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  1. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0166354220302011 A more easily digestible form... https://www.newsweek.com/anti-parasite-drug-used-since-1980s-may-help-stop-coronavirus-new-study-says-1496083
  2. I think there's a substantial possibility that we'll never be able to show that those red state governors made the wrong call. Our lack of test capability, along with our population's abhorrence for government involvement in something like movement tracking, will make it more difficult to identify, or at least easier to refute, any connections between COVID deaths and state public policies. Don't fool yourself into thinking that natural selection is responding to pressures (like intelligence) that you're imagining. Modern societies have all but eliminated those ancient selection pressures. If the least educated members of a population out reproduce the most educated (the trend in most western democracies), it might be that ignorance is evolutionarily advantageous. Nature is not only cruel, she's also devious.
  3. RL is the appropriate place for efforts like this. It's much easier to actually gauge need there, and there are mechanisms (GoFundMe, Patreon, etc) in place to do so. The Milwaukee Journal newspaper just ran a story about local efforts to support artists in need. Some of those artists are friends of mine and I'm in the process of making donations right this minute (okay, okay... in a minute). I'm also a regular donor to our local Rescue Mission.
  4. Do not equate your being taken seriously as doing good for your cause, Wendy. I find your argument so poorly formed and your claims so devoid of evidence that your efforts work against your case for me. I've seen this happen countless times and it frustrates me. There might some day be a well reasoned, evidence based argument posited here that won't get the time of day because of a history of fatally flawed previous attempts, yours included. Nowhere does the Law of Holes apply more than right here.
  5. A first and fast way to identify them would be to look at their economic limits tier. Those limits are not based on RL economic circumstances. There's no way for you, or LL, to determine whether someone making $1000/month here is living hand-to-mouth in RL, or has no financial worries at all.
  6. I'm sure there are SL creators who need the small income they make here. How do you propose to identify them? I don't believe you can. You are advocating for a real social welfare program inside a virtual economy that's completely unable to identify the target of its largesse. That dog won't hunt.
  7. Both the SL and FS viewers are compatible with current generation Macs. I'm running both viewers across my two machines with no problems. When you said it won't let you load, are you saying the website won't download or that your Mac is barking at you because the viewer isn't signed by a recognized developer? If the latter, rather than double clicking the app to launch it, right click it and select "Open". This will launch a dialog box allowing you to give MacOS permission to launch the viewer. Once you've done that, the viewer will have your stamp of approval and launch normally thereafter. You'll have to do this for every upgrade you make. It's Apple's way of ensuring that you are aware of unsigned applications before you let them run.
  8. And singing!... https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-03-29/coronavirus-choir-outbreak
  9. Unfortunately, though mesh heads and bodies are separate things, they both respond to the settings of the single shape we're able to wear. This can be frustrating when trying mesh heads, as they will come with shape settings designed to produce a pleasing look for the head that may produce an unacceptable look for the rest of the body. The same happens if you try a new mesh body with an existing mesh head. The body's shape settings are likely to produce an unattractive head. So, you're stuck with the cumbersome process of transferring the body settings from the shape that produces a good looking body into the shape that produces a good looking head, or transferring the head settings from a shape that produces a good looking head into the shape that produces a good looking body. I've done that in the past using a simple text file to keep track of the names and values of every slider in the shape. All of the other advice here applies. Make sure that any mesh head you buy is compatible with the body you're going to screw it on, and that any skin you buy works with both.
  10. Okay, that just leaves fighting with friends you agree with. Put up your dukes, Kali!
  11. Since COVID-19 enters the body through holes in the head, switching to mesh might very well have prevented this mess.
  12. "Whipped Cream" is in a box somewhere. I was only able to find these quickly...
  13. That won't play here (US), but this link will...
  14. My entire life, I've quite enjoyed purposely misinterpreting things I see and hear. Nowhere did this put me more at risk of eternal damnation than at Sunday mass. I suppose it could be argued that, by abandoning the faith rather than silently lampooning it, I have accepted Pascal's Wager.
  15. All those flames are in remembrance of Ever Dreamscape, who passed away a few years ago. Ever was a beloved fixture of Bay City life. Residents celebrate her spirit each year on Ever's Day, by setting fire to anything they can. I hovered over Bay City with my draw distance set to 1024. It was truly wonderful to see flames in every direction.
  16. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Combustible-Lemons/2680306
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