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  1. Dura has lots of short styles. This is Girl 25...
  2. Since I bear some responsibility for the locking of the original peeves thread, I've started another and promise to stay out of it! Carry on, Kids!!!
  3. Imagine a population of one million people, 1000 of whom are black, the rest white. Imagine that C19 kills 1% of the white people and 100% of the black people. That's 9,990 white deaths and 1000 black deaths. Would you walk away from this thinking that C19 is a scourge for white people because it killed more of them? With the blackest of humor, I could argue that it couldn't be a scourge for black people. There are none. From American Public Media Aggregated death rates from COVID-19 across all states and the District of Columbia have reached new highs for all groups:
  4. @JanuarySwan, I've only skimmed the last few days of this thread, but see that you feel there can only be some monetary reasons or systemic racism. (Forgive me if I've misunderstood it, I most certainly have). I think there is some truth in this, but not necessarily in the way I think you think. First, racism is natural and predates money. Humans (and virtually all other animals) are wired to assess characteristic of other creatures in their environment, either for potential as threat, food, or for procreation. Those animals that have evolved social behavior extend this assessment to enve
  5. Beth's per capita example is spot on. Per-capita is the correct way to cite quite a few public statistics, like national deficit and debt, racial composition, incarceration rate, Covid-19 infections, deaths, etc. Once you are exposed to this idea, it should make sense to you. If a statistic relating to a subset of a nation's population is seriously out of whack with size of that subset, something interesting is happening. Per-capita expressions of those things makes it easier to spot the wackyness. I don't believe people should be allowed to hold public office unless they DO understa
  6. I just tested Alchemy on my iMac Pro. I didn't check every Graphics setting, but on Ultra with DD = 256, I got about half the frame rate of Firestorm.
  7. Hi, Kids!!! A decade ago, I dabbled with "reactive artwork" that responds to the proximity of the viewer, using llSensorRepeat() to drive changes in size, transparency, position, color, etc. in the object as people approach or retreat from the artwork. I'm noodling with these things again, and wonder if I might improve them before I give copies away to friends. The artwork must be fairly responsive to be enjoyable, so I used repeat rates of as little as 300-500ms. To reduce server load when nobody is near the artwork, the no_sensor() handler throttles back the scan rate to once every
  8. This sounds like texture thrashing. If you are using the standard SL viewer, go to Preferences->Graphics->Advanced Settings and make sure the "Texture Memory(MB)" slider is all the way to the right at 512MB. If you are using Firestorm, go to Preferences->Graphics->Hardware Settings and drag the "Viewer Texture Memory Buffer (MB)" slider all the way to the right, potentially as high as 2048. Hopefully, your computer has enough graphics memory to accommodate those settings. I hope that helps, Rayka!
  9. I threw the first rock here, and I'm both gay and kinky. I saw the image as more Hugh Hefner than D/s. It's that context that bugged me as it evokes historical patriarchy. As I mentioned in my comment about Ayela's image, I'm a real pain in the ass about displays of power imbalance in ambiguous contexts. The mutual care and respect shown in Ayela's image would be hard to misread. If the four women shown are not Hugh Hefner ornaments, but rather Orwar's subs, my concern lessens but doesn't vanish. Reversing the genders of the participants would both buck the historical patriarchy and shift
  10. Please tell me you do NOT own a turquoise 1966 Thunderbird, Selene.
  11. I didn't say "not possible". I said "has never occurred in humans". My neighbor is chairman of the biology department at a local university and a devout Christian. I discussed that 1% story with him, which resulted in a short discussion of parthenogenesis in humans. He didn't think it was impossible, but nearly so, and was aware of no verifiable examples. He explained the series of unlikely events required for it to happen. I found this article, which jogs my memory of that short discussion via the term "calcium spike"... https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2007/12/is-it-possible-for-a-vi
  12. It's real, but has never occurred in humans. It results in tumors and moles. I was thought to possibly have a teratoma several years ago. It turned out to be something else. Had parthenogensis occurred in 1% of human females, there would be a completely different Jesus birth story. Miracles must, by definition, be miraculous!
  13. Oh, I have great respect for Native Americans. I endeavor to see the things they do, and have had some success at it. Does it do a disservice to Native Americans to entertain the idea that, by passing down the wisdom of their elders, they maintain a natural sensitivity to, and appreciation of, the world that many of us lack? I greatly enjoy discussing the connection I feel to nature with Selene. We may disagree about the mechanism of the connection, but if I were out in the woods and wanted a keen observer with me, I'd pick Selene. I hope she'd pick me.
  14. Not smart. Just somewhat educated in the sciences and endlessly curious. Quantum Mechanics has become the new "safe space" from which to argue all manner of theories. I imagine Schrödinger would be saddened to see that people have hijacked the necessary uncertainty of his brainchild to promote the belief that unfalsifiability is proof.
  15. One percent of American moms claim to have given virgin birth. What do you make of that?
  16. As an engineer, I bristle at the inefficiency of using 156 words to convey the same meaninglessness as Love's original four. I await a sensible theory of how vibrations you cannot hear (and cannot be sent to you from elsewhere via the mechanism of YouTube) resonate with brainwaves.
  17. That is effectively meaningless. Do you propose to advance an argument with it?
  18. How much certainty have I expressed in my thinking about the causes of ASMR? How much certainty has Luna expressed in hers? How much evidence have I brought to bear to refute claims made by Luna? (Frequency response of human hearing vs frequency range of brainwave activity). How much evidence has Luna brought to refute anything I've brought before you? I've seen mention of people getting "tingles" from other aural stimulation, such as music in scary movies. I don't know if that would qualify as ASMR, or more a case of simply planting dread in the audience. Had you be
  19. The explanation you gave for ASMR contradicts the evidence and, I think, misunderstands the "resonance" theories. Humans can't hear the frequencies you claim resonate with brainwaves, this is a demonstrable fact. Most of the resonant frequency and/or frequency = thought theories were pretty thoroughly debunked, except in India where politicians seems to favor the theory over the science, with . FMRI analysis of people exposed to ASMR does not support your brainwave theory, but rather shows activity in specific regions of the brain. If you are going to advance some alternative theory, you
  20. Twenty years ago, I was called to jury duty for a case involving a drunk young man who'd had a scuffle with police outside a bar. He was charged with half a dozen misdemeanors and one felony. During the trial, the prosecution grilled the defendant, who was clearly an arrogant asshat. I was inclined to throw the book at him until the defense attorney called in the involved officers. Two of them were okay, but the third officer, the one most involved during the altercation was, for lack of a better description, Wyatt Earp. He was arrogant to the point of being repulsive. In a masterful exploit o
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