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  1. Oh ok but shouldn't people have the option to remove there post if they choose too? I mean if they post something up on the Forums and they want it deleted shouldn't they have that right to do so?
  2. So what your saying I have to report all my post in order to have the one's I reported to be deleted? Well I just want them gone my old post that's all.
  3. Ok I reported two of my old post to get deleted. I hope a moderator removes them.
  4. I understand what your saying. All I want to do is remove one of my old Forums.
  5. Has any old post ever been removed from the Forums?
  6. Ok how do I get a hold of a moderator? Or do I report it first? Oh when it's removed whoever responded to my post. Will there responses be removed as well also?
  7. Oh ok so my old post will stay on the Forums? Even if I report my own post? It wont be removed?
  8. Ok TY because I remember I responded to someone's post and I deleted my response. And it was gone. So I guess the people that post something on the Forums can't be removed then right?
  9. Guku Aabye

    Old Post Forums

    Can old post Forums be removed?
  10. I'm sorry for talking about The Cool VL Viewer here on the Forums here. I just like the viewer a lot because it's the old interface of SL that i like a lot I'm sorry if I offended you Henri. It was not my intention, i just wanted to see if others used this viewer.
  11. I'm sorry if i'm soundling like a recording. But everyone i talk with in Second Life has never heard of the viewer I was just saying its in my profile thats all Just wanted to say that If people want to use The Cool VL Viewer they will if not they wont simple as that
  12. I have it listed in my profile on my avatar If you go to my profile you will see i put the link on my profile for The Cool VL Viewer
  13. Yes i agree with you. TY Why hasn't a lot of people in Second Life heard of The Cool VL Viewer? A lot of people ask me what viewer i use and i tell them And there like i never even heard of that viewer To me The Cool VL Viewer is the best viewer Like in Second Life everyone heard or uses Firestorm But hardly anyone uses or heard of The Cool VL Viewer I was wondering why?
  14. Yeah i been using it for awhile now The Cool VL Viewer I forget how many years i been using it The only thing i have to do is go to the website to get the updates. It's not automatic updates. But i like The Cool VL Viewer a lot
  15. No i'm not doing any marketing on The Cool VL Viewer I just would like people to know more about it thats all Like for example everyone knows about Firestorm and hardly anyone knows about The Cool VL Viewer Sorry for talking or asking about it here
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