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  1. G'day mates! <<< I'm a UnitedStatesean, but that's my r00ts coming out. :-P It is close to the weekend, Hippie ! Can you please make it hurrrrrrrrrrry! Because pictures speak a thousand words, but do not sing as pretty as Quinn.... ~sings~ Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu! ~waves to everyone!~ I just love this thread, so friendly & fun! See you all soon!
  2. Wildcat Furse wrote: goodmorning everyone!!!!!! and many kisses and hugs to you HIPPIE ..... *meows* hahaha, that is AWESOME!
  3. Lexie Linden wrote: Quinn Morani wrote: For me it's the freeform nature of SL that makes it appealing. I like that there are no "rules" or predefined things I have to accomplish in order to "succeed." My RL is full enough of goals and objectives and measures of success. In SL, I can just hang out with my friends, go where I want, and do what I want. But to answer the specific question in the title of this thread, the thing that keeps me coming back to SL is the people I have met here. They are really the ones who make my SL experience fun and fulfilling. Without these good friends to share it with, I don't think I'd still be spending much time inworld. I very much agree with what you said. Seconds that ! Quinn always says it soooo well!
  4. I prefer to shop inworld, and appreciate demos VERY much. I find the marketplace troublesome, tempermental, and impersonal. I do use the marketplace to search, but if the creator has a store in SL, I go in to buy!
  5. Nacy, I think it depends on the person, and the situation. There is no one answer for this question. If you are close to this person, simply get a skype id, or some other way to keep in touch - and play it by ear. Sometimes people want to "leave" or "take a break", but the minute they do - they realize they miss it. I do not consider SL an addiction, so I can't relate to the "take another drink" or "drink alone" analogy too well, though I do understand what you mean. For me, I would appreciate it if someone told me they were leaving rather than just poofing forever. If they ended up not leaving, I would understand they changed their mind. If they were telling me this because they wanted attention, and they were my friend - I'd give them some attention - talk it through a bit. If in the end it was just drama ... I'd back off. Good luck!
  6. I'm a newb., so I know you don't mean me...but ---- I DO find it harder to find things in the new format, so it takes more time to respond, and I have less free time lately. I think, as was said, some where pretty fed up with the forums when they went down, and decided not to come back. I still see several of the old gang here, maybe not as active as before - but they are here! :matte-motes-kiss: All things change .... best to let the past go, and make what we can from our future!
  7. Randall Ahren wrote: I read an interesting article in The Atlantic that discussed what makes a game a game. The key for something to be a game is that unlike RL, it must provide some constraints such as "a board, field, pitch, court, area, table, ring or other enclosure that bounds the action in space; clocks that bound it in time; and rules that restrict the space of allowable moves." The constraints are what make games mentally satisfying. Without the constraints, we suffer from "the anxiety of freedom." Humans crave structure because there is so little of it in RL. It is too difficult for us to decide on our own if we "have a healthy romantic relationship" or "are making a lasting contribution to something bigger" like the "community:" Games in contrast provide that structure via "obvious, well-defined goals, they save us from having to define success; and with points, leaderboards, heads-up displays, indicators, badges, etc., they tell us exactly when we've achieved it." What is interesting, is that SL does none of that. There are no obvious, well defined goals. It is up to everyone individually to decide if they are a success or not at SL. If the article is correct, than what makes SL work? I do not think of Second Life as a game, nor do I feel it needs any of the things that define a game. It is a virtual world, for those who like to create things, socialize, and/or explore. I keep coming back for the amazing builds I see when I explore, the awesome people I've met so far that make me laugh when we hang out, and the potential to sit on the beach at my house and watch my virtual dolphin swim as the sun sets on the horizon. :-)
  8. Welcome to SL ! I'll be in on Friday night, and club hoppin' myself - so feel free to IM Cali Souther. I'm pretty new myself, but I've gained a bit of knowledge in the last 6+ months, and I'd be happy to share it with you!
  9. valerie Inshan wrote: Thank you Dee. :smileyhappy: Hey your previous post was your 1000!!! Congrats! Far out! :smileyvery-happy: Way to go Dee !!!! You old timer, you! (wink)
  10. Hippie Bowman wrote: Good Morning Everyone! Woot! Peace! Ahhhhh that is beautiful, peaceful, and looks like a place in Second Life, I would like to hang out. Yes, the party was awesome!! You should have one on a Friday night sometime, so we can stay all night! haha Maybe that's the point, eh? Good morning to everyone, have a great day, peace love and second life (that's all we need) .
  11. People are starving in the world, and all anyone seems to care about is the blasted Lakers! What does this have to do with Second Life? Sorry, I'm grumpy today & I just HAD to say it. Forgive me, I'm not usually this cranky!
  12. Helloooooooo~ G'day mates! :-) Forgive me for being away - life has taken on a whole new level of stress these days! lol Miss you! Had a blast @ the party on Sunday, yeah !!! Thank you all!
  13. Sylvia & All , Thanks! and sorry it took me so long to get back and respond! I've been going a little nuts on the real life side lately. I did find the pm after the fact, and yes - I do believe they consider this a promotion. lol ..... I miss my honor. No worries ~ Like Val said, my friends still love me!
  14. valerie Inshan wrote: Cali, sweetie, you are dear to me whatever the rank, please dont be upset, your friends love you! ahhhhh (((((valerie))))) hugsss & thank you!! That IS what matters!
  15. Wildcat Furse wrote: /me gives Cali ... 1000 Kudos ..... *meows* (+ VIP MEMBERSHIP OF THE WHITE TIGER FEDERATION) hehe, ty Wild!!!
  16. hahahaha !!! good thing I put on a raincoat!
  17. This worked, thank you! I did not seem to get additional prims after making it all group land, but maybe it's not an instant thing. Also, now trying to figure out if we should make all the "stuff" group owned, so we can move it around... if that works. :-) Thanks for all your help!
  18. When I try to deed my land to group, I get an error message that says I do not have enough land credits. I have searched the forums, and can not seem to find the answer. How do I get land credits? I created a group, we have 3 people, I want to deed the land to our group, but it will not let me. Someone said I need to transfer the tier to group, but I do not know how to do that either. Thanks for any help!!
  19. Feel free to IM me anytime in world if you are looking for someone to chat with. :-)
  20. What happened? I used to be an "honored member" and now I'm just "member". I thought "honored" was for having a premium account? I still have one. I feel demoted.
  21. Why don't you download SL V2 from the main Second Life site and run that? You don't use IE or Firefox to go in world on Second Life. It's not really a game, it's more of a creative social 3d virtual world. You can play games inside Second Life, but you do have to get in first. http://secondlife.com/ <<< start there :-) Download the "viewer". Good luck!
  22. Wildcat Furse wrote: one of my best friends in SL is a WOLF ..... he is great fun and we adopted him as our family pet :smileyvery-happy: *meows* Very nice ! I would not mind trying Wolf ... when I was a kid, I always pretended to be a white tiger .. so that would be a fun option as well.
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