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  1. Oooh, I did find this... https://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/303584 I didn't see anything in the article to suggest causation. I've read some pretty interesting research showing that taking showers boosts creativity... https://buffer.com/resources/shower-thoughts-science-of-creativity/ The common thread here is relaxation. There are far better ways to achieve that than through the use of alcohol. ETA: There's also a debunked claim in the alcohol article, about modest consumption of alcohol prolonging life. I've been following this idea for decades, since being
  2. This also explains sooooooo much about SL!
  3. This explains sooooooo much about SL!
  4. I love Pandora Wrigglesworth's shop. I wear her "Crash Into The Ground" thing. When I fall from the sky (one of my favorite things to do in SL) and hit the ground, it emits a cloud of dust and rezzes a body-shaped hole that I crawl out of and dust myself off. I also have her little "Oui Coupe", which is a car that's smaller than an avi, into which it contorts your body.
  5. I have a cannon I use to shoot my friends into things.
  6. In this context, size and quality are highly correlated. The field of view doesn't get any bigger when you increase the snapshot size, but the resolution of the image does. If you disable anti-aliasing and take two snapshots of the same view, one at 6000px, the other at 1500px, then view them both at 1500px, the 6000px image will look noticeable better, as it will effectively contain 4x antialiasing as a result of the scaling from 6000->1500. If anti-aliasing was enabled for both snapshots, there will be very little difference between them when viewed at 1500px. The 6000px image will, of co
  7. I first saw Forbidden Planet in our barn on a summer evening. The invisible monster left an indelible impression on me, as did Anne Francis. My profile's RL bio photo is of Anne, and I've modeled my avi after her. I learned that Leslie Nielsen had been unhappy playing "B" leading men, as he had a deeply absurd sense of humor he could not show. His rebirth in Airplane was a glorious thing to see.
  8. I have four huge movie posters hanging on the wall of my home theater... Metropolis - Forbidden Planet - Dr. Strangelove - WALL-E I almost posted some music from Forbidden Planet. That movie remains a marvel to me.
  9. This is a question for your moral compass, Pearl. If a picture really is "compromising", why would you post it?* *I recently ran into a rather fawning gentleman who assured me I could blackmail him with compromising photos he'd be happy to send me. Even there my moral compass said... Nope!
  10. Rolig's timer suggestion is best. Done right, such a script would allow you to keep extending the on time by touching the lamp before it goes out. A simpler and less elegant solution would be to use the oft maligned llSleep( ) function. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSleep Put a 10 second sleep immediately after the line in your touch_start handler that turns the light on, then follow the sleep line with a line to turn the light off. Your script will not respond to touch (or do anything else) during that 10 second sleep, which is why we so often recommend against using llSleep( ).
  11. When I'm building, I set noon. When I'm exploring, I often set midnight. When doing photography, I comb through Windlight settings.
  12. That's one of my favorite things to do! Thankfully, I rarely peeve people by doing it.
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