, try logging in and see how things go from there. If it still happens and you're on a wireless PC/Laptop, inside your home, try connecting directly to the router from the device you're using.
  18. That is something I've always kind of wondered about that - Why is there no specific "vehicle" section. There's a good many of us who travel around the grid in various forms of road/air/sea vehicles, including on horseback, and even on foot. I know we have as Rowan mentioned, the Destinations Section, but as also mentioned to find anything, one has to dig...so what a "SL Explorers" sub section - specifically targeting drivers, sailors, pilots etc?
  19. Broken people?....or broke people?..or both? 😛😆
  20. I just had 2 of 3 texture uploads work..on the 3rd one, i get this error (or similar ones)
  21. Sitting at my house in Sandbanks, just tp'ed to our shop and club without issue, though tp'ing back was a touch slow. I noticed things do seem a sluggish, but everything seems to be working, or is at least getting back to a state of nearly working. 😁
  22. I just got logged in... it told me my location wasn't available, and yet I'm standing at my home...it's a start at least i'd say!
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