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  1. As Scylla explained, LL calculates the expected return on any investment they make, and makes only those investments expected to increase the value of the company. They do, of course, miscalculate now and then, but to stay alive as a business, you can't do that often. Though you claim Drune would attract new residents, only LL is in a position to actually know if that's true to the extent it's worth preserving. Upsetting as it might be, the loss of Drune pales in comparison to the loss of SL. By extension of your argument, should that happen, would you petition your RL neighbors or your government to preserve Linden Lab? I lost Forgotten City, my home of over five years because the owners could no longer afford to keep it running. It was a sad day for me, but I did not expect anyone else to rush in and preserve something that I, and a handful of others, cherished.
  2. What's illogical about it, Lindal? I didn't read the National Review article you quoted, but I suspect it ignores the complexity of the issue, in the fashion of George Carlin. It's amusing, but you don't learn anything. It's not that policies are illogical, it's that they serve different constituencies and address different factors, often economic. Driving at 16 (The cars = deadly weapons claim is disingenuous. Cars are not designed to injure or kill people, handguns are.) descends from economic considerations, primarily in rural areas where the success of farm families often depended on the contributions of children. My mother got her driver's license when she was 14. That's no longer possible in Wisconsin and some states are investigating raising the driving age to 18. There is less pushback against this now, as fewer young people are seeking drivers licenses, small farms are in decline, and NHTSA, insurance companies, and other bodies are compiling ever larger mounds of data suggesting there's an economic cost of driving while young. Drinking and smoking at 21? Tobacco age laws started appearing in the late 1800's and were eventually rolled back after intense lobbying by the tobacco industry. We had an even bigger tussle over alcohol. Wisconsin's Tavern League has long fought to get Wisconsin (the binge drinking capitol of the US) to lower the drinking age from 21 to 19. The loss of Federal tax support stymies their efforts. They also condemned anti-binge drinking efforts. Absent any lobbying by industry, where would the minimum age be? 26? It's not a matter of maturity, it's a matter of... economics. Family health insurance coverage of children until age 26 reflects the increasing age at which children leave home (there was a spike in age after the Great Recession and we've never recovered). Financial and housing independence are not issues of maturity so much as of... economics. Rental car age limits of 26/7 derive from actuarial assessment of both accident and credit risk. Actuarial based age limits actually correlate more closely to brain development metrics Luna mentioned than limits driven by other factors. If you want to see policy that derives from analysis, look to insurance companies, who keep a close eye on the... economics. Minimum military recruitment age of 18? Sure. Every year you delay recruitment above that age, the harder it is to attract people and the more you must pay them. There's also a component of malleability that makes young minds more attractive for low level soldiering. Even so, the low age of entry for military service is largely a matter of... economics. This all makes sense to me. I also have personal experience with a 25 year old male who's barely sensible and may never attain certain aspects of what is classically defined as "maturity".
  3. This is a resident-to-resident forum. We have no knowledge regarding your participation in Second Life. When you are served a ban by Linden Lab, you receive an e-mail (or forum notification for forum bans) stating the general reason. Check your e-mail and/or forum message box.
  4. There are many ways for someone to move from acquaintance to friend. Offering book recommendations is one of them. Well, I think that's one of them. I can't be sure of anything since reading "Thinking Fast and Slow". ;-).
  5. My BFF has considered quitting her job at a major pharmaceutical company because, during the periodic research reviews, it's becoming increasingly clear that the company is not interested in cures, but rather in "maintenance". Cure a patient, lose a customer. But, if you can maintain the illness as a chronic condition, you've got a customer for life.
  6. I love it, Gregorian! The maggots don't bother me, but the bacteria they might harbor does. I'd probably avoid that cheese unless it's in something well cooked. A few years ago, I got a some white, hulless popcorn from a local Amish farmer. While preparing to pour it into my popcorn container, I noticed a li'l wiggly fella poking trough the plastic bag. I put him under my microscope and identified him as a pantry moth larvae. Wanting to know what fraction of the kernels were infested, I counted and weighed 50 kernels, then poured about 500 kernels worth of corn into a glass dish. I poured a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water into the bowl and waited to see who popped out. Here's the result, about 40 of 'em... 8% wastage didn't seem too bad. To prevent the remaining larvae from morphing into pantry moths, I microwaved the entire batch for a couple minutes. Although cooked bugs aren't an issue for me, it was unlikely I'd end up eating any because infested kernels, with punctured hulls, don't pop. This particular batch was, I think, more delicious than average!
