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  1. Dillon Levenque wrote: Actively Dislike: No, Might, No, Yes (I was gonna say 'I wouldn't mind' but I have to be honest and the honest answer is 'Yes'). I really like the term "actively dislike vs hate" ... hate is bad for the soul.
  2. Charolotte Caxton wrote: In real life much time and money is spent trying to look younger. SL makes it easy and free. I don't feel like I have gotten any older over the last few years, however, like someone else pointed out, the reflection in the mirror begs to differ. However, I can see why an older person may want to appear their actual real life age. They may want to show that they have been around and aren't trying to pretend they are young. They may also want to identify with others their age. Also, it may be that it is a young person that wants to experiment with how an older looking avatar will be treated and received. I am not pretending anything, because my avatar looks 25. First of all, it's a cartoon. If I come in as a cat, should I worry about the cat's age? If I come in as a mesh panda, does it matter then? :-)
  3. The only time a club/store bothers me is if I answer, and it keeps sending me the same invitation. It seems that if you get "stuck" at the landing point, or anywhere near it - - there are a few places that will repeatedly send you an invite. Regardless of my response, I do expect once to be enough. That being said, I do not mind the invitation - and agree that, when I go to store/club etc - - I sort of expect one. Having some random person send me a group invite is like random friend invitations - I don't expect them, and I'm not interested.
  4. Perrie Juran wrote: Cali Souther wrote: I agree, this really depends on the person, situation, and mood. There's that saying, "Women need a reason, Men just need a place" ~ but, as with any sterotype -- nothing is 100%. Never say never, never say always and never speak for everyone :-) There is also a cliche that "A man will sleep with any woman who lets him and a woman can sleep with any man she wants to." But it is just a cliche. Yeah, I do wish that one was more true.! LOL
  5. Keli Kyrie wrote: I respect Real Lifers for their courage in mixing their Real Lifes with there Second Lives, that is a really hard thing to do, but it is not for everyone. I mean do you really want your mom or your boss to know what you do in here? Some people are in SL to have fun, to game, maybe even to test social limits and push buttons. If we can look at things from the right angle I think we can learn how to react to each other without blowing a gasket. And later… The point of this post is how you react to people that are different then you. There are people in this world of ours that like to test limits, push buttons, play games, even create their own little social experiments to see how people will react. Should all of Second Life look like Disneyland? Where is the sense of adventure, seeking out new worlds, new people, new ideas? If we can not learn how to react to each other in the safety of this virtual world how will we ever be able to in RL? I may have missed, or chose to glaze over some of the intent of this post – which may or may not include things that are none of my business. However, I must say that your example of having your mom or boss know what you do here is a bit extreme. My mother is passed, and my boss could care less. That does not mean, I do not mix my SL and RL. Treating people with respect vs. going out of your way to taunt and irritate (or simply be rude) are two very different things. I do not condone trolls or bullies of any kind, nor do I feel that such behavior falls into “freedom of expression”. I think it’s mean, and it hurts people. If someone wants to push buttons, they should find a willing participant, not someone who is vulnerable, and often unable to defend themselves. I left this forum for a while, because there was way too much trolling going on – and it gets old fast, boring, irritating, not fun! I came back, in hopes of finding some improvement in that area. I cannot leave my feelings aside when I sign into SL, and pretend that I am something that does not feels. So, if I am a furry character or a human character, or a cat, or a mouse, or a horse, or a dragon …. I still want to be treated with dignity and respect. :-)
  6. Keli Kyrie wrote: Some people think whatever is true in Real Life should be true in SL. It is true you can see SL as an extension of RL but I think you will take all the fun out of it. For example my two friends below, let's call them Puff and Scuff. Puff likes to warm things up a bit, setting fires where ever she pleases and just causing general mayhem. Scuff on the other hand likes to poke his nose into what ever he can, scare people, and tries to eat their pets. We have all kinds of wild and crazy things, even Vampires in SL that would be more than happy to suck all the happiness out of you. Do you let them? Do you mute them? Do you make friends with them? Do you wish they were banned? And for you Hard Core SLers how do you deal with the Real Lifers that want to set rules for how you are to live your Second Life that want to tell you your SL experience is a reflection on your RL? Do you let them? Do you mute them? Do you make friends with them? Do you wish they were banned? We all see things from different points of view. I am not to saying one is right and the other is wrong, but they are different. When we are inworld there are ways to keep these different groups of people apart but here in the forums we all come together and there is no way to separate us. So how do you react to people that are very different from yourself? All characters appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real or virtual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. I enjoy all the creative options in SL. Quite often, my avatar is non-human. Still, regardless of my avatar, I am me ... so my RL persona does extend into my SL. If that makes sense. =) PS - That is one cool looking dragon!
