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  1. Since I started watching streaming stuff a few years ago, I've found some things I like: Sherlock (BBC via PBS. This show was consistently able to surprise me.) Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (I have Lenny Bruce in my vinyl collection, it's nice to see him portrayed "in the flesh". I'm losing patience with Midge.) Barry (What a guilty pleasure this is!) I got a free subscription to AppleTV+ with my new iPhone, so: The Morning Show (better than the reviews, and introduced me to Billy Crudup) For All Mankind (I wanna be Molly!) Dickinson (I like this MUCH more than I expected. Hailee Steinfeld (Emily) is a hoot.) Little America (Wonderful!) I'm currently watched Fleabag, which is growing on me. So far, my favorite is... Little America.
  2. That's cool. In that case, my hope is that the scripter was lazy and picked a low positive integer. 😉 Start from -2K, to catch those who are both lazy and clever.
  3. I'd love to sit next to Todd at a bar sometime...
  4. A bright blue sky is a great place to find flaws in your optical system. Whether it's floaters, lens defects or other issues, a bright, evenly illuminated field of view, absent any detail, will cause defects to stand out. When walking through the woods, my eyes seem marvels of optical engineering. Upon exiting and gazing up at a cloudless sky, it becomes clear they're junked up and desperately in need of overhaul.
  5. About blurred vision....I'm a lifelong migraine sufferer. I get lots of persistent one sided headaches and always have, from being a kid. Anyway, very occasionally I get a visual disturbance..... Scintillating Scotoma....look it up! Basically it looks like the eye of Horus, slowly appearing in both eyes, and expanding until it disappears around the edges. Best viewed against blue sky, but it really messes up my computer screen. It looks like a chain of pulsating crisscrosses. Thankfully it's rare. I hope we hear from Bitsy soon, I want to know what's up! When I was in engineering school and burning the candle at both ends, I'd have episodes of partial blindness in both eyes (though highly asymmetric), lasting 1-5 minutes and looking like static on an old B&W TV. Last year, I had a fantastic episode of color sparkles, mostly in my left eye, looking a bit like this... From the research I've done and the conversations I've had with my doc, it appears these were migrane auras. They're rare (only one in the last 30 years), painless, and very interesting.
  6. When the feeds were introduced, Dillon created a thread for sharing music. It took a bit more than seven years for a few of us to fill it, but we discovered there's a thread limit of 10,000 posts. Once we hit it, we all left the feeds. I never deleted anything from my feed. If people post gross crap on it, it should stay there as evidence.
  7. Celestiall! I kept the home fire burning for you as long as I could. Turns out the average home burns to the ground in just a few hours. Now it's just a cold, wet, slippery mess. Welcome back!!
  8. Mom was in the hospital over the weekend. A virus had knocked her for a loop, exacerbating her heart failure. The evening before she was scheduled for release, a nurse entered the room and said "I'm sorry to hear you're going to be leaving us soon." We do like a good laugh, Garnet.
  9. I thought the meme was funny, almost entirely because the English system we still use is a f-ing mess and we got to the Moon anyway. I do think we'd have got there sooner had we been all metric. I also wonder just how much English was used in the space program. Dad designed a few things for NASA programs and always used metric. And, there's this... https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1999-oct-01-mn-17288-story.html It's hard to avoid English when remodeling, as house parts are generally measured in feet and inches. I try to split the difference between Metric and English by using Engineering Scales, which are marked in inches and... tenths.
  10. As in Les Mis? What if you aren't aware of it? Remember, I'm an engineer... and nefarious.
  11. I've been looking at that for a few minutes. I even brought out my magnifying glass, which reveals this... You certainly know how to make a point, Solar!
  12. I'm with Garnet (and I'm sure many others) in hoping all is well with you and your neurologist has a benign explanation for today's experience. Do let us know what you learn.
  13. https://www.healthline.com/health/brain-eating-amoeba
  14. Where in Scylla's question is there any suggestion that Prok "get off the forum"?
  15. Nope, but seeing flocks of sheep where none exist is cause for wonder, isn't it?
  16. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Would you point me to some, Justus? ETA: I provided evidence that Scylla's "FIC" claim has merit.
  17. So true, but I eventually found it. It's called "Stormy Monday".
  18. I think of you all as my court jesters, speaking truth to my foolish power as High Priestess of the Forums™.
  19. Prok's blog... https://3dblogger.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2012/04/ll-doesnt-have-a-sense-of-humour.html From which I quote: "Meanwhile, I noticed that Madelaine McMasters -- is she FIC royalty? -- was able to get her April Fool's to remain..." You just can't make this stuff up.* *(Of course you can, but some people save us the effort.)
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