  7. We got soooo close to filling the Pyramid of Peace at Hippiestock... Not bad for the 10th year of doing this. Thanks @Hippie Bowman!!!
  8. Yesterday, when we were chatting at Tralala's Diner, I'd forgot that my Mac was set for HiDPI, and my screen resolution was the full 5K. I went back to normal this morning and was able to wander the streets at 20fps on low, with no appreciable lag. This is in Firestorm, as BD isn't available for Macs. Curiously, when running in HiDPI and "Ultra", the viewer was unusable, yet my CPU meter was running 50-90% and my GPU meter was at 6%. At any rate, I'm glad I saw your pic. I'd never have known about the diner otherwise. I can't resist chowing down at a place where the overhead loudspeaker blares "Don't eat the meat here!" To stay closer to topic, here's how your avatar looked, nine years ago... You are floating in air between the center and left billboard, trying to catch my favorite flying monkey, Ags Falconer.
  9. There are over 100 different kinds of cancer, and within those kinds (like "breast") there are many variations. As a result, there's no one approach that will work. There actually has been significant progress, but it's a large and complex problem. I am fascinated by gene editing techniques such as CRISPR/CAS9 and the newer and more powerful "Prime Editing". Fixing the broken generic machinery that is cancer is appealing.
  10. Tig's a lesbian with tiny, once cancerous boobs. My physique is like hers, but shorter. As for the breast cancer, I seems I'll be dealing with it forever. My cancer feeds on estrogen, so I'll be taking estrogen receptor blocking drugs for the rest of my life. Though I don't care much for the side effects, I hope to complain about them for a very long time.
  11. Ohhh, I really liked that show and her dry humor...was disappointed there would be no season 3. Tig often comments about her flat chest. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago, she joked that her boobs had got tired of her constant derision and said "Hey, let's kill her!" I didn't realize my tiny boobs could hear. I will forever blame Tig for setting them on the road to my attempted destruction. On my first day of chemo, after the nurses hooked me up to the IV pump and began poisoning me with Taxotere, I distracted myself by watching the TV in the room. The first commercial break was occupied entirely by a class action lawsuit advertisement for people who'd been administered... Taxotere. Life is good.
  12. I forgot to mention that I'm a Tig Notaro fan and really enjoyed her short lived series "One Mississippi".
  13. The most important thing you can teach anyone is a love for learning.
  14. Well done?....as in black rimmed??? As in this... ETA: Fortunately, Scylla is Canadian and in no position to effect legislation that restricts my Constitutional right to adorn a pizza as I damn well please.
  15. Right, and we addressed a lot of detail that LL simply hasn't the bandwidth to handle.
  16. I really enjoy watching new residents become empowered to discover the knowledge base, or video tutorials, where they can get most of their questions answered on their own without waiting for a forum answer. My favorites are those energetic and curious newbies who come here flailing, yet eager to learn and unafraid to share their failures. They remind me of my early days, when everything was magic. I live vicariously though them. Regarding the Knowledge Base, it was once accessible to veteran residents (I forgot what qualified us), but was eventually closed because of abuse. I think one can petition LL for access, but few (including me) are motivated to do so. The result is stagnation.
  17. Since I started watching streaming stuff a few years ago, I've found some things I like: Sherlock (BBC via PBS. This show was consistently able to surprise me.) Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (I have Lenny Bruce in my vinyl collection, it's nice to see him portrayed "in the flesh". I'm losing patience with Midge.) Barry (What a guilty pleasure this is!) I got a free subscription to AppleTV+ with my new iPhone, so: The Morning Show (better than the reviews, and introduced me to Billy Crudup) For All Mankind (I wanna be Molly!) Dickinson (I like this MUCH more than I expected. Hailee Steinfeld (Emily) is a hoot.) Little America (Wonderful!) I'm currently watched Fleabag, which is growing on me. So far, my favorite is... Little America.
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