  7. Aisha Magic wrote: I was in a RL and SL relationship with someone for 3 months things happened between us and we broke up...My question is if you really love someone can you move on in only 24 hours? Aisha, I agree with those who said everyone deals with things in their own way, and that if you were not very happy - he was already moving on before you broke up. I would just like to add that, at least he broke up before he moved on. As a single person, I have met a LOT of married men who want to either hook up for "fun", or hook up with the claim that they are "married in name only" or some other situation that causes them to reach out before letting go. Considering this, 3 months is a pretty short relationship - so try to accept it for what it was and move on yourself. :-) It sounds as if you are doing that, but obviously holding on to something... go ahead and let go ! hugsss, good luck!
  8. This is a very interesting topic, I have debated with a few friends more than once. I feel that people should be able to wear what ever avatar they want. This new trend of the dolly looking avatars with pouty lips, and wide, bow legged hips is not my cup of tea, but as I always say~ Whatever Floats Your Boat! Some people are appalled to find that, the person wearing a 20 something av is really 60 something. C'mon, it's the internet! Anything is possible. Those who choose to look older do stand out, because most of us (like someone said already) are only as old as we feel .. and it shows in our av. :-) << at least that's my 2 cents on the subject.
  9. I agree, this really depends on the person, situation, and mood. There's that saying, "Women need a reason, Men just need a place" ~ but, as with any sterotype -- nothing is 100%. Never say never, never say always and never speak for everyone :-)
  10. Iamnothereorthere wrote: Hello people, My name is Iamnothereorthere I am bored and I have no one to talk with, I am mostly inworlds alone travelling place to place and doing nothing, not even sure why I even log on sl I would like to meet new friends..... share, learn, talk with them, I am kind of shy person... but once I get to know a person, I am fine I am funny at times and I can be sarcastic too..Please IM me if you want to know me Waiting to talk with you I am not in-worlds at the moment because I have to log out now I'll be back in 4-5 hours Sorry for my horrible English, but I am trying to improve!! Welcome to Second Life!! :-) I've been playing a lot of D3 lately, but I'm usually inworld in the evenings (after work) and weekends. Feel free to IM me, I enjoy meeting new people and chatting.
  11. ~pops in, waves hellooooooooooooo ~ Happy Hump Day! ~~~~~~ hugssssssssssssss~
  12. Pamela Galli wrote: Do you use mesh things? If so, worn or rezzed items? If you do not use mesh (worn or rezzed), what are your reason(s) (eg do not use mesh viewer, have heard bad things about mesh, other)? I do, and I really really like it! To creators: Please offer demos ... I simply will not buy mesh without trying first, for fit. :-) Most do, but not all .. I went to a shop over the weekend and there were such cute clothes, NO demos :-(
  13. Zeta Zemach wrote: Moonie Ghanduhar wrote: Most poeple who are new here use is as an excuse to make other people hate this game.. but no its not true... Im a manager,dj,model and a photographer in this game , i have many friends... but yes... sometimes i like havin fun too ... but its not all about sex =) Umm, why would they do that? I'm merely expressing my frustration being a female avatar in SL I don't think I'm the only one. I have been asked for slex in sims where slex wasn't allowed, and I have often been defriended when men found out that I was serious about not having slex or relationships. I got to the point where I started to mistrust all men in SL. A couple of months ago I changed my profile to be even more specific about slex and relationships, and the interesting thing is that people practically never contact me any more. It seems to be either you are open to slex or you don't have a social life in SL. Thats my experience anyway, I hope I'm wrong because I really find SL to be an interesting place. ha.. the quote thing worked this time... go figure... Zeta, I absolutely do not think that is the way it is in SL, so don't give up. If we were on MSN or Yahoo chat at about 12 midnight, I'd say - OK, that's about all you are going to get here... but SL really does have a LOT more to offer. :-)
  14. I can't seem to quote today ... some error code... but. "I agree, many guys (myself included) don't always understand how girls work but I also think it goes the other way, that the girls don't recognize that part of the male package is our sexual side and what sex in the relationship means to us. In a monogamous relationship, we make ourselves dependent on our partner for sex and if you make us work too hard for it or if you make us feel like you are doing us a favor it is a recipe for disaster." That goes both ways as well, and in any kind of relationship (M/F, FF, MM)... and I think it simply highlights a deeper problem in the relationship. Personally, I don't want anyone to pretend or be anything but who they are. If we connect, great ... if not, that's just the way it goes. If a guy likes to walk up to a woman and say, "hey baby let's do it" ... it won't work on me, but I bet it does work - and if it works for them, so be it.
