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  1. Alternatively, can can (and have been in some places like Sweden) penn the most vulnerable animals and let the strongest weather what we expect will be a survivable illness. There is no generic herd immunity. My mother contracted a mild case of polio in the 1930s and suffered barely noticeable weakness as a result. Herd immunity to polio would not arrive until widespread administration of Jonas Salk's vaccine in the 1950s, continuing through to today. Herd immunity was in the news a few years ago when measles popped up in the Pacific northwest. Anti-vaxxers were blamed for compromising herd immunity via the introduction of injectable and therefore potentially infectious offspring into the otherwise protected population, endangering those who, for various reasons, could not receive the measles vaccine. The only ways to achieve herd immunity are (I think?) via infection or vaccination. The cull ratios for each method are vastly different.
  2. Not religion, Lyssa, partyism. https://news.stanford.edu/2017/08/31/political-party-identities-stronger-race-religion/
  3. Narcisstic Personality Disorder. That explains Trump, but not his supporters. I've an elderly neighbor who bites into almost any conspiracy theory you put on his plate. I thought I was making progress when I helped him reason his way, using his own personal knowledge, through the "John McCain killed 134 sailors on the Forestal" coverup theory from awhile back. He seemed pleased with his ability to eventually detect the lie using his own direct personal knowledge of the kinds of jets involved in the accident. Since then, he's found websites that seem to explain that the knowledge he obtained during his years in the Navy, much of it hands-on, was also false, and part of an even greater and older conspiracy to rob him of the ability to see the truth. He's having none of it, he once again knows that John McCain killed 134 sailors. I detect no signs of dementia, though he is quite old. I think it's simply a matter of living in a comfort bubble of his own design, a bubble that never challenges his beliefs and assures him that he, like so many average people who share his view, is a genius. Right next door lives a couple who'll argue as forcefully, and with as little evidence, the need for the US to become a socialist, or even communist, nation.
  4. What accent to the villains in German movies have? Indian? Chinese? Australian? Japanese? I could go on. ETA: In the US, there's a chain of Japanese restaurants called Benihana of Tokyo. In Tokyo, they're named Benihana of New York.
  5. Can there be any excuse for a head of state to be amazed by the customs and culture of a place he visits? Dad had no staff to brief him on what to expect, yet at the age of 18 or so he figured out something that completely baffles your Prince.
  6. My Father was born in 1920 and served in the Navy from 1936 to 1947 (yes, he lied about his age to enlist) and spent most of that time in the South Pacific. His first introduction to Polynesian culture was via a topless teenage girl who emerged from the ocean depths to greet the dingy he and his crew-mates (including the skipper) were rowing ashore during the supply chain buildup in the Pacific. Though still a teen himself, he was quickly able to discern that the girl's advance was not sexual. The skipper, married and in his 30s was able to quickly make the same judgment, but the rest of the crew had a more difficult time of it. Over subsequent years, Dad's curiosity about, and respect for Polynesian culture endeared him to the locals, who often invited him into their homes to share meals. While his ship mates were cultivating an appreciation for Polynesian women, Dad cultivated an appreciation for Polynesian culture and cuisine. Surely a young man at sea for weeks, solely in the company of other men, could be excused for sexualizing virtually anything. Why didn't Dad? When I hear people in this thread say that women's nipples are sexual in nature, but men's are not, and that this is a result of natural differences in the genders, I must either conclude that they are unwilling or unable to see and overcome their own cultural conditioning, or that I am the blessed offspring of a truly superior human being. As I was approaching puberty, Dad told me, approximately, "If the men around you can't see girl bits without succumbing to their boy bits, then they should either look away or wear blindfolds. Their imagined inability to control themselves is not a cross that women should bear." So, those of you who think there's a "natural" reason to hide women's nipples might be right. But the natural reason is your own, possibly willful, ignorance. So, either wear a blindfold or open your eyes and grow up.
  7. Have you ever witnessed a "weasel war dance"? I've watched 'em do that on the snow in my back yard. It's a joyous experience with an often deadly ending, but sometimes it's just joyous... ETA: The entire Ozzy series is a hoot.
  8. And therefore you don't hold the card of credibility.
  9. You've constructed several straw men today. I won't dispute that nipple equality probably won't rise to the level that LL will do anything about it. That's not sufficient reason to deny Beth's argument, which I support. You chose to perform a pretty impressive act of self-immolation. As a result, I believe you'll to find it harder to advance future arguments here, because you've informed the forum of your weakness.
  10. Any extremist church groups that might use SL. and yes they do exist even in sl. Or anyone in general that does not believe in public nudity and yes there are some in sl that are like that. There are extremist church groups that are offended by black people and Jews. Should LL ban depictions of them, too?
  11. Although it's called Side View in the camera control, the debug settings are CameraOffsetGroupView and FocusOffsetGroupView. If your side view is messed up, reset those to default. In Firestorm, you get a list of every debug setting that matches your search term, so search for "frontview", "rearview", or "groupview" to find the pairs of settings. In the LL viewer, you'll have to start typing the full setting name, entering enough of it to get a correct match.
  12. I've also been having HUD troubles, particularly with the Maitreya Lara HUD. It might freeze, remain visible after it's detached, vanish will still attached, behave partially (some panes work, some don't), or work fine. This behavior seems region dependent, terrible in some places (like my new home) and fine in others (Ivory Tower or The Far Away). I suspect it's a matter of server loading/lag. A relog or teleport usually clears things up for me.
  13. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Him Or maybe its an acronym for "High intrinsic morality". If so, then I'm in trouble, for this is one of my avatars...
  14. ...s...e...t...s... ...e...v...e...r...y...o...n...e... ...o...n... ...f...i...r...e. . . .
  15. I fondly remember mentioning you'd rezzed in naked, when you hadn't... ...more than once. ;-).
  16. https://www.thrillist.com/vice/how-porn-influenced-technology-8-ways-porn-influenced-tech-supercompressor-com https://www.datacompression.info/how-the-adult-industry-revolutionized-image-and-video-compression/ https://www.businessinsider.com/how-porn-drives-innovation-in-tech-2013-7 I could go on.
  17. While noodling around at Ivory Tower sandbox, a young woman asked if I'd loan her my avi to help finalize pose positions on a backdrop she was creating. The juxtaposition of our respective looks compelled me to take a snapshot. I think we make an interesting pair... ETA: I just had a lovely chat with the creator. I've encouraged her to visit the forums, post her work, and engage us in conversation about SL photography and clothing design. I hope she drops in.
  18. I have followers, and I'm flattered they find me interesting enough to follow. I just wonder why it hasn't occurred to them that I have no idea where I'm going. ETA: I don't follow anyone. It's not that nobody's interesting enough, most of you are. I really don't know how following works, and I worry that it might lead me to miss interesting commentary by people I'm not following.
  19. Demand a refund, they're actually lower in protein per gram than peanuts!
  20. I had a lumpectomy and oophorectomy a few years back. The breast lump was cancerous, the lady bits were not. I underwent chemo and radiation, lost all my hair and got to wear some really neat hats. I'm now on maintenance chemo (estrogen uptake blocker) and still kickin'. I'm hoping for an all clear on the parts they remove, Charlotte. But, even if you get some discouraging news, there's lots that can be done. I'm rooting for you!
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