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  1. I hope this one hasn't been done already but, where am I?
  2. Hyper Mole's Memorial Garden in Rookwood. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rookwood/50/63/22
  3. If you can, restart your wireless router via an app or webpage control panel for the router. When I was on Sat-net (eck) and on AT@T Wi-Fi (more eck) I saw the same issue a lot (and that was even after the old missing sim bug that was fixed ages ago). When I switched to a stronger Wi-Fi (T-Mobile in the US), I still saw it, but far way less. The only thing that seemed to help nearly eliminate it (beyond eventually switching to fiber) was restarting the wi-fi router from its web/app based CP either every couple of days, or, even every day. That will also help prevent any random odd drops. I don't know technical reasons of why it happens (perhaps someone with better tech know-how can explain it) but it does seem to happen on wi-fi or any other wireless type set up. Could be a latency thing, net speed, network not connecting fast enough or so on. If the restarting doesn't help, another thing you can try is adjusting your draw distance as well and your bandwidth setting. Draw distances can vary in results, but if your net speed can handle raising your bandwidth setting, might be worth trying.
  4. What type of internet do you have? As in Hardline (DSL/Broadband/Fiber), Wi-fi, Sat-Net? Also how do 'you' connect to your internet - cable directly to the net router, or wireless connect to the router?
  5. Not sure if you were able to resolve the issue or not, but there was an issue within the last 24 hours regarding LindeX and MP which could have caused this to happen - https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/hfzrggrxtcx8
  6. There was an issue reported earlier through the Casper group, something involving the webpage. Should be ok now though.
  7. Right click on your object, while still in inventory and select "Properties"..you should get a box like so https://gyazo.com/4f01401e8805e1fdfe4c906bcacb9389 *(this is how I do it in FS, not sure if it's the same in SLV, but should be, or at least be similar I would think)
  8. Only if it drags on the ground, especially over crossings. Just rode the routes from route 5 to 1, to 3 to 3A, all the sims were up, so good news there for sure. The thud noise, oddly enough, was really sporadic - varying on RC's and Main channel servers.
  9. I'm guessing due to the restart issues today, the fix didn't get put in, considering while out a moment ago on route 5 then route 9, the sound was still there. Also noticed two sims not "visible" - either that or still down (one on each route) well after the roll back was completed. and the issue was shown as resolved. 😕 For an example of the not visible/down sims - I'm currently standing in Second Norway and Brinken is down ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brinken/146/114/33 ) or not visible. Edit 2 - While I was posting the info about Brinken, I turned around to see Nordfjorden ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nordfjorden/171/76/69 ) turn red on the mini map, then go down.
  10. Grid restarts have completed and I'm currently standing in Lyonet http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lyonet/194/79/32 which is currently running RC Magnum 2023-12-06-7120498618 and the thud is still here... 😕
  11. I keep forgetting about this one..one of the most fun to drive and by far one of the most SOLID cars out there..not to mention it knows no fear..even if the driver does! 😆
  12. Check out any of the NTBI cars - Lusch Motors, GEMC, Jupiter, for example. Most of their cars have cruise control/speed limiters that can help with keeping a slow steady pace..plus most of the cars have a ton of steering and control options as well. Plus they have a demo section where you can try all of the NTBI cars out - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NTBI/84/87/24 For specific slower cars to try - the Tuk Tuk Go from Lusch, the GEMC ice cream truck (sounds silly but its an epic road vehicle) and the Jupiter "Whats" (Kei)
  13. Also wouldn't make a lick of sense, because doesn't that sort of negate the purpose of the RC channels, in the first place? To add to the returning thud annoyances, we were flying around last night in a Mayfly, and while circling Leviathan heard it happen at least twice. As far as I know we didn't collide with anything (since we didn't crash obviously lol), but sure heard it - LOUD and clear.
  14. What I heard on the main, must have been carry over from hearing it on the RC, when doubling back to check things. Our lead shop is on the same main channel I had mentioned and I'm not hearing it there....thankfully. But Magnum, yes no doubt, and I swear it's louder this time...
  15. I'm hearing them as well in the same region. Is it me, or is there some odd echo effect happening with them..or just more intense? edit: hearing it on Second Life Server 2023-11-07.6790647783 as well. (Burnet to be exact) edit 2: Not hearing it on LeTigre..thus far.
  16. I actually got the message when I was offline, and hadn't been on in a couple of hours, though I was out and about on the routes driving earlier. Ironically, an associate IM'ed me about a half week ago, asking if I had ever heard anything about the whole deal, nearly quoting the exact same message. Told them what I had read about and needless to say they weren't too thrilled about the info, because they said it seemed like a "great deal" and a lot of "fun" from what they had seen thus far... As far as I know they got away from it...at least one hopes. In any case, I went ahead and filed an AR as well.
  17. Got the exact same thing from the same "person" around 15-20 minutes ago.
  18. Whatever was done, worked! I've been running up and down stairs, and jumping around all over our house and land, and so far no thunks, bumps, or coconut falling from tree noises can be heard! 😁
  19. If you mean this message - https://gyazo.com/2236ce1f767c3e864653eebfdf6c680d Read here -
  20. Been kind of thinking around about that. Since the sound has all but vanished from main channel this week, most likely it'll be back to normal on RC after the next batch of restarts....hopefully at least. 😬
  21. You can add LeTigre to that list of where it's for sure heard - which, even with EnableCollisionSounds set to false I'm still hearing the sounds, walking up/down stairs and jumping etc. *Edit 2 To follow up on what Eowyn said, I checked our shop in Badger, our 2nd shop in Symmetry and our venue in Remonta, everything seems fine at all places, no odd collision noises when jumping or other wise. (all of these spots are on the current main channel server)
  22. Today following the latest restarts, the sound, if it was possible, seems to be worse! I hear it now exiting a vehicle, walking up or down stairs, going in or out of an auto-open door, even jumping up and down. Pretty much...moving causes the collision noise... 😕
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