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  1. Yep, I use raw in RL, when possible. I shoot a lot of low light stuff, which makes sensor noise an issue. That has very high spatial frequency and sharpening exacerbates it. In extreme cases (astrophotography) I'll use misaligned stacking to reduce noise. If there is any "art" in my RL photography (I have a couple Kodak awards from my film days to suggest somebody likes what I do) it comes from the composition and subject matter, not from anything I've done in post. My most celebrated photograph was actually produced by accident. For the most part, my photography tries to reproduce that I
  2. This reminds me of people who decry the use of photoshop like tools on digital imagery, citing the work of Ansel Adams for "purity". Ansel was a madman in the dark room, doing all manner of manipulations to the negatives and prints to get the effect he wanted. Unlike RL, SL affords tremendous control over the composition of a shot before taking it. Don't like the color of the sky? Change it. Don't like the color of the sunlight? Change it. My photography, whether SL or RL, is generally just that. I attempt to record what I see, as faithfully as possible. Outside of astrophotography, I ver
  3. The only images I've ever sharpened are RL astrophotos, where careful unsharp masking can make stars pop. In SL landscape/portrait photography, I'm fairly in agreement with NiranV. If I'm not liking what I see, I'll change windlight, or play with curves in post. Sharpening risks not only the accentuation of banding or noise, but it also makes the resulting image less compressible by adding a lot of high spatial frequency information to the image. All that said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sharpen away if that works for you.
  4. Though it belonged to a boy (Dad), I learned to ride this...
  5. COVID-19 is remarkably predictable, but we don't know what's going to happen. Got it.
  6. It's more than just Covid-19, it's also the economic impact. We're still analyzing the various balances that have been struck around the world, trying to obtain credible data in a highly polarized environment. The economic impact may not be known for years, if ever. Even if we look strictly at Covid-19, our understanding of it, and our models for it, are constantly changing. That upsets people who are afraid and need certainty. Back in March, a good RL friend of mine made his argument for the utter destruction of Sweden by their cavalier attitude towards the virus, preferring to let herd
  7. Reputation doesn't necessarily help in such an unpredictable situation as Covid-19. That's why so many people are questioning reputable sources. They want certainty that science cannot provide. "Often wrong, never in doubt" works pretty well in situations like this.
  8. Think about how you want customers to use the product image. I think I'd probably set the image to allow anyone to copy it, groups to share it, and next owner to copy and transfer. Make sure the product image identifies your store and the product name so people can find both your store and the product. If people like your product enough, they might pass on the image to friends, leading to more sales.
  9. Check the permissions on the image. It's gotta be "Copy" and "Transfer".
  10. That's just not true! There are actually thirteen of us, split exactly 50/50 male/female.
  11. Why not wait for the trial? Are you privy to information not available to the defense. If so, present it to them. ETA: Also from the Tribune... https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-kyle-rittenhouse-self-defense-20200908-uvxbsyfw7jce3ibid6q4ll2hlu-story.html
  12. Hm. My dad always said, "You aren't fooling any one!" ...sets Dad on fire Your dad's comment is actually in agreement with my father's. If you thought you were fooling anyone, you were at least fooling yourself.
  13. When I was little, Dad told me a couple things that really stuck with me. 1) Don't worry about nuclear weapons, microbes will get us first. 2) You CAN fool all of the people all of the time. What you can't do is fool no one.
  14. "Rate" isn't doing anything because you never use it in your script. I'm going to guess that you want your thing to cycle its glow over time. That requires the introduction of time into your script. The simplest way to do this is to place llSleep(Rate) calls after every llSetPrimitiveParams() call. That will pause your script for "Rate" seconds at each call, giving you time to notice the changes in glow. llSetPrimitiveParams() has a built in sleep of 200ms, so your current script will cycle glow no faster than once every two seconds. To go faster, use llSetLinePrimitiveParamsFast() instead, us
  15. realism I think in the sense of a tighter binding between avatar skeletons, surfaces, physics and animation, with an emphasis on the physical interactions with other avatars and objects. On top of which can be laid things like cloth physics I'm with Molly. I've been here 12 years and there's been no improvement at all in avatar collision handling. I went dancing last night and watched half the crowd dancing through each other's bodies and fully a quarter of them with feet buried in the floor. I got tired of seeing that 11.95 years ago.
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