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  1. When I'm angry, I go out in the woods and swear at the wildlife. The realization that they don't give a damn puts things in perspective.
  2. Shhhhh! I actually realized that after I posted. I don't generally pay attention to thread titles, but rather post content.
  3. My dashboard friends list is down as well. There was a status message indicating back-end maintenance earlier today, but that's no longer active.
  4. It's a bit more complicated than neck size. If she can see the sliders, I'll just have her screen shot them to me.
  5. Hi Kids, I'm trying to precisely fit something to a friend's head. She's wearing the Maitreya Lara Body with system head, just like me. I figured I'd have her send me a copy of her shape, so I could do the fitting (she's unfamiliar with editing) but her shape is "no transfer". She has identified it as "Maitreya Mesh Body Lara - Shape 3" and shows "Onyx LeShelle Feb 09 2018" in Properties, so it really is a Maitreya shape. I've searched the marketplace and find nothing. Does anyone know if/how I might purchase a copy of this?
  6. In think your characterization as "convert windows games to Metal" is inaccurate. As I read it, Apple has simply ported the Metal development environment to Windows. Game designers must still recode DirectX (or whatever they're using) to Metal. That's the heavy lifting.
  7. You're right Silent, let me rephrase. Only the friendless can be invulnerable here. Hugs.
  8. I should have crafted my scenario more carefully. An abuser needn't necessarily target my friends because they are my friends, sometimes their scattershot asshattery hits everyone and my friends are included. To the extent they feel pain, I do too. This was the case with your friend. There is no tool in the SL arsenal that could have saved you from the pain you felt for your friend.
  9. There's another angle to victimization not being discussed here. Let's use me as a potential example. I've been in SL for a dozen years and have many dear friends who's company I enjoy every day. Imagine someone decides to make my life miserable in-world. I TP away, block, ignore, log out... problem solved. Then they come after me in the forums. I believe I've got a solid enough reputation to weather such a storm, so I don't worry about that. Now imagine they determine who my friends are and harass them. Here's where my resolve starts to crumble. It's not me who's now being harmed, it's my fri
  10. For hardware protected by software, as much of it is these days, you are actually revealing defective software, thereby breaking perfectly working hardware. It's often not possible or practical to design intrinsically safe hardware.
  11. Here's an incomplete list of malware exploits that can damage hardware: Disable fan control software and run the CPU/GPU at full load, causing thermal excursions beyond safe limits. This should be prevented by good control system design, but sometimes isn't. Disable battery management software, causing improper charge and/or discharge, reducing cycle life. This happened accidentally in the NT based system I mentioned earlier. Excessively cycling of non-volatile storage elements (EEPROM/Flash/SSD). I've seen this happen accidentally in a small microcontroller where bad code ca
  12. Yes, Stuxnet defeated safeguards in the control systems, destroying the centrifuges (Contrary to Nick's considerable miscomprehension of the Wiki page, removing malware from a system before does harm says nothing about the harm caused to the systems from which it was not removed.) Liken the centrifuge to a PC's cooling fans and you have a direct analogy to the vulnerability of modern desktop/laptop computers. I designed patient monitors and defibrillators during my career, all of which could suffer hardware damage if the software malfunctioned. To ensure that wouldn't happen, all safety c
  13. Iran would disagree. Malfunctions or vulnerabilities in the OS can cause software to fail to protect the hardware from overheating. Malfunctioning or compromised thermal control software might disable fans or fail to throttle the CPU/GPU, resulting in thermal excursions sufficient to cause damage. In a properly designed, properly functioning, invulnerable system this should never happen. Not all systems are designed properly, not all systems function properly, not all systems are invulnerable.
  14. I never take portraits at the standard FOV because of the distortion. Here's me doing the same thing... ETA: I think the right is standard FOV, the left is minimum FOV. You can see my glasses have gone low LOD because the camera is so far away.
  15. That's as perfect as I could imagine here, Fenix How did you set the particles normal to the path, not the camera? ETA: Oooh, maybe they are still normal to the camera? ETA2: Yep, the red particles shift orientation with respect to the center prim as the linkset rotates. Nevertheless, it's a really good approximation. ETA3: As I look at the original example, with dots of various colors, it's clear I looked completely past the obviousness of a single large texture containing the entire array of multi-colored particles. I need more sleep.
  16. I hadn't thought of that! That does create another problem, which I think the "ribbon" effect might address, though I'm doubtful. Normal particle textures are always normal to the camera. You want the textures to always be normal to the path.
  17. What you describe is what I mentioned, I think. The particles will converge at the center of the invisible target prims. In the example shown, there is no convergence, the particles take parallel paths. If particle lifetime is short with respect to the movement of the target prims, they would trace a fairly straight path, but always converge at the target prim center. If the particles were emitted as a ring, normal to the path between the invisible target prims, I think that would create cones. If their lifetimes were long, you'd start to see swirl. To achieve the look shown, you'd need q
  18. It's the same for me, Scylla. When I first discovered the forums, I lurked for a week or so. It didn't take long to recognize one voice above the rest. It was articulate, it was reasoned, it was focused, it was kind, it was funny (sometimes accidentally)... it was yours. I set about the task of getting your attention, and I did. That has been the best investment of time and energy I've made here in SL. A year or so after we met and had become good friends, I was sitting at the bar at the Forum Cartel Hangout. Two other women were nearby discussing how they wished they could be more like y
  19. What you desire is not possible with particles. Once a particle exits the emitter, it is decoupled from the emitter's position and rotation and follows a trajectory determined by it's initial velocity (both magnitude and emission direction), potential gravitation, wind, and possible attraction to a target object. Imagine spraying water from a garden hose. Once the droplets leave, they don't care how you swing the hose, they're on their own. It might be possible to place two transparent target prims in the rotating linkset, and have two emitters in your object that emit particles towards t
  20. During my first SL tour-of-duty, I created a Sugar Mommy account to hold my CC information, Madelaine Marbach, and Snugs Eisenhart. Snugs was a male avi I'd put together to entice an old IRC/Messenger chat friend into SL. I thought he'd have fun exploring here. Instead, he went and got married. I kept Snugs around to help set couples' poses. When I returned for my second tour-of-duty five weeks after leaving the first, I created a string of Madelaines as I searched for an acceptable last name. I eventually settled on McMasters because there was no McMistress. I brought Snugs along, as a M
  21. I'm not actually goal oriented. I had to force myself to stay on task to the end of projects because, like you, the moment I grokked something I lost interest. I'm practical only to the extent necessary, as witnessed by my behavior here in SL. If we're weighing dollar bills or coins, I did actually make tons of money. I retired at age 42, but my stack of patents would be only 2mm thick. You didn't mention that I like to measure... everything.
  22. Says the woman from the Firestorm Viewer Support Team. What a confidence builder you are.
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