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  1. Qual, Adjusting the numbers in the group profile tab, enabled me to change the info. in my land use profile ( I had not been able to do that before) -- I was able to lower the tier range to $15.00 usd per month! Finally \o/ Qual, Qie & Dora ---- I can not thank you enough for your help on this one! The problem is solved! The three of you rock! :matte-motes-inlove::matte-motes-sunglasses-3::smileyvery-happy:
  2. Thank you all !!! Tonight, I will adjust my donation/contribution and see if that fixes it!
  3. No, it shows the same 2793 donated to the group used for the mainland in question. I don't know where it's getting 2793.... but agree, something is not quite right. I don't have more than 512 to donate. I deeded the entire parcel to group, and my friend said he donated his entire 512. (sigh)
  4. :smileyvery-happy: Indeed - and thank you for the laugh! One of my favorite moments, I somehow managed to wear half of my inventory all at once! A house or two, furniture, misc. objects... though, I can not claim to have pulled it off with any grace or panache. :matte-motes-nerdy:
  5. HAHA! Enjoyable post :smileyvery-happy: Enjoy the early days, those are (in some ways) the most fun of all! PS - 4 years later, I still can't walk right half the time, and have been known to accidentially wear furniture!
  6. Dora, thank you! I think we are saying the same thing - which makes me feel better. LOL .... I'm hoping I have this right. Qie, I agree! This isn't the first time I've tried to figure this out - and last time I got it right, but.... it was just me! This time, I'm trying it with another person and the whole deed to group thing - so it's different. I tried what you suggested, and it will not let me lower / update the tier level - which is why I came here looking for advice. It is very helpful advice, and I thank you! Now ... to see if it might work after the original billing cycle. I know that LL bills for the max amount of land owned in that month - so it may take a month to register the fact that the land was deeded to group and 1024 m2 was donated from the group members. I'll let you both know how it turns out - and again, Thank you VERY much!!! eta:typo
  7. Dora, Yes, it sounds like I am confused. Once upon a time, I purchased (let's say) 1024 m2 of mainland. I donated/used my 512 from premium membership - so I only paid tier on 512. You are saying this does not work like that? 3072 -512 my premium bonus donated -512 his premium bonus donated 2048 ---balance - tier level ???? Thanks again for any and all advice!
  8. Rock and Country clubs seem to be the most chatty (in my experience) while hip hop and blues clubs - less so. Frank's is not the only chatty local, however - bounce around and you will find more.
  9. Thank you both VERY much! I suspect then, that since the initial purchase put me in the 4096 range - it is only the first month it will cost $25. I will be sure to check and make sure it's all deeded to group! I'm a new at this aspect of mainland. Much appreciated!
  10. I recently purchased mainland with a friend. I purchased the land - size 3072 I have a premium account = 512 allowance towards the mainland He donated his 512 = 1024 allowance towards tier 3072 -1024 =2048 <<<<< should be the amount we get charged tier for... Correct?
  11. I bet someone already mentioned this, but be sure to come to the Thursday night Rumble!! Thursdays 7pm SLT. Photo by AdudenamedAnthony
  12. That's "freakin' news" alright! *.* ... egads! I may never eat eggs again! LOL
  13. Keli ~ thank you! :matte-motes-grin: Dres ~ Now I know why I don’t dj @ clubs :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  14. Interestingly, I have never heard of her. Why would she tweet old news? ...as if... to which I say, ...whatever...
  15. Maybe they should just get rid of the feeds, then we could all come back to the forums.
  16. Hi :-) The word de-stress really grabs my attention!
  17. If you like to go out dancing, give me a holler - be happy to hang out. :-)
  18. ~peeks in~ Happy Friday Hippie & All !!!! ~ hugsss to those who want 'em~
  19. Siryn Rosse wrote: Or how about just turning off voice and not using it, ever... that way you don't have to hear everyone else breathing, eating, yelling at the kids, and watching TV. I really hate to hear people yell at their kids when they are in voice (or even dj'ing in some cases). Get up off your lazy butt and go talk to your kids!! ... ya know?!
  20. Hippie!, This is great! I wish I could go, but alas... I am sure I will not be able to make it. IF, however, you all ever decide to meet in Las Vegas or something... that I could do!! :cattongue: Have a great time, and I will enjoy the pictures!! hehe
  21. ...I can't stop laughing :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  22. ...interesting title. There is that song... only fools rush in.... but ~ for something to be "love at first sight" - it pretty much has to be mutual. If you have one person pushing/rushing ... and the other one backing away all the time ... chances are, you do not have a *love* connection ~ now or later. I try not to be judgemental, but I have to agree; way too many people fall in love *forever* online... these relationships often last a whole week! - before they break up, and go off to fall in love with someone new. It does not seem real to me .. if it feels real to them, what the heck - enjoy. If no one gets hurt ok. I know a few people who are very much like this ... all I can do is wish them luck. The one that has stalker tendancies can be bothersome, seriously insinsere - and not the least bit picky.... a new "partner" every week? Oh why not! Life is so short.
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