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  1. I was recently reliably informed that it does depend on how reliable the underwear is! Apparently things can get tangled up in boxer shorts, even though perhaps they are seen as cooler for the testicles and cooler as a fashion statement undergarment. Who knew? Several years into my marriage, after I'd named my ex-hubby's thing "Mr. Wiggly", he finally got comfortable enough with my sense of humor to use the term himself and call me "Buttons". He did not like boxer shorts or briefs with worn elastic, given the propensity for Mr. Wiggly to "escape" from them.
  2. You are out over your skis here Saucey. Babies with jaundice receive UV/Blue phototherapy because exposing blood to UV aids oxidation of the toxic bilirubin in it. A significant volume of blood reaches photo penetrable skin tissue, and that's why external phototherapy works for this and some hemolytic diseases. Regarding infectious disease, only a few blood born pathogens are treatable directly via UV. Others may be treated if a suitable sensitizing agent can be found to make the pathogen susceptible to irradiation. No such sensitizing agents exist for viruses (caveat AFAIK, anybody know of an example?). Extracorporeal photopheresis has been around since the 1940s, and was largely supplanted by antibiotics. UV phototherapy for infant jaundice has also been linked to pediatric leukemia. The DNA/RNA damage done by direct exposure to radiation isn't always reparable by healthy cells. Internal phototherapy is localized. In the case of cancers, a patient may receive a photosensitizing agent via the bloodstream, and then have a light placed near the tumor. If it's a skin cancer, the light is applied externally. If it's an internal cancer that easily accessible (GI lining or lung surface), a photo-emitting catheter may be used to bathe the tumor in light. Viral infections are not localized. They might reside/hide in virtually every cubic centimeter of your body. Again, we have no sensitizing agents for viruses. There's little reason to think photopheresis would work at all against COVID-19, let alone be a magic bullet. So the "news" that Donald Trump just learned, and then brought the medical community last week, has been known to them since well before he was born, and to me since I was a teen. His suggestion of ingesting/injecting disinfectants exhibits an even greater degree of ignorance. You, as a lay person, might be excused for your level of science understanding here. The President of the United States gets no such pass. He's in command of tremendous resources and has immense expertise available to educate him. There is simply no excuse for him to step up before the public and spout such nonsense, other than that he's potentially uneducable. Unfortunately, the cynicism of his administration and the base it manipulates makes it possible for him to do so. The result is that ignorance becomes aspirational. That doesn't seem like a good thing.
  3. https://magickthoughtssl.com/2018/04/19/❤tips-and-tricks-for-second-life❤cam-shopping❤/
  4. That was one of my family's favorite road-trip songs.
  5. WHEN THE MOON IS YOUR PILLOW ©1990 L&P Berryman When Ruth was young, only a child The question mark, it drove her wild The need to know tormented Ruth Relentlessly, she sought the truth She asked her mom What’s good, what’s bad? Her mom said go and ask your dad And so she did, and for a kiss Inscrutably, he offered this When the moon is your pillow And your blanket is the ground And your mattress is the willow You are sleeping upside down She turned 16, her searching soul Looked for the truth in Rock 'n Roll When she would dance to Peggy Sue She’d feel the pull of deja vu She played it loud, she played it low She played it fast, she played it slow But when she played it backwards then She could have sworn she heard again When the moon is your pillow And your blanket is the ground And your mattress is the willow You are sleeping upside down It is enough, when you’re 16 To know the words, not what they mean But when she grew to 24 It would not do, she wanted more She traveled to a psychic fair And found a guy who read her hair And what he charged was novel too But what he said was nothing new When the moon is your pillow And your blanket is the ground And your mattress is the willow You are sleeping upside down Now here is Ruth at 43 The truth goes on quite ruthlessly The hollow words that she had learned For many years had not returned 'Til she was wed, and had a child Who one slow day looked up and smiled And said her soul felt incomplete Her mother did not miss a beat When the moon is your pillow And your blanket is the ground And your mattress is the willow You are sleeping upside down When the moon is your pillow And your blanket is the ground And your mattress is the willow You are sleeping upside down
  6. Hi Tony, Without a bit more information from you, I'm forced to be this unhelpful...
  7. Do not boil the potato first, Mugsy! https://www.delish.com/cooking/a23463225/pan-fried-potatoes/ When's dinner?
  8. It's certainly that for me, Talli. I routinely fall out of the sky into groups of green dots. I'm in my 13th year here and that's never gone wrong. During my first few months, that was my primary way of making friends. Across all those years, I think I've ejected just two people. I've annoyed away a few more than that, possibly one in this thread.
