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  1. Every new concept is completely alien at the start. Humans are tool users. Was it inevitable that we'd eventually industrialize? We can't run the experiment over again, but would we end up in a similar place, sooner or later, in any iteration?
  2. https://books.google.com/books?id=BPdgiysIVcgC&pg=PA248&dq=aztec++life+expectancy&hl=en&sa=X&ei=VOCXUNWIC8mq2gW29YGAAw&ved=0CC8Q6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=aztec life expectancy&f=false That's Aztek, and perhaps not representative of other groups/regions. I like that the linked passage uses life expectancy, in additional years, for those who were 15. Though related, infant mortality and life expectancy are not the same thing.
  3. It's too early to say how this will all play about, but you might well be stopped from traveling if you don't have proof of immunity. That topic was discussed on my local NPR station this morning, citing sports venues as one place that may require proof of immunity for admittance, along with airlines. That proof would come in the form of either infection-and-recovery or vaccination. If the former, you'll have to submit a sample for antibody testing, potentially on some continuing periodic basis. There's some irony in proclaiming more agency than a dog while hobbling yourself with willful ignorance of the benefits of vaccines.
  4. I'm not at all saying they had simple minds. They're just technologically unable to do what large manufacturing societies can do. Life expectancy of American Natives in pre-colonial times was pretty low, as it was for the new European settlers. We've come a long way since then, and I expect we've got a long way to go.
  5. It's not so much that they had the ability to not overstep as that they did not have the ability to overstep.
  6. So true Shansi, and I've endeavored to understand what went wrong. I can only see that the problem lies in our consciousness, and somewhere in the evolution of 'man' an imbalance occurred -- some humans experience themselves as separate from the rest of nature when they are not. Homo Sapiens (the clever ape) they are not. How can one know they are part of an ecosystem and live in balance if they feel they are separate from it, and believe they can rise above it, conquer it? Once you've been exposed to the concept of "equilibrium" in physical/biologic systems, it's not hard to see that humans will eventually be subjected to it. It's not like we have some special ability to bring about our own demise. Left alone, COVID-19 would peak and decline as well, and probably much more precipitously than mankind. If you look at human performance in that light, there's still room for optimism.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_microbiome The bugs in us outnumber the cells in us by about 3:1. Years ago I learned that our gut bacteria can coerce us to eat stuff they like. That's just awesome.
  8. ...sensing a long term opportunity, jumps up and down and waves her arms wildly to get your attention.
  9. Though Dad could curse a blue streak, he preferred more roundabout methods. Instead of calling someone a SOB, he'd say... "I hope, when you get home, your mother comes out from under the porch and bites you on the leg."
  10. Welcome to Second Life, Berri! When it comes to wearing clothing (particularly mesh) "Add" is your friend. When you "Wear" something, it displaces anything already attached to the point where the new item is going to go. Although the SL avatar has quite a few attachment points, mesh clothing, which is "rigged" to conform to the avatar's shape, more or less ignores where it's attached. This has resulted in creators sometimes using the same attachment point for disparate clothing items, like pants and shirts. If you select "Add", the selected item will NOT display anything already on the attachment point. There are times you DO want to displace something you're wearing, so "Wear" is still useful. In your particular instance, try "Wear"ing the pants and "Add"ing the crop top. Getting dressed has never been as complicated as it is now. It's also never been as visually pleasing. I'm sure others will chime in with recommendations for free wardrobe items. When you finally put together a look you like, show us your work in one of the vanity threads!
  11. It's sad to see anyone go. I have very fond memories of Show and Tell a decade ago. It's been ages since I've visited Builder's Brewery. I just looked at my friends list to see if Supremius Maximus is still on it. He's gone, making me wonder if he's vanished from RL as well. Do you know, Animats?
  12. I'll second Lindal's recommendation to copy a new HUD from your backup, or get a redelivery. Since moving to a mesh body and clothing, I've been creating outfits that load HUDS for both, allowing me to tune alphas and clothing colors when I change outfits. I've also been crashing a lot lately. So there's now a very good chance I'll crash with a HUD up. I'd gone a decade without a HUD locking up, but now I've had to trash and replace HUDs at least three times in the last month. Any time you purchase something with a HUD, immediately make a copy and save the original in a backup folder.
  13. I hear that phrase like this... "What?!" is the last thing to go through a bug's mind as he hits the windshield.
  14. I was always Dad's "little _insert phrase here_". I can't remember all the appellations, but here are a few, in approximately chronological order... Little girl Little lady Little princess Little engineer Little devil Little woman Little pain in the ass When I was a big pain in his ass, he'd call me his... Huge little pain in the ass.
  15. I heard this a lot: "What the hell is wrong with you, Maddy?"
  16. The USPS is falling deeper into financial trouble due to COVID-19. I don't think many people understand the importance of the mail service in many communities. It's not just about delivering mail. They know the daily patterns of life on their routes and are often the first to spot something amiss. It's the same for school bus drivers, who keep their eyes and ears tuned to the welfare of the school children they shuttle (Thanks, @Ivanova Shostakovich!) It's easy to forget those unsung heroes who watch over us.
  17. Long ago, I concluded that we should have a constitutional amendment requiring all large numbers relating to our performance as a society reported in some "per capita" form. This would reduce instances of misreporting and bring meaninglessly massive numbers, like the national debt, into clearer focus for the average citizen. Though the headline you mentioned is purposely inflammatory, I still think the US will come out of this with some explaining to do. In my conversations with friends and neighbors, I've been fairly disappointed by the depth and breadth of our collective ignorance.
  18. And I said zero, plus or minus some small amount. I think it's possible SL works against globalization. ;-).
  19. If we go with Rolig's understanding of "globalization" I'd say SL's force is zero, plus or minus some small amount. For the most part, SL residents are from the the first world, particularly western democracies. If you mapped SL inter-resident relationships and RL trade routes, I think they'd look very different. Things may have changed, but it was once only possible to access SL from China via government evading VPN. China is the US's third largest trading partner. I've yet to meet anyone from China here. I've also yet to meet anyone who can't afford the computer and internet access necessary to log-in. That's currently half the planet. The poor half. Like Rolig, I've been to Europe and Asia. My twelve years in SL has taught me almost nothing about those cultures compared to actually visiting them. Most of what I know of Iran comes from my RL best friend, who was born there. Watching news and documentaries, reading books, dining with people from other cultures, all of those exert far more globalizing force on me than SL. There are less resource intensive social networks that have neither steep learning curves, nor the required indirection of virtual reality. The world inside SL is not the one we all live on. And, to whatever extent SL exerts some globalizing "force" on me, I'd say ALL of that force comes from the forums.
  20. Yeah, but it's quite a leap from giving up meat to giving up food.
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