  15. Perrie Juran wrote: Syo Emerald wrote: I notice the same for bite requests. Older residents get less likly requests from vampires as new avatars. Also the location seems to be one of the elements that influence the chance of both kinds of requests. They happen more often on places being visited by new residents (high traffic danc clubs, some beaches and "cheap" adult sims). I guess they get frustrated with old residents, which tend to require a decent looking avatar and have higher expections on fliriting than what they hear from them. Other new residents might be not so critical or doesn't know how things work here and what they can expect here. This is true, Sometimes trying to "pick a girl up" seems to become more of a verbal dance. But if you really do want to get 'hit on' you could just add this picture to your profile. I prefer the verbal dance :-) That is, however, cute! I guess "Hit on" can be interpreted differently.
  16. Perrie Juran wrote: Cali Souther wrote: In fact... now that I think about it... Why Don't I get hit on in SL? I have a cute av! hmph! I think I'm hurt. Please feel free to hit on me, if you are single irl, and preferably rich! :matte-motes-inlove: I have noticed a phenomenon that the longer a person has been in SL the fewer "wanna f*ck" requests there are. I suspect that may be because the 'wanna f*ckers' learn quickly that more established residents are the less tolerant they are of it. I did witness a gal call out a guy in local chat a few nights ago, "Hey Bob, if you are going to IM all the girls here, we have names and it isn't "Sexy." LOL Perrie! ~ yeah, they like the clueless ones, eh? ... Let me re-phrase. If you are single irl, preferrably rich & have some manners - feel free to hit on me in SL. :-) Reminds me of the time... Accidentially accepted a tp request that just happened to come when I was expecting one from someone showing me land to rent. I land in this house and here's this man, fully clothed but his nanner was hangin out proud as you please. He said, You kept flying around so I thought you wanted some... I said - Umm... I'm looking for land to rent! Egads! Needless to say, I did NOT rent near him!
  17. Keli Kyrie wrote: Cali Souther wrote: No mocking, Keli ;-) Can I have one? Sure we can see if Ever wants to cook us some. Great new profile picture bwt. ty! :-)
  18. There is nothing I don't change ... and nothing that stays the same... hair, skin, clothing... 1/2 my fun in SL is shopping, and changing! :-)
  19. Coby Foden wrote: • In a nude beach stranger wearing a HUGE appendix asking "Do you like what you see?" :smileysurprised: That is funny!! Such pride in something anyone can buy on the marketplace! LOL !!
  20. In fact... now that I think about it... Why Don't I get hit on in SL? I have a cute av! hmph! I think I'm hurt. Please feel free to hit on me, if you are single irl, and preferably rich! :matte-motes-inlove:
  21. Zeta Zemach wrote: I have been in Seoond Life for about a year now (actually I have been there for 5 years, but I had a 4 year break and came back about a year ago) and it gets more and more clear to me that Second Life primarily is about sex and partnerships, and I often find the gender roles to be overly sexy and overly romantic. I know I'm stepping on somebodys toes here Im not interested in neither and for that reason I'm wondering if there is any future for me in SL. What I found was a lot of needy men who would defriend me as soon as they realized that I was serious about not having sex or relationships. I'm in SL because I'm interested in virtual worlds and I like to talk to people from all over the world What do you think? Does it make any sense to be in SL if you dont want to have sex or doesn't believe in SL relationsships?? Aside from the occasional PDA of couples in the room (and I admit, I have a fairly low tollerance for too much mush)... I have not found SL to be the way you describe at all. In fact - quite the opposite. Guys rarely hit on me, like they do in other "chat" formats. I almost never get the ASL thing. My friends are fun loving, intelligent, and here to enjoy the wonders of a virtual world. There is always going to be some people who come online in any virtual world looking for sex, or looking for a relationship...but I really think SL is one of the better choices out there, with so many things to do and see - it has so much more to offer - and it shows. I hope you find something better, and don't give up on it just yet. Good luck to you!
  22. Random friend requests in various languages Anyone who begs for lindens Meaningless excessive spamming in chat Club owners who let some people get away with anything, and others nothing Non Club owners who think they own the club Rudeness period
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