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  1. Thanks for that. An owner of the land (I believe) next to the landslide said they had filed a report as well, so here's hoping. As of this morning the roads still blocked though. 😬
  2. While venturing out on route 5, I crossed on to Myron ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myron/126/2/33 ) and came across this - https://gyazo.com/2edba960c817a34e138c9d4016611741 https://gyazo.com/810d8c8450df74a66dab7a18b2a3a44b https://gyazo.com/7e3f3dfb2122d5626555ba3de990671e The section of land according to "about land" says it Linden property. My guess is, either there was an earthquake, landslide, or there was some really bad terrain editing...
  3. I went to check the grid status today from dashboard, and first attempt I get a 503 error, 2nd attempt it either loads in epic snail mode, or I get another 503 error. Anyone else seeing this issue? (side note - everything else seems to be working fine on dashboard, also if I go directly to the grid page, that loads without issue) https://gyazo.com/695d7a118e06182b7e692aa66b48e10f
  4. Correct that is from The Mesh Shop, but it's the Nacra 17 not the Flying Shadow.
  5. You can try Sailor's Cove - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Race Rock/124/43/2 It's not the largest most wide open of areas, but there's plenty of room for you to test out and try out things, before making your way, via one of the several outlets, to Blake.
  6. I just tp'ed from 578370 to 577734 and back to 578370 , didn't see any issues, plus everything around me and on me loaded and is attached. Not sure how much difference it makes, but I did do a tex and inventory cache clear before logging this morning prior to the restarts.
  7. I believe they go off every 12 hours or so. As for what specific time, for the life of me I can't remember.
  8. This is the free version (that charges a 5% commission fee per sale ) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CasperVend-FREE-Networked-vending-system-Fast-reliable-networked-delivery-full-transaction-tracking/1394191 This is the system we use at our shops, it's not free, but worth every penny - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CasperVend-Premium-Vendors-Elite-Web-Based-Networked-Vendor-System-Vendor-Boards/1395043 Main Caspertech MP shop url - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/49647
  9. *disregard I was thinking vendors not MP (if you're wanting to sell stuff via vendors there is a limitation setting for caspevend, that limits one purchase per person)
  10. Word I got recently is sign ups (for the associated SnH at least) won't start until May. If you haven't yet, join the SLB group, should be some info in it, once they start opening registration for other things. Also keep an eye on the blog feed/news on dashboard there's always mention there, again, when they open things up for registration.
  11. I'm going to use an old chef's philosophy, when it comes to this questions, which I hope helps. It has to originally do with BBQ, which many folks will argue who has the best or makes the best, but for this topic, we'll swap BBQ for boats. Everyone, including myself can tell you and give many reasons of which maker makes the best boats, and then we can give you many reasons of why the other makers make the worst boats. In that sense, we're all both in our own, right, and yet at the same time, we're all wrong. So who makes the best boat then? That comes down to you. No, I don't mean learn how to build and script of course, what I do mean is head out to every boat maker you can find (and there's a good number of them) and demo everything that's on offer. Then you'll find who makes the best boat, because you'll find the boat that best fits You. I know, it's not the quick and easy answer, and time isn't always available for such things to be done. But in the end, what's better - a boat that everyone likes/dislikes that may or may not, sort of or possibly, eventually, right away, or never fit and work for you? Or a boat that You love?
  12. I've been sitting here trying to remember last time it was anything near like this.. You're right, it has been a good while, especially for something at this level. I have been seeing some folks logging back on (via my friends list) so maybe things are improving, of they just got lucky. Me, I'm stuck at our, about to be, former home, waiting for our new place to come back online...such is the irony of deciding to move on this very day lol! 😝
  13. I think it's safe to say, a "few" restarts are happening...😬
  14. I did get logged in without issue this time, but as soon as I did I got a restart message..I'll take that as a good sign...maybe?
  15. I started seeing the invalid session error yesterday, following the Tuesday restarts (around the time MySecondlife.com maintenance ). I figured it was due to the maintenance happening, because later in the day there were no issues, at least none that stood out, beyond a tp fail later in the evening. Today, pretty much can echo what's happening to everyone else - Invalid log in session, and when I do get logged in, inventory stares back at me, as I float around as a fluffy orange cloud, until things finally load.
  16. An afternoon in the Hanako (aka N&K Nymph)
  17. It has been noticed by several, there are a rash of spy/stalker/tracking bots popping up lately. I myself have seen several of those, popping up around our home, while driving/flying/sailing in certain areas, and we even had one or two drop in at our secondary shop. Those tend to have a similar name with a number at the end of it, but also have some others with various names - ages ranging from 100 days to 500 (give or take). The ones you've seen, probably aren't the same ones, but more so used for some gaming experience like for "Tiny Empires" or something similar. I've even seen some that are being used by other shops as "models" for their product. In the past, I've known of some clubs using groups of bots to raise traffic as well. In most if not all cases, with the exception of one or two reports of odd interactions, they're harmless....annoying, but harmless. One thing you can do is check their profiles, which I'm sure there won't be much info in there, but check on the "web" tab and see if they've been reported as stalker/spy/tracking bots. After that, about the only thing one can do as a precautionary action, is to block them, and ban them from your property. As mentioned though, in most cases seen, they're harmless and in the ones you've seen, most likely for a shop or gaming or something of such.
  18. The Mesh Shop is having a Black Friday sale, similar to the one they had last year. Starting today and every day leading up to Black Friday, they have 50% off on a specific boat. Ironically, as I was writing this, the sale went "live". 😁
  19. I've seen what you're talking about few times, and the only solution I can offer is do a full cache clear . That seems to help when I've seen any issues especially inside the cockpit. It might not be the highest tech solution, but it's the only one I've been able to get solve the issue (especially with this newer FS).
  20. Vicious Hollow


    If you're looking to buy can't beat TMS (The Mesh Shop) or Bandit TMS - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/94614 Bandit - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/120514 There's also Ultramesh - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/168151 If you want to go tall ship N+K - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/178635? Can't leave out the classics from Trudeau as well - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/1275 and Ktaba - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/78635 Each place listed as in world demo's available (Ktaba is by request).
  21. Curious about this also, as I've been getting it off and on for a few months now. It doesn't happen when I 'just' log in, but rather, after a cache clear, and more specifically, an inventory cache clear. When I do the "clears" I log in at a skybox we have, not at our home. I thought, since the skybox is at our shop, might be script or even lag related due to the number of vendors and displays we have out, but, when trying a full cache clear, then logging in at home, I still got the message. To make matters even more strange, when doing a full clear, it doesn't happen every time. For example, yesterday morning, I do a texture/inventory clear, relog to our skybox, got the message, tp'ed back home after my inventory loaded, relogged again and everything was fine. Then after some traveling, I followed the same steps of texture/inventory clearing, relogged at the skybox, and got no message. Then this morning, no matter what combo I tried (clearing texture cache, relogging, then clearing inventory cache vs clearing them both and relogging) it happened. I also got the message when tp'ing back home after getting the message at the skybox. As mentioned by the OP when this happens, I also can't move and no animations work, plus I change clothing until I tp back home. However when I got the message this morning, when tp'ing back home, I expected not to be able to change clothing or move, but could. Also, a side note, when I do these clears, I remove all attachments and at our skybox (in Badger) I get well over 200 fps.
  22. Looks like dashboard is down as well. **No sooner I say that i was able to log into dashboard...my partner was having issues logging but suddenly could again. So not sure if things are resolved or what.**
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