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  1. Please Gopi, I'm a devil, not a witch. Back to your question. I gut the pumpkins, carve them into jack-o-lanterns, then roast the seeds and set them on my friends' windowsills.
  2. I briefly met Stallman about 20 years ago at an MIT conference. He tripped my "ick" detector at that time. I've no real idea how reliable my detector is, but subsequent revelations about Stallman do not cast doubt on it. https://www.businessinsider.com/gnu-programmers-call-for-richard-stallman-to-quit-2019-10
  3. I'd never had a reaction to a flu shot before this year. The injection itself was so painless I didn't know the nurse had done it. I thought she was just taking her time with the alcohol swab. The next day, I felt like I'd fallen off a ladder. The day after, I felt like I'd swallowed a bowling ball. The day after that, I wanted to throw up that bowling ball. It's been six days and I'm still not back to 100%.
  4. The request might actually be from LL, but that doesn't mean they know what the hell they're doing. Submit a ticket.
  5. ...gets as far as "I'll have rosé" in that video before setting her ears on fire.
  6. I've been having myriad issues with SL over the last week. You might be experiencing one of them. You are able to log in here, so your rsername and password are okay. I wouldn't worry about your account. Echoing Qie, are you sure the viewer is complaining about your username/password? Might it be saying it can't connect to a simulator? I've been having that problem sporadically for a week now, as have others. If that's the issue, do as Qie says and try logging into another region, like Smith or Pooley. And do give us EXACTLY the error message you're seeing.
  7. When I was a teen, I was told I was stuck-up. As an adult, I've been told I'm intimidating. This is frustrating. I've been shooting for eccentric.
  8. Oh yeah. There was a small motorcycle parking spot behind the engineering school. The nearest car parking lot was two blocks away. That was all the incentive I needed to learn to ride Dad's Honda CB650. Like the tractor, seeing li'l old me on a motorcycle got the boys' interest.
  9. Agreed. When I was young, pushing dirt with the family tractor always lit up the boys. Lit me up, too!
  10. Janelle Darkstone did exquisite comic work here in the forums years ago.
  11. You know I'm a stickler for visuals. The rigging line starts to appear at the crotch. Unless you wear a gathered or pleated skirt that can hide that line, I think it looks awful. I do have knee length skirts and dresses that look very nice when I'm standing. I've just decided to overlook the absurdity when I move. Had LL done better work on the avi armature and rigging, I think we'd have nicer skirts at all lengths.
  12. I think the micro-mini dress phenomena is largely the result of the horrid rigging of SL mesh skirts. The old system skirt shape, though ugly, didn't have legs emerging from the skirt when you did anything other than stand up straight. The otherwise exquisite detail possible with mesh clothing has made flexy skirts less desirable. If a designer wants to make a dress/skirt that moves well while dancing, it's either going to be micro length or have a split along the rigging line between the legs. I handle this by channeling Hillary Clinton. As for navel gazing tops... yeah, that's clea
  13. And your sentence didn't provide a new keyword, so I'll use the fifth word in it, "Kinky". Kindly inspect(or insert) new keywords yourself, tyvvm. ;-).
  14. Albatross would find "unicorn lemons"* TASTY? *think "horse apples"
  15. Bathing unicorns left luminescent yellow WATER.
  16. You will need to have some kind of shared storage for all the computers you use for SL. I'm a Mac user, so I use my iCloud Drive. In Firestorm, you can tell the viewer where to store chat logs in Preferences -> Network & Files -> Directories. Set the path for "Conversation logs & transcripts location:" to point to a folder in your shared storage area. If you want to preserve your existing log files, copy the existing top-level folder (the one originally shown in preferences) from your most often used computer to your shared location BEFORE changing the path. Then change the path
  17. Over the last week, I've had the "Forbidden" error message, grey skin, ultra slow marketplace with "server busy" errors, auto-return of things that don't exist, TP issues, and odd crashes. LL seems to have finally embraced the full 2020 experience.
  18. Would you prefer "The Brain that Wouldn't Die - Caerolle Edition"?
  19. /me imagines falling off those platforms at the most critical moment, then touring the carnival circuit with "Caerolle, the Headless Woman".
  20. Well, there is something I'd much rather do here than write a script, and that is... ...perform brain surgery on you with a rusty tin can lid. Lemme know when you're ready!
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