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  1. I'm in complete agreement with Seicher, Dafadilia. Do speak up. I have become so comfortable with my mock-sarcastic displays of affection that I take risks with them. That almost always works. I recall Beth MacBain saying she was taken aback the first time I set her on fire, but then realized it was the equivalent of a hug, which she now looks forward to. After hearing that, I did spend a little time reflecting. ... sets you on fire.
  2. I've found myself in that situation. A walk in the woods, where I say to the wildlife what I wanted to say to the asshat (gotta be an asshat, can't be meeee!), brings me right again. On the walk back, I ruminate on knowing the wildlife had no idea what that was all about... and knowing the asshat probably wouldn't either.
  3. I had a huge tomcat when I was young. I loved playing "prey" for him, putting my hand under the blanket and wiggling my finger. He'd go nuts. I spent enough time watching him that I could sense when he was in a pouncy mood. I think he came to recognize me as a dependable playmate, maybe a little too dependable. I'll never forget the late night he came up under the blanket at the foot of my bed and began lacerating my toes. Every time I moved, he'd pounce. I finally went completely still, hoping he'd go away and let me sleep. I could feel him very slowly inching his way up the bed under the bla
  4. What about being scared by the sound of a twig snapping in the woods? The reason humans are here today is that natural selection weeded out those who did not get scared by the sound and therefore stayed complacent until the predator ate them. Sure, 99% of the time the sound is benign, but the consequence of rational complacency might be terminal. What if I turned my most withering gaze upon your SL friends, making their lives here so miserable they contemplate leaving? Will you rush to their aid, offering words of support? What if my words are more powerful than yours and they actually de
  5. Agreed, that seems like saying that seeing someone wearing a wedding ring is involving you in their marriage. I did actually hear a wedding ring complaint once, from a bible thumper who saw them on a gay couple.
  6. @Scylla Rhiadra and I have experienced this several times over the last few months. The most recent episode had us vanishing and re-appearing if we crossed a sort of "line of demarcation" in Scylla's bar. I quite enjoyed it! ETA: Scylla said that her bar, and an earlier spot where this happened, where on the border between two parcels, both set to not show avatars off-parcel. Changing the setting fixed the problem. But, she's also seen the issue on the parcel she shares with a few other folks, where that is not the case.
  7. I've been here for nearly 11 years and nobody has caught on. That's because I'm... nefarious.
  8. I agree. As an amateur woodworker, I find that I often do NOT want to use fancy tools to get the job done, preferring to hold a sharp chisel in my hands and get a feel for the wood I'm working. Ignoring things is a valuable skill and I don't want to neglect it by shoving the task off to some fancy tool. I can do this.
  9. https://kimberlyhirsh.com/2015/09/04/improv-and-generosity.html
  10. I understand what you mean about both Gor and parts of bdsm objectify women and with bdsm, men also. My experience seems to be that it's a lot about the difference between being a submissive and being a slave. That whole "slaves have no rights or limits" just sets off all kinds of alarms to me and not something I can even wrap my head around. I'm no fan of Freud, but he did toss out some lingo that I find useful. I might consider my kink to be my "id" and Snugs to be my "super ego" or moral compass. Maddy, the "ego" who effects external behavior, is stuck in the middle. My kink som
  11. I don't think my parents ever spoke in third person to me as a child. They did use "baby talk" though, but not quite like I've heard it from other parents. Even when I moved back home after my divorce, if one of us did something incredibly stupid, we might be greeted with the soothing coo of something like "Oooh, do that again Sweetie, so I can feel ever so very superior". My emergency backup kid recently sent me a video of his landlord's huge old golden retriever, backing up to him and sitting on his feet. Mac gently scritched the dogs head while cooing out insult after insult, all lovin
  12. I don't doubt your experience with Gor, but I was able to kill a tarsk with knitting needles and deliver the carcass in a U-Haul truck, to the delight and laughter of the denizens of the camp. Not everyone takes the canon seriously.
  13. I've been kinky forever, but eschew the stereotypical rituals and trappings of the scene. Though I'm the one "in control", I've been called "submissive" because I endeavor to please my partners. Does anyone really believe there's a future in displeasing the people you are with? My idea of torture is to blindfold someone just before kidnapping them in my spaceship, so they can't see the look on Han Solo's face as I pass him on the intergalactic freeway after tailing the Millennium falcon for light years watching his left turn signal blinking away as my windshield fills with Chewbacca's spi
  14. I had some friends who lived on a Gor sim. I didn't want to crash their RP completely out of character, so I dressed up as "Seamstress of Gor", killed a giant tarsk with knitting needles, and brought them the meat in a U-Haul truck.
  15. I'm pretty much "me" wherever I go. I can play roles as I did with my parents in my childhood puppet theater or as an adult in our local community theater for years, but I'm my own playwright here so I stick close to home. I dropped into a dystopian role-play community many years ago, but even then I was my usual absurd self, serving people flaming slices of pizza and barking "What the hell is wrong with you?" when they complained. I've got my hands full just being me. There's no time to be someone else.
  16. Would it make you feel any better to know that I find you easy to tolerate? ...sets you on fire.
  17. I set people on fire in-world. I set them on fire here. Both are fantasies from the mind of a woman sitting in a chair in Wisconsin who is approximately the same wherever she goes. We have discussed the amplification and acceleration of connections in SL. More of me in less time is still... me.
  18. Thankfully, I don't offend people all that often, so I've yet to become a walking apology. When I do offend, an apology can ease an explanation.
  19. Better you than me. I hate boots. @Seicher Rae, do you paint bathrooms?
  20. ...fondly recalls her days as High Priestess of the Forums and then grouses that she could never leverage that for anything of value, much less some urchin planting icky lips on her little piggies.
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