  9. I've never really minded visitations by strangers. When I had a home, I thought of it as being essentially untouchable. Nobody could take, leave, or move anything. If I'm not there, I couldn't care less about who might be. If I am there, it's then just a matter of whether they're interrupting me. Most often, I was standing in my fireplace, chatting with friends. Having others wandering about my house just gave me one more thing to chat about. On the rare occasion that I didn't want the visitor, a polite request was usually met by an apology and exit. Even the very rare bad behavior provided amusement. I've posted the below picture before. It shows a couple who'd refused my request for them to leave so I could use the sofa myself. When they refused, I took advantage of the fact that I could take, leave or move anything. I flipped the sofa upside down and shook it from floor to ceiling until they dismounted. I imagined I'd made them both nauseous. Do you really want to miss opportunities like this?...
  10. ...anticipates your request and preemptively sets you on fire.
  11. ...unloads half of her messy desk onto the clean third of yours... and today isn't over yet!
  12. I'm fine. I've been wrapping up all the EOL paperwork. We'd planned for that, so it's not terrible. Her retirement village is still on lock-down, so I can't get in to clear out her apartment. Staff cleared out the perishables, the rest can wait. I'll have a funeral sometime during the Summer, and I'll be the officiant! I'm also doing a wedding, so my $30 ordination kit is finally gonna get some use. The last couple weeks have seen me consoling extended family members and friends who were having a tougher time with Mom's exit than I was. Fortunately, the story of the "French Toast Incident" puts a smile back on their faces, though I might be misreading tone-of-voice over the phone. Maybe it's nervous laughter I'm hearing. Mom left a few friends and one huge therapy dog behind at the retirement village. Staff said the dog has noticed her absence. Mom would sit on one of the sofas in the community room and wait for the dog (about as heavy as Mom) to crawl up on top of her. Then she'd make a big fuss about being crushed to death. It's all good.
  13. I'm saddened by the update, Belinda. COVID-19 is making a mess of many things, but in the grand scheme of your mother's life and your remembrance of it, this will be but a blip. Mom and I had discussions about her end. We'd gone through a long slow goodbye with Dad as Alzheimers took him away bit by bit. He was completely gone months before his body gave up, and we were not with him when he finally thumbed a ride out. So, when she went to the hospital, we knew there was a chance things would not go well. We were both ready for that. She was scheduled to go home with me just 12 hours before she skipped bail*. For that reason, we were both fine with not being able to be together that night. We had a good chat via FaceTime. She was asleep when she went, so she wouldn't have known I was there anyway. Nevertheless, I've some small, useless regret over it. My thoughts are with you and your Mom. * I have an endless supply of euphemisms for death.
  14. You can't kiss an ass while wearing a face mask, ya know.
  15. Is the thing mesh? Could the bounding box be different than what you see? SL won't let you place things with their tops much below ground level, probably to avoid people losing stuff underground. You can see the bounding boxes via Developer Menu->Render Metadata->Bounding Box. That might give you a clue.
  16. You should have your head examined... or exchanged.
  17. 4-25-2021 One year after Rudy Giuliani mocks the idea of contact tracing as a tool to get COVID-19 under control, stating that tracing should then also be used to fight cancer and heart disease, the FDA issues new contact tracing guidelines for abject stupidity. Over the ensuing months, nearly 100% of all cases are traced back to two individuals. HIPAA regulations prevent their identification, but 60% of the public already knows.
  18. I've never played Portal, but could there be anything in it that would make me happier than that quote?
  19. How is this possible? Don't men come with (or for) beer?
  20. There are lots of people who use SL, and have meetings. I think you're not going to like the responses you'll get